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YOUTE LED Bicycle Caution Tail Lights


When you are riding at night one day, have you ever worried about the speeding car behind you? Perhaps this is just what troubles you all the time. With this bicycle tail light here, you will have no worries about the rear when you are riding at nigh...
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  • Materials: ABS & Rubber
  • Three Gear Dimmer: 3 Mode (Often bright light source > Flicker > Flickered continuously)
  • Lamp Assembly: LED
  • Waterproof: Storm walk normally
  • Battery: 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Size: 7.5 x 4.0 x 2.5cm/3.0 x 1.6 x 1.0in(L x W x H)


  • This LED bicycle tail light will make you highly visible to everyone you share the roads or paths with as well as illuminating your way in the darkness
  • The bicycle caution light provides a powerful beam of light which is excellent for both cyclists and motorists
  • The LED bicycle light contains 5 bright white LED lights and has 3 different modes of operation making your bicycle hard to be missed
  • Extremely easy to mount on your bicycle which bring you convenience to install it
  • This bicycle tail light is exactly what you need for safe and secure riding
  • LED bicycle tail light keeps the ray lighting steady when your bike makes a brake suddenly
  • Suitable for fixing on the bicycle to assure your safety, this bicycle tail light gives expression to high performance
  • Waterproof design makes it your great assistant to cope with bad outdoors environment


YOUTE LED Bicycle Caution Tail Lights

  • This bicycle tail light is designed to warn the traffic behind you at night

YOUTE LED Bicycle Caution Tail Lights

  • High density ABS plastic material guarantees high intensity and rigidity

YOUTE LED Bicycle Caution Tail Lights

  • Designed with independent eye-splice, you can set this light on other place

YOUTE LED Bicycle Caution Tail Lights

  • You can fix this bicycle tail light on your bike tightly by tightening the screws

YOUTE LED Bicycle Caution Tail Lights

  • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries, our bicycle has long enough cruise duration

YOUTE LED Bicycle Caution Tail Lights

  • High luminance of our bicycle light allows you to see well in dark conditions

How to Repair a Bicycle Light

YOUTE LED Bicycle Caution Tail Lights

Riding a bicycle is good exercise and an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Whatever your reason for riding a bike, you must always think of safety first. Wear a helmet and pads, know the rules of the road and be sure your bicycle is equipped with reflectors and lights so that you can see and be seen at all times. Maintaining your bike is of the utmost importance as well. Grease the chain, change the break shoes and tires as necessary, and know how to repair your bicycle light so you can ride comfortably and safely day or night

  • Have an assistant hold the handle bars of the bike with one hand to keep it steady. Have them use their other hand to lift the seat to raise the rear wheel of the bicycle off of the ground
  • Ask your second assistant to spin the bike pedals to turn the rear wheel. Have them hold the frame of the bicycle to help stabilize it during the testing process
  • Grasp the two probes of your bulb-type voltage tester keeping one in each of your hands. Hold the tip of one probe against the electrical lead on the back of the generator (also called the dynamo) located next to the rear wheel of the bike. Touch the remaining probe to the other lead on the generator. Look at the light on your tester to see if it lights up
  • Use your tester to check for electrical flow at the leads on the back of the light assembly in the front of the bike. Be sure your assistants are holding the bicycle steady and keeping the rear wheel spinning throughout the testing process
  • Have your assistants stop spinning the pedals and hold the bike steady. Slide the tip of your flat screwdriver to pry the cover off the light assembly. Pull the bulb free. Have your assistants spin the pedals to resume the electrical field through the circuit. Test the leads where the bulb is normally mounted
  • Replace the generator if the first test does not light up your tester. Replace the wires if the test at the rear of the light assembly fails. Replace the light bulb if the final test does not light up the bulb in your tester

Package Included:

  • 1 x Bicycle Tail Light