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Nikula 8X Glimmer Night Vision High Definition Binocular


Binoculars are a handy tool when it comes to bird watching, hunting, scouting or surveying land. Binoculars come in many sizes and shapes, and prices are various. You may be dazzled and puzzled in front of these, so we are highly recommending you thi...
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  • Magnification: 8X
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 4.2cm/1.7in
  • Field of View: 105-1000m/344.5- 3280.8ft
  • Angle: 6±5°
  • Prisma Material: BAK4
  • Coating: Multilayer Broadband Coating
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 5.3±10%mm
  • Exit Pupil Distance: 2.2cm/0.9in
  • Relative Brightness: 27.6
  • Focus System: Center Handwheel Focusing, Right Lens Fine Tuning
  • Size: 15.5 x 13.0 x 5.5cm/6.1 x 5.1 x 2.2in(L x W x H)
  • Color: Black


  • You can adjust the night vision binocular according to your own pupil distance
  • The magnification is up to 8 times
  • This compact binocular not only has a cool looking but further enhances light gathering ability at dusk or low light conditions
  • Equipped with solid optical wide angle coating plated HD lens
  • Oversized eyepieces provide you a high definition vision
  • The smart cap design prevents dust getting into the objective lens
  • This night vision binocular is compact and light-weight
  • The night vision binocular is suitable for camping, bird watching, a distant view
  • The overall meticulous design, the attention to details and the thorough craftsmanship are obvious to the most critical observer


Nikula 8X Glimmer Night Vision High Definition Binocular

  • This HD binocular is the most compact and light-weight binocular among this class of magnification
  • You can adjust the eyepiece though the middle round wheel

Nikula 8X Glimmer Night Vision High Definition Binocular

Nikula 8X Glimmer Night Vision High Definition Binocular

  • Advanced solid optical wide angle multilayer coating plated lens provide you a clear vision

Nikula 8X Glimmer Night Vision High Definition Binocular 

  • The cap on the front of the compact binocular can prevent the dust getting into it effectively
  • The high quelity material binocular body gives you a good hand feeling

Nikula 8X Glimmer Night Vision High Definition Binocular

Nikula 8X Glimmer Night Vision High Definition Binocular

Nikula 8X Glimmer Night Vision High Definition Binocular

  • The HD binocular is a good partner in camping, bird watching, hunting or surveying land

How to Focus Binoculars:

Binoculars allow you to see faraway objects as if they are much closer. They use a series of lenses to focus light on your eye in a way that extends your vision. Every person's eyes are different. In fact, most people have differences between their own eyes. As a result, binoculars have several adjustments that allow you to focus them for your particular eyes

  • Decide whether you will wear corrective lenses when you look through the binoculars. This is important since adding or removing corrective lenses changes your focus completely. If you wear glasses it is better to take them off when looking through binoculars. Glasses prevent you from pressing the eye pieces against your eye sockets. Contact lenses do not interfere
  • Adjust for the distance between your eyes. If you push and pull the sides of the binoculars together and apart, you will see that they move. Line them up so that they meet your eyes exactly where they are in your head. Do not adjust your gaze to fit to the eye pieces. Make the binoculars fit your eyes
  • Find the focus adjustment. This is usually a seesaw-like lever between the eyepieces that is moved with the tips of your fingers. Also locate the eyepiece adjustment. This is a circular dial around one of the eye pieces
  • Look through the eyepiece that does not have the eyepiece adjustment and close the other eye. Find something far away that has crisp detail. Letters on a sign work well. Do not attempt to focus on something vague like scenery, since it is too difficult determine whether it is in focus. Move the focus adjustment with your fingertips until the image in the eyepiece is clear and in focus
  • Shut the eye you just used to focus and open the other one. Look through the eyepiece with the eyepiece adjustment. Use the dial around the eyepiece to focus on the same thing that you focused on with the other eyepiece
  • Open both eyes and look through the binoculars at objects in the distance. You should be able to see clearly with both eyes without straining. You can focus on other objects with the focus adjustment and it will compensate for both eyes. If you find yourself squinting or crossing your eyes then start over. Keep in mind that you are adjusting the binoculars for your specific eyes. If someone else looks through them, they will have to do their own adjustments

How to Clean Binoculars:

Get the best use and longest life out of your binoculars by keeping them clean

  • Blow dust off each lens with a can of compressed air

Nikula 8X Glimmer Night Vision High Definition Binocular

  • Clean off remaining dirt and grease from each lens with lens cleaner and a lens cloth. When cleaning, begin at the center of the lens and swirl towards the outer rim

Nikula 8X Glimmer Night Vision High Definition Binocular

  • Scrub crevices of the casing with a soft-bristle toothbrush

Nikula 8X Glimmer Night Vision High Definition Binocular

  • Wipe the casing with a slightly damp cloth

How to Choose Binoculars:

Binoculars come in many sizes and shapes, and prices vary from less than $50 to well over $1,000

  • Determine the purpose for which you will use the binoculars. Binoculars toted to an occasional sporting event do not need to be as finely crafted as binoculars for birding
  • Go to the nearest camera, optics or sporting goods store and explain to the sales representative the intended use of the binoculars
  • Handle a variety of brands and models. Note how heavy and comfortable they are in your hand and how easily and finely they focus. If necessary, ask whether they can be used by persons wearing eyeglasses
  • Take several pairs outside, if permissible, and try them in various levels of light, including full sun and shade
  • Focus binoculars as far as you can in both directions, and check clarity of objects in the short and long view
  • Ask about warranties
  • Shop around for a good price once you have decided on the binoculars you want. Expensive binoculars often can be found at discount camera or optical stores for hundreds of dollars off the suggested retail price

Package Included:

  • 1 x Binocular