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Cartoon Bear Pattern Cotton Twin Size Blanket


There is no mistaking that this is a "sweet baby" with this luxury embroidered Cotton Baby Blanket. Comforting and sweet, this blanket is the perfect gift or first baby blanket. Soft and cozy Cotton Baby Blanket to provide your baby with extra comfor...
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  • This Cotton Baby Blanket features lovely cartoon pattern
  • This Personalized Baby Blanket is sure to become your little one's favorite
  • The Cotton Baby Blanket is a soft cuddly blanket for the little one
  • This Soft Baby Blanket is made of health material, mild to your baby's skin
  • The Cotton Baby Blanket is one of babies essential supplies
  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: 110 x 110cm/43.3 x 43.3in


Cartoon Bear Pattern Cotton Twin Size Blanket

  • This Cotton Baby Blanket is designed to be one of the softest, most comfortable blanket you'll ever have

Cartoon Bear Pattern Cotton Twin Size Blanket

  • Plush and warm, this Soft Cotton Baby Blanket will surely become one of your son's favorites

Cartoon Bear Pattern Cotton Twin Size Blanket

  • Keep you or your family warmth and comfort with this Cartoon Bear Pattern Cotton Twin Size Blanket

Cartoon Bear Pattern Cotton Twin Size Blanket

  • The Soft Blanket features good air permeability, pilling resistance and hygroscopicity, it will not hurt your family's skin

Cartoon Bear Pattern Cotton Twin Size Blanket

  • The Soft Blanket is made of high quality material, harmless to you and has good pilling resistance
  • Finished with detailed edge stitching, the stylish and innovative cotton Blanket is durable to daily use

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39in x 75in

99cm x 191cm

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90cm x 200cm


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76in x 80in

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(California King 72in x 84in

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71in x 79in

180cm x 200cm


  • Dry Cleaning (Water Temperature under 30), No Bleach, Do not Soak, With Like Color
  • Line Dry
  • Warm Iron (Max Temperature 150), Iron on Wrong Side 

About Baby Blankets: 

Cartoon Bear Pattern Cotton Twin Size BlanketCartoon Bear Pattern Cotton Twin Size Blanket

  • Baby blankets are a familiar part of infancy and early childhood. These small blankets or quilts have a variety of practical and decorative uses. A baby may use several types of blankets during infancy, and may use a particular baby blanket throughout the toddler years and even early childhood. Baby blankets may be purchased from many retailers, or made by family and friends.
  • Function
  • Baby blankets provide warmth and comfort for an infant. They may be used to cover, wrap or swaddle the baby, and they may also be draped over strollers or car seats as a sunshade. Baby blankets can be spread out on the floor to provide a place for the baby to sit or crawl, and they can be used as a place for changing diapers while traveling. Since many baby blankets come in cute colors and patterns, they may also be used for decoration in the nursery.
  • Type
  • Some of the most common types of baby blankets include receiving blankets, swaddling blankets and baby quilts. Receiving blankets are used to cover newborns and infants, while swaddling blankets are useful for wrapping the baby up tightly in order to comfort and calm the baby. Swaddling blankets may be square, flat blankets, or they may be especially shaped for wrapping around the baby. Baby quilts may be used as crib bedding or placed on the floor, or even hung on the wall for decoration. Some baby quilts and blankets are family heirlooms passed down through generations.
  • Size
  • Baby blankets come in different sizes depending on the purpose of the blanket, and may vary from brand to brand. Receiving blankets are often about 30 inches square, while swaddling blankets are typically larger, about 42 inches square, so that the blanket can be wrapped around the baby more easily. The standard size for crib quilts is 45 by 60 inches. Baby blankets also come in different thicknesses. Thin blankets may be useful for warm weather or for using as sunshades, while thicker blankets may be used to bundle up the baby when it's cold.
  • Significance
  • Many young children become emotionally attached to a particular baby blanket. They may sleep with the blanket nightly, cuddle with it and carry it with them during the day. Some children may even name the blanket. These types of baby blankets may be called security blankets, since they provide comfort and familiarity for the baby, particularly during travel or new situations. Some small blankets are specifically designed as security blankets, and may have soft stuffed animals attached.
  • Risk Factors
  • Baby blankets, pillows and other soft bedding should be removed from an infant's crib or bassinet during sleep, including naps. Soft bedding such as baby blankets may contribute to SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, as it can cause the infant to rebreathe air or suffocate. Baby blankets should only cover the infant up to his or her chest, and should be tucked in to prevent them from getting near the baby's face. Parents may want to use warm clothing instead of a baby blanket during sleep for safety.

Cotton Blanket Information:

Cartoon Bear Pattern Cotton Twin Size Blanket

  • Blankets made of 100 percent cotton offer soft comfort, breatheability and absorbency. One of the most popular types of bedding, cotton blankets also provide lightweight warmth and durability.
  • Common cotton blanket materials include cotton fleece, cotton thermal material, cotton flannel, woven cotton, Egyptian cotton and organic cotton. Popular cotton blanket types include bed blankets, cotton throws and baby blankets.
  • Effects
  • Because cotton blankets are not bulky or heavy, they can be used as a single bed blanket during warm summer months or as an additional layer during colder seasons.
  • Organic Cotton Blankets
  • All-natural organic cotton blankets are an ideal choice for allergy and asthma sufferers. These types of blankets offer softness and comfort but don't contain pesticides or chemicals.
  • Care Instructions
  • Cotton blankets don't pill or shed and retain their original shape if cared for properly. Cotton can be machine washed and dried.
  • Warning
  • Cotton blankets can fade or shrink if not laundered properly. Blankets should be machine washed in cool water in the gentle cycle and dried using only a low-heat setting.

How to Wash Blankets Made With 100% Cotton:

  • Many blankets are made of 100 percent cotton, giving you a soft and durable bedding option that keeps in the warmth during cold weather. To keep the cotton looking its best, wash the cotton blanket in a way that cleans away all buildup and residue without damaging the cotton. Hot temperatures shrink the blanket, and an aggressive wash procedure will deteriorate the cotton fabric. Instead, use a mild wash cycle with cool drying temperatures.


  • Open your blanket and place it in the washing machine. Use a large load size so the blanket can move freely in the water during the wash.
  • Pour in a cap full of your regular delicate laundry detergent and use a cold water cycle, delicate wash setting.
  • Remove the blanket as soon as the wash cycle is finished and either hang the blanket to dry, or place in your dryer with two dryer sheets on a tumble-dry setting. If hanging to dry, the blanket may become a bit stiff. If this happens, place the blanket in the dryer on tumble dry for about 15 minutes with two dryer sheets to soften the blanket.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Blanket