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Lavenb Classic Desktop Blokus Strategy Board Game


Thanks for visiting! Are you looking for a best Desktop BlokusBoard Game. Here your dream will come true. This Strategy Board Game is a best choice for you.Lots of wonderful surprises can be found in this puzzle. This Classic Desktop Blokus Strategy ...
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  • This Classic Desktop Blokus Strategy Board Game is the perfect toy for your kids
  • Beautiful designs to attract baby's attention
  • This Desktop BlokusBoard Game is ideal for fine intelligence skill development
  • Funny and playful design, it's a colorful, fun, interactive way to help kids more smart 
  • With this you can make the children fun
  • This Board Game is a good gift to your child or your friend's child
  • 2-4 Players
  • Material: High-quality Environmental Plastic


Lavenb Classic Desktop Blokus Strategy Board Game

  • This Classic Desktop Blokus Strategy Board Game is the perfect puzzle for toddlers, kids and children

Lavenb Classic Desktop Blokus Strategy Board Game   

Lavenb Classic Desktop Blokus Strategy Board Game

  • Funny Mosaic design, it's a colorful, fun, interactive way to help kids more smart

Lavenb Classic Desktop Blokus Strategy Board Game

  • More than just fun, they also help in the development of important logic and motor skills


  • Suitable for children above 7 years 

How to Teach Your Pre-kindergartener their ABC's:

Education standards are rising daily and No Child Left Behind has put more emphasis on Early Childhood education. The kindergarten classes of yesteryear no longer exist, play time has been traded for academics. If you want your child to be successful in kindergarten you must take the time to teach them their ABC's as pre-kindergaten students

  • Introduce the alphabet using the alphabet puzzle. Purchase one that has pictures underneath that represent the letter, such as A, apple. Use the puzzle as a teaching tool that is fun. Say each letter as your child picks up and places the letter in it's correct space. Ask them the name of the object that it represents
  • Using the magnetic board and the magnetic alphabet spell out your child's name. Show your child simple words, using the magnetic alphabet, such as cat, stop, dog. Have them sort the letters by color and then have your child pull one letter out. Tell them the name of the letter and move onto the next one. Teaching the alphabet is all about fun
  • Using a bucket of foam alphabet letters glue words together for your child on index cards. Try to find pictures of objects in magazines or download pictures from the internet of common household objects and familiar things to your child. Add these pictures to the index cards. You now have created your own personalized flashcards. Be sure to include a photo of family members and spell out their names on index cards. The raised foam letters provide an area that your child can trace with their finger to learn the letter shapes
  • Teach your child the ABC song. If you are not sure about how it goes find children's DVD's or CD's that sing the song. Teach your child the A my name is Alice rhyme. There is a wonderful children's picture book by Steven Kellogg of the same title. Another great alphabet song is A You're Adorable
  • While driving in the car point out letters on signs to your child. Every time you stop at a stop sign, point out the sign and spell out the word to your child. Before you know it your child will be pointing out the letters to you

Games to Play With Kids for Learning Letters:

  • Bingo - Alphabet bingo is just like regular bingo, only letters are used rather than numbers. You can draw or print a simple bingo sheet by making a grid with five spaces across and six spaces down. Write B-I-N-G-O in the spaces across the top, and fill in letters at random in the grid. Shuffle a deck of alphabet flash cards and pick them at random, using pennies as markers
  • Fishing - Cut out simple fish shapes, about 3 inches wide. Write a letter on each fish. Put a paper clip on each fish. Glue a magnet to the end of a 3-foot piece of yarn, and tie the other end to a stick. Lay the fish on the floor and have the child go "fishing" for the right letters
  • Matching - Play a version of the old memory game "concentration" by turning flash cards over. Have the child search for letters by turning over the letters, trying to find the upper case and the lower case to make a match
  • Board Games - Use some old board games, such as Scrabble or Word Boggle, to make up new games with your child. Instead of worrying about playing by the rules, instead try to put letters in sequence, or put a few in sequence with one letter missing and let the child figure out which one it is
  • Computer - Sit with your child at the computer and play some fun, free alphabet games available online. Games for kids this age are colorful and interactive, with interesting things happening when children choose correctly (see Resources)

Package Included:

  • 1 x Classic Desktop Blokus Strategy Board Game