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Zeedon Designer Christmas Decorative Carousel Music Box


Beautiful Christmas decorative item is sure to impress your guests! The music box with carousel design is perfect for Christmas decoration every year.This kind of music box can play some enjoyable music for you and make you feel relaxed every moment....
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  • This kind of music box with carousel design is pretty popular as a perfect compliment to Christmas and any other classic holiday
  • It is Christmas decorative item and will surely bring your families good luck and happy feelings
  • You can put the music box on the desk as a perfect home decoration in daily life
  • Made of top grade wood, the music box with carousel design can show your high life taste
  • With a reasonable price, it is warmly welcomed by people from different countries
  • This kind of personalized music box will bring festive atmosphere to your family
  • Size: 15.0 x 23.0cm/5.9 x 9.1in(W x H)
  • Material: Wood


Zeedon Designer Christmas Decorative Carousel Music Box

  • This kind of music box with decorative carousel looks beautiful

Zeedon Designer Christmas Decorative Carousel Music Box

  • The carousel music box can play some soft music for you to make you feel relaxed

Zeedon Designer Christmas Decorative Carousel Music Box

  • The music will be played when the carousel is swinging, which will bring you a lot of fun

Zeedon Designer Christmas Decorative Carousel Music Box

  • The colorful decorative diamonds makes this decorative item shiny and elegant

Zeedon Designer Christmas Decorative Carousel Music Box

  • Made of high quality wood, the beautiful music box can show your high taste and special style

How to Make a Simple Music Box:

Zeedon Designer Christmas Decorative Carousel Music Box

  • Choose a container large enough to hold the chosen movement. Traditionally, music boxes have been made using simple mechanical parts in a wooden box with a hinged lid. The box includes a crank that can be wound up to prepare the music. Then, when the lid is opened, the music plays and a small figurine spins inside slowly. This traditional setup is ideal fif you wish to use an actual box or other large container to build a music box
  • Choose a movement. "Movement" refers to the mechanical parts found in a music box, and can be purchased in kit form from many craft and hobby stores, as well as some hardware and specialty stores. It is important to choose a movement that is small enough to fit inside the desired box or container while still allowing space for the movement to operate properly. Movement kits generally include a crank and shaft that needs to be fitted to the outside of the music box
  • Drill a hole in the container large enough for the crank shaft to fit through. Refer to your movement kit's instructions when choosing a size for the hole
  • Install the movement carefully following the manufacturer's instructions
  • Cover the exposed movement with a concealing panel. This will ensure that the movement is not disturbed by items placed inside the box. Sometimes a simple layer of fabric is all it takes, depending on the contents the music box is likely to have upon completion
  • Test the mechanical parts to make sure they are functioning properly, then finish your music box however you like

Homemade Music Boxes:

Zeedon Designer Christmas Decorative Carousel Music Box

Types of music boxes:

  • Traditionally, music boxes were made of square or rectangular wooden boxes that held metal music combs. When the music box was activated, the comb was dragged over bumped sheet music, producing the tunes. Modern music boxes come in varying shapes and sizes, and usually include computer chips installed onto small circuit boards that contain the song to be played. These circuit boards are smaller and can fit into shapes and sizes of boxes that combs cannot


  • Music box supplies, including music mechanisms, can be purchased at craft specialty stores or online at websites such as bjcraftsupplies.com/music
  • Decide on the shape you want for your music box and obtain a box in that shape. You can build a wooden box of your own, or choose a pre-made wooden, plastic or ceramic container. You can also choose your shape
  • The size and shape of your box will depend on whether you choose to use a metal comb or a circuit board to produce your music; again, circuit boards can fit into many places that combs cannot. When choosing your music mechanism, be sure to choose the appropriate song


  • If using a metal music mechanism, unscrew the crank and set aside. Place the mechanism inside the box; it can sit anywhere inside, but it must be in a place where you can drill a hole to connect the crank from the outside. Generally, this is done on the side or the back of the box
  • On the inside of the box, mark where the screw that will hold the crank protrudes from the music mechanism. Here you will need to drill a hole so that the screw and the crank can connect. Be sure to keep dust, hair and other particles out of the mechanism, as they can interfere with the operation of the music box
  • Connect the mechanism to the box, with the screw sticking out the hole. A strong adhesive such as epoxy should be able to hold the mechanism to the bottom of the box. Leave the adhesive to set and dry before continuing
  • When the glue is set, screw the crank back into the mechanism; this will be the windup to power the music maker
  • From here you will add the touches that will make the music box unlike any other. For instance, a piece of cardboard cut to fit your box and covered with felt or velvet will create a good bottom to your box, and will cover the mechanism. Decorations and paint can also be applied to the outside of the box, and small trinkets placed inside

Package Included:

  • 1 x Music Box