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Household Rose Flower 4 Poster Bed Canopy & Bed Poster One Set


Complete your pink princess boudoir with this fab pink Princess bed canopy! Why not look at our mosquito nets? This is a great Round Mosquito Bed Canopies Netting! This Girls Bed Canopy set includes one bed canopy and one bed poster. The roses o...
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  • Canopy Material: Polyester & Mesh
  • Poster Material: Iron
  • Suitable Bed Size: 1.5m/1.8m
  • Color: Pink


  • The roses this 4 poster bed canopy perfectly decorates this bed canopy
  • With one pink mesh and one white mesh outside, this 4 poster bed canopy is better than the other ones
  • Made of iron, these four posters are durable with long time use
  • Girls Bed Canopy creates a beautiful centerpiece even in the most basic of bedrooms by this 4 poster bed canopy
  • Sweet dreams are assured as your little princess slumbers beneath this dreamy tulle netting canopy
  • Both beautiful and functional, the 4 poster bed canopy will bring you high quality life


Household Rose Flower 4 Poster Bed Canopy & Bed Poster One Set

Household Rose Flower 4 Poster Bed Canopy & Bed Poster One Set

  • This Mosquito Bed Canopies Netting is elegant and beautiful

Household Rose Flower 4 Poster Bed Canopy & Bed Poster One Set

  • Pretty roses decoration for this bed canopy

Household Rose Flower 4 Poster Bed Canopy & Bed Poster One Set

Household Rose Flower 4 Poster Bed Canopy & Bed Poster One Set

  • Delicate craft and good material for the bed canopy

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Bed Canopy

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Package Included:

  • 1 x Bed Canopy
  • 1 x Bed Poster