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Women Perforated Buckle Mid Calf Pull On Boots


Whether you wear it sightseeing, shopping or general kicking around, this pair of Mid Calf Boots will get you covered in both style and comfort. Step out in high style with the fashion Buckle Boots which are one of the hottest ladies. Made of high qu...
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  • Made of high quality material, durable and comfortable
  • These comfortable Mid Calf Boots are just what your hard-working feet deserve
  • These Mid Calf Boots are contoured for an ergonomic fit and offer all-day cushioning
  • Perforated buckle design makes you fashion and chic
  • It is a perfect gift for riding enthusiasts
  • These boots ensure great grip on a variety of surfaces
  • Material: PU
  • Calf Circumference: 36cm / 14.2in
  • Shaft Height: 24cm / 9.4in


Women Perforated Buckle Mid Calf Pull On Boots  

  • Comes in different colors
  • Special design of these Mid Calf Boots not only is antiskid for you wearing at ease, but also can resist scraping to the ground and is waterproof for you wearing at rainy days

Women Perforated Buckle Mid Calf Pull On Boots

  • With high quality material, this pair of Buckle Boots not only show your high taste, but also has good ventilation and be beneficial for hydrosphere reeked, and keep foot clean and comfortable

Women Perforated Buckle Mid Calf Pull On Boots

  • Mid calf design of these Women Boots not only looks stylish, but also is convenient for you to put on and take off

Women Perforated Buckle Mid Calf Pull On Boots

  • These women boots make you less tired after a long day walk and leather lining keeps you warm in the cold winter
  • Step out in high style with these fashion boots which are one of the hottest ladies

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  • There may be certain error of these dimensions; specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Measure Foot:

Women Perforated Buckle Mid Calf Pull On Boots

How often will I wear the boots?

  • How often you wear boots is also very personal. I wear boots every day. I don't own a pair of shoes. In that case, I usually choose a pair of boots to wear to work, then when I get home, I change to boots that go with jeans or leather (depending on what I'm wearing), and perhaps even change again, if I do work in the yard, take a ride on my bike, or go to a meeting and have to dress up a bit. (If I ever ate dinner out, that would also affect my choice of boots.) On weekends, it's common for me to change boots four or five times a day, depending on what I am doing, how I am dressed, where I am going, and the weather.
  • If you will wear boots less than every day and not regularly to work, then your choice of boots can -- and should be -- from a more limited selection. You may have one to three pairs of boots that you might wear to the office every now and then. In that case, they may be subdued in color and have a low heel. If you ride a motorcycle and wear boots only while riding, you may choose one or two pairs of boots for that purpose. Or you may choose to put on boots when you do work around the house.
  • The decision on what boots to buy has a lot to do with how often and where you will wear them.

How tall do I want the boots to be?

  • Boot height is also a purely personal decision. While some guys really enjoy wearing boots with leather or jeans tucked into them, the vast majority of guys (straight and gay) wear jeans or pants over their boots. So the wearer is the only one who knows how tall the boots are.
  • How do I choose boot height? I have these criteria:
  • Protection: if I will be riding my motorcycle, I prefer to wear tall boots simply because of the protection tall boots provide. But they also look good, too, when worn with jeans inside and your feet propped up on the bike's highway pegs.
  • Comfort: the taller the boot, the more likely it is to feel hot on your legs, or perhaps even be so tall as to hit the back of your knees when you sit down, in which case, you will only wear them once in that type of situation and you may not wear them again at all.
  • Appearance: okay, I admit it: I like how tall boots look on my legs. Again, this is purely a personal choice.
  • Usage: since I wear boots to work with dress pants over them, it's perfectly alright with me to wear cowboy boots that are made to the usual standard 13" height. I can feel them on my legs, but they are roomy enough to breathe and not get hot on my legs or feet. Of course, I wear cowboy boots with jeans, too, while going about daily chores at home, or even for that occasional ride on a horse!
  • Visual impression: some guys choose to wear boots that are very tall, or crotch-high. These boots certainly make a very strong visual impression. In my opinion, however, these types of boots are not practical. The wearer can not bend his knees easily while wearing them. The ability to bend the knee is important while operating a motorcycle for safety's sake. These boots also can get hot and therefore uncomfortable. So for me, anyway, I don't have any crotch-high boots as I have no use for them and the cost (in the range of US$1,000 and more) for a pair of boots to wear once in a blue moon isn't worth it.

What features of boots do I like or dislike?

  • Leather on the boots must be of good quality, such as top grain cowhide. I also strongly prefer that boots stand up on their own. One thing I dislike very much are boots whose leather is so thin and soft that they fall over. These boots won't last long.
  • Stitching on a pair of boots must also be of good quality. Double-stitching of the sole and on the shaft seam is a must. Decorative stitching on the toe, foot, or shaft is an aesthetic feature and a purely personal choice.
  • The sole of a boot makes a difference if you require traction for certain activities such as motorcycling. Smooth leather soles work fine in an office environment, but not for wet conditions where the soles could cause the wearer to slip and fall.
  • In a cowboy boot, I prefer a pegged sole -- where small wooden pegs are driven through the outsole to the insole. Pegs add durability and generally speaking, are a sign of a high quality boot.
  • Personally, I find that heels of 2-1/2" (6cm) or less work better for me than higher heels. Why? Higher heels make it easier for someone like me who is naturally "klutzy" to trip and fall. Also, high heels are harder on the foot and more difficult to walk in. Hi-heeled boots may be a fashion statement to some, and others may be able to wear them without causing foot pain. I can't.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Boots