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Lobosie Royal Imitated Silk Flower Leaf Pattern Breathability Household Bedding Set 4Pcs


If you are really not accustomed to your own bed and feel uncomfortable all the time, I figured that you need to get a new bed then. What kind of bedding accessories would you like? Do you want to have such one that can bring you a deep and sweet sle...
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  • This bedding set is made of high quality imitated silk that you can use for a long time without any problem
  • This bedding sheet has the flower leaf pattern which looks vivid and dynamic
  • With great breathability, elasticity and hygroscopic, the comforter cover is really comfortable
  • This bedding set has 4 pieces, which is one sheet, one comforter cover and two pillowcases
  • You will get enough sleeping and relaxation with this fashionable comforter cover
  • With fine workmanship jacquard weave, this bedding set is very glossy and smooth for using and touching
  • This bedding sheet can be the best gift for your beloved family in the cold winter
  • The fashionable design is very popular among people who want to their home more charming
  • Material: Imitated Silk
  • Color: Light Pink


Lobosie Royal Imitated Silk Flower Leaf Pattern Breathability Household Bedding Set 4Pcs

  • The pink color is very cute that you will like it

Lobosie Royal Imitated Silk Flower Leaf Pattern Breathability Household Bedding Set 4Pcs

  • The flower and the leaf are both beautiful that make your room more charming

Lobosie Royal Imitated Silk Flower Leaf Pattern Breathability Household Bedding Set 4Pcs

  • You can get good rest with this comfortable bedding set

Lobosie Royal Imitated Silk Flower Leaf Pattern Breathability Household Bedding Set 4Pcs

  • Made of high quality material imitated silk, this bedding set is very durable

Lobosie Royal Imitated Silk Flower Leaf Pattern Breathability Household Bedding Set 4Pcs

  • You can buy this bedding set as a good gift for your families

Size in Detail:


Quilt Cover(L x W)

Pillowcase(L x W)

Sheet(L x W)

Suitable Bed










78.7 x 90.6

200 x 230

29.5 x 30.7

75 x 48

98.4 x 98.4

250 x 250




  • These dimensions are for reference only

How to Use Bed Sheets to Quilt:

Lobosie Royal Imitated Silk Flower Leaf Pattern Breathability Household Bedding Set 4Pcs

Using bed sheets to quilt is a real time and money saver. Regardless of quilt size, you can usually find a bed sheet large enough to make piecing the backing unnecessary. Available in a variety of colors and prints, bed sheets are an inexpensive, versatile and durable quilt backing option. When buying bed sheets for use in quilts, feel the sheet fabric to ensure that it is soft and smooth. Also, choose only those that are 100 percent cotton and have a thread count of 200 or less. Select percale or opt for flannel for added warmth and coziness


  • Wash the sheet by machine in hot water to test for colorfastness and tumble dry on high heat to eliminate future shrinkage. Iron, if necessary
  • Measure the quilt top, both horizontally and vertically
  • Measure the sheet and make sure that it is at least 4 to 6 inches larger than the quilt top, both horizontally and vertically. Trim away the finished edges to reduce bulk. Further trim the sheet if it is more than 8 to 10 inches larger than the quilt top in either direction
  • Lay the sheet right side down on a large, flat surface such as a bed or freshly cleaned floor. Gently smooth the sheet to eliminate wrinkles. Layer first the batting and then the quilt top, placed right side up, on the sheet and smooth them from the middle to the edges
  • Pin or baste the three layers together. Starting in the middle, place safety pins about 6 inches apart over the entire surface of the quilt top. Be sure that all three layers remain smooth during this process
  • As an alternative to safety pins, sew rows of basting stitches by hand from edge to edge about 6 inches apart both horizontally and vertically. Basting stitches are long, temporary stitches formed by running a single strand of thread through all layers of the quilt. For easy stitch removal, secure each end of the stitch line with a backstitch
  • Quilt as desired either by machine or with simple ties. By machine, use a free motion foot for free motion quilting or use a walking foot to follow the seam lines on the quilt top or create other straight-line designs. Start in the middle and work toward the edges. If safety pins are present, remove them from the area being quilted. To avoid tucks or puckers in the backing, remove the quilt from the machine periodically and check to ensure that the backing remains smooth. Adjust the pins or basting, if necessary
  • If tying the quilt, use a needle with a large eye and yarn or pearl cotton. Work from the center out, forming a grid with ties placed every 4 to 6 inches
  • Once the quilting is complete, trim the backing and batting even with the edges of the quilt top
  • Bind the quilt with commercial quilt binding, following the instructions provided, or make quilt binding by cutting 2 1/2-inch strips from the sheet or other fabric
  • If using homemade binding, cut two strips the length of the quilt and two strips that are 2 inches longer than the width of the quilt. Fold the strips in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and press. Matching the raw edges, sew the side strips to the edges of the front of the quilt using a 1/4-inch seam. Turn the binding over the edge of the quilt to the back and hand or machine stitch into place. Repeat this process for the top and bottom of the quilt, folding the ends of the binding under 1 inch at the corners prior to stitching. After stitching the binding into place front and back, hand stitch the folded ends together to make a neat finish

How to Match Bedding & Bath Sets:

Lobosie Royal Imitated Silk Flower Leaf Pattern Breathability Household Bedding Set 4Pcs

Enjoy decorating or rejuvenating a bedroom and bath with style and comfort. An en suite master bedroom and bath is one of the most likely sets of rooms that needs matching linens. Choose a theme and color that flow from one room into the next. Matching colors will give an added benefit as all coordinating items may be laundered together


  • Buy bedding that reflects the theme chosen for the room. The decor of the room may be based on the owner's favorite style, time period or colors. Modern, traditional, ethnic and antique furniture will also affect the choice of theme. European luxury, floral, botanical, Moroccan, Gothic, Zen and country are some adult bedding themes. Children enjoy animals, nature, career, character and sports themes in their bedroom decor
  • Pick out two to three colors that are found in the bedding pieces when shopping for bathroom items. If you have a cloth color swatch, bring it with you to refer to while shopping. Use an artist color wheel or paint chips to find hues or shades that will match the bedding. For instance, a seacoast-themed set of sheets, bed skirt and comforter may have a variety of blues, tan, greens and whites to choose from
  • Shop for bath sets that include towels, face cloths, shower curtain and floor rugs to match the coloring or theme in the bedding set. Themed bath sets with embroidered sea shells, characters, florals and prints will compliment the themed items in the bedroom. A Gothic-themed bedroom with red sheets and bed skirt combined with a black down-filled comforter will match well with deep red towels, black rugs and white washcloths
  • Hold the color sample or pillowcase of the new bedding against an item or two from the bathroom set that you are interested in purchasing. If the color match is satisfying, purchase the bath items. If unsure, purchase a hand towel or face cloth before committing to a full set of bath items. Take the items home to place near the bedding to test the color match
  • Match similar types of materials for the bed and bath. Mix lush towels with luxurious bedding. Combine crisp cotton, Egyptian cotton or soft organic materials for the bed and bath

Package Included:

  • 1 x Sheet
  • 1 x Comforter Cover
  • 2 x Pillowcases