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Firste Cool Lace Up Leather Mid Calf Flat Mens Boots


Do you want to have a pair of light shoes? Do you want to have a pair of stylish shoes? Here the Cool Lace Up Leather Mid Calf Flat Mens Boots can give you much surprise!Versatile, warm, lightweight, and super stylish, these fashion me...
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  • Mens leather boots have luxurious leather upper with hand-stitched details
  • These mens leather boots are contoured for an ergonomic fit and offer all-day cushioning
  • These stylish mens leather boots have just a hint of rugged appeal for the perfect look
  • The best-fitting, most advanced lace up boots are comfortable, lightweight and built to last
  • Flat design, these mid calf boots are vey convenient and comfortable to wear
  • Lace-up closure with a tab at collar to ensure effortless on/off
  • Foot bed conforms to foot, creating a custom fit allowing foot to bend and expand naturally, and reducing fatigue
  • Upper Material: PU Leather
  • Lining Material: Sponge
  • Sole Material: Rubber


Firste Cool Lace Up Leather Mid Calf Flat Mens Boots

  • Lace up style closer is a hot look in this season. Lace-up closure with a tab at collar to ensure effortless on/off

Firste Cool Lace Up Leather Mid Calf Flat Mens Boots

  • The side details of the mid calf boots. Flat design, these mid calf boots are vey convenient and comfortable to wear

Firste Cool Lace Up Leather Mid Calf Flat Mens Boots

  • Durable rubber outsole provides maximum support. And the pointed toe design of the comfortable lace up boots

Firste Cool Lace Up Leather Mid Calf Flat Mens Boots

  • Durable sole details of the mens leather boots that are perfect gift for someone special or treats for you

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  • There may be certain error of these dimensions. Specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Measure:

Firste Cool Lace Up Leather Mid Calf Flat Mens Boots

How to Protect Winter Boots:

Winter boots go through a lot - they are subjected to rain, snow, mud, dirty snow, salt, and a range of other street dirt. By winter's end, poorly cared for boots will repay your neglect by falling apart or simply looking shabby. Here is a way to keep them in better shape throughout winter so that with any luck, they'll see you through a few winters yet.

  • Clean Salt Stains Immediately: If you live where it snows and where salt is used on the streets to keep them clear of snow, your boots are going to pick up the salt. Salt stains mar the look of boots and weaken the fabric. Always clean the salt stain as soon as you spot it. Use the cleaning agent recommended by your boots' manufacturer
  • Keep the Boots Polished and Clean: If your boots are leather, keep them well polished. All types of boots should be kept clean. A regular wipe-down with warm water for many synthetic boots will help remove dirt and other encrusted elements
  • Add Water Protectant: Always spray new boots with a protectant that increases their water resistance. Keeps this spraying up regularly to enhance the original protective quality
  • Store Winter Boots Clean and Dry: At winter's end, never store boots without cleaning them first and ensuring that they are completely dry. Otherwise, you risk finding moldy, smelly boots next winter. And worst still, this can cross-contaminate other shoes, boots and items of clothing stored in the same vicinity. As for removing stains, this is vital because the longer that they are left, the more likely it is that they will become permanent and will weaken the boot
  • Warning: Never dry boots in front of an open fire or open heat source. This will cause them to crack and dry out too much. Dry in a warm, dry place away from direct heat sources. Try to dry them upside down over a boot holder or similar item

How to Protect Your Shoes:

  • I suggest purchasing a waterproofing spray and applying it to your shoes IMMEDIATELY after you buy them. Yes, that means before you ever stick your feet inside of them. I know, I know. The sales people at Finish Line have tried to sell you this stuff before. But guess what? It actually works
  • Water repellents work by essentially clogging the pores of materials that your shoes are made out of. Of course, when water can not find its way into the pores of your shoes, there is no way for the pores of your shoes to expand and contract. That means your new Sperry topsiders will be more resilient and will last far longer than they would having not been waterproofed

How to Waterproof Shoes:

  • Simple. Start to buy pulling your shoes of their box. I usually make sure mine aren't laced, although it is not a huge deal. Next, find a well ventilated area. Lay down some newspaper/tarp/notebooks/whatever to make sure you don't stain the area around where you are spraying. Hold the can of waterproofing spray 8-12 inches away from the shoes and spray away! Be generous, but make sure you aren't soaking the shoe. In fact, plan on at least 2 coats. Make sure you let your shoes completely dry between coats; it should take around 10 or 15 minutes

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Mens Boots

How to Clean Leather Items:

Leather is an expensive material that needs cleaned and conditioned regularly to keep its shiny appearance. A leather item cleaned improperly may damage the leather beyond repair. Most leather furniture can be cleaned with a small amount of soap and water, but leather clothes and accessories should only be cleaned with a cleaner made especially for leather products.


  • Mix one to two drops of mild dish detergent into a bucket of warm water
  • Dip a clean rag into the sudsy water and wring tightly to remove excess water
  • Dry the furniture after cleaning with a clean cloth
  • Wipe leather clothes and accessories with a clean dry cloth. This removes any dust that has accumulated on the leather items before you use your leather spray cleaner
  • Wipe the spray cleaner off with a clean cloth
ClothType Size Foot Length(mm) Shoes Width(mm) Heel Height(mm) Shaft height(mm) Calf circumference(mm) Ankle circumference(mm)
/ 40 250 140 230 285 380 0