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ALPEN Fashion Dot Pattern Brief Iron Stereo Tissue Boxes


Do you want to get a stylish tissue box which can be reusable again and again? It's really very eco-friendly as you need not to buy new tissue box. Come on, we got a great choice for you here!Featured with stereo shape, the tissue box here is so cute...
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  • Designed in dot pattern, our tissue box is graceful and fresh in appearance
  • The tissue box here is durable enough for your daily use because of the high quality iron material
  • Our stereo paper box could be also a perfect decoration in your room, car or office
  • As the suitable size of our tissue boxes, you can put them in the house and anywhere you want
  • The tissue case is nontoxic and environmental which makes the room healthy
  • These tissue stereo boxes are in great condition for comparatively low price
  • Material: Iron
  • Size: 21.5 x 11.5 x 7.3cm/8.5 x 4.5 x 2.8in(L x W x H)


 ALPEN  Fashion Dot Pattern Brief Iron Stereo Tissue Boxes

  • With iron material, you will enjoy these beautiful and functional tissue boxes in your room

 ALPEN  Fashion Dot Pattern Brief Iron Stereo Tissue Boxes

  • Designed in dot pattern, this tissue box adds more natural and fresh elements to your room

 ALPEN  Fashion Dot Pattern Brief Iron Stereo Tissue Boxes

  • You can keep your tissue paper clean and neat by using our tissue boxes

 ALPEN  Fashion Dot Pattern Brief Iron Stereo Tissue Boxes

  • Because of the high quality iron material,the tissue boxes are durable enough for your daily use

 ALPEN  Fashion Dot Pattern Brief Iron Stereo Tissue Boxes

  • Thisdot pattern tissue box is very perfect gift choice for friends

How to Reuse Empty Tissue Boxes:

 ALPEN  Fashion Dot Pattern Brief Iron Stereo Tissue Boxes

Everyone has tissues in their home. Once the tissues are used up, the boxes usually end up right in the recycling bin. Don't get rid of them just yet. Whether you are using the rectangular boxes or the square ones, they are great to reuse for several different things

  • Use it as a garbage can in your car. Garbage always seems to show up in the car when you don't have something to put it in or somewhere to throw it out. Take a square tissue box, put a plastic bag in it and throw your garbage in as you accumulate it
  • Turn it into a vase for silk flowers. Remove the top off of a square tissue box, take a piece of square craft foam and insert it inside. Cover the outside of the box with scrapbook paper or even fabric that matches the room you are putting it in. Buy a beautiful bouquet of silk flowers and arrange it by sticking the stems into the foam. Put enough in so that you can't see inside the box
  • Turn it into a plastic bag holder. Fold the empty bags neatly and stick them through the opening of an empty rectangular tissue box. Each time you need a bag you can pull it out through the top
  • Make an interesting recipe holder box. Cut the top off of a rectangular tissue box and cover the outside with scrap booking paper or even wrapping paper. Buy some index cards and write your favorite recipes on them. They fit nicely into the box and can be organized by putting them in alphabetical order
  • Keep dog toys organized. Dogs have a habit of playing with their toys and scattering them all over the house. Take the top off of a rectangular tissue box and you have a holder where these toys can be kept in one place
  • Make an empty square tissue box into a notepaper holder. Take a square tissue box and cut off the top. You can cut it down a bit if you choose to have it smaller. Redesign the outside of the box if you like and insert your scrap notepaper. Take non-important papers that are blank on one side, cut them up and turn them into small scrap paper. Instead of using a clean sheet of paper, the scrap can be used to write a note or a grocery list

Ideas for a Decorated Tissue Box Cover:

 ALPEN  Fashion Dot Pattern Brief Iron Stereo Tissue Boxes

Tissue boxes, for many people, are a fact of life. If you have allergies or a cold, you'll most likely have a box of tissues in the house. Though there are a number of designs to choose from when it comes to tissue, you can easily make your own tissue box cover and have it match your decor

Wooden Tissue Box

You can dress up an unfinished wooden tissue box easily, inexpensively and with few supplies. Purchase the unfinished box from your local craft supply store and coat it with polyurethane three times, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. Cut four 2-inch wide strips of wood veneer, one to fit each side of the box. Using decoupage glue, glue the strips on so that they line up on all of the corners. Coat the entire box with decoupage glue and allow to dry completely. Add one last coat of polyurethane to create a smooth finish

Handkerchief Tissue Box

You can cover the tissue box in a decorative handkerchief to match the decor of your home. Place a tissue box on a handkerchief or square of material so that the material lies like a diamond shape and tissue box lies like a rectangle. Pull the corners of the material to the left and right of the box and tie at the top, center of the box. Pull the top and bottom corners and tie slightly to the right of the box. Gather the loose material that is to the left side of the box, pull up and tie. Move the center knot aside and pull tissue through the opening

Painted tissue box

Before removing the perforated cardboard piece from the opening at the top of a tissue box, paint the box white using acrylic paint. Then, using whatever colors and designs you wish, paint over the white. You can add stickers, glitter, decoupage and beads if you wish. Once the box is complete and dry, remove the perforated cardboard piece and use the tissues

Felt Tissue Box

The felt tissue box cover works best with cubed tissue boxes. Center the cubed tissue box on a 14-inch square piece of felt. Trace the bottom of the tissue box and then move it aside. Use a ruler to draw an "x" that starts at the center of the felt and extends to each corner. Starting from the outer corners, cut along the lines you drew stopping each cut at the traced tissue box line. Also cut a 2.5-inch slit in the center. Cut two small triangular notches out of the top and bottom of the square by cutting up to the already made cuts. Place the felt over the tissue box, line up the slit with the opening in the box, fold the short sides down and pin to the box. Bring the triangles around the sides to overlap and pin. Remove the cover, make a stitch at the bottom corner of the triangle on top and place back on the box

Package Included:

  • 1 x Tissue Box