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Herself Tinplate Europe Chocolate Wedding Gift Candy Boxes


Thank you so much for visiting us. Getting married is one of the most important things in our life. No matter for the will couples themselves or for the there family members and their friends respectively, the gifts for one another are the super nece...
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  • The Wedding Gift Box contains not only your thanks to friends but also sweet blessing to them
  • The Wedding Gift Box is made in the Europe type, which are delicate in the appearance
  • The Wedding Gift Box is very tough and durable 
  • With lovely Wedding Favor Box, you can also get a beautiful recollection among the wedding affairs
  • Candy Box can be your best choice if you really need some originality
  • Size: 9.5 x 3.5cm/3.7 x 1.4in(Dia. x H)
  • Material: Tinplate


Herself Tinplate Europe Chocolate Wedding Gift Candy Boxes

  • The overall design of the Wedding Gift Box is very decent and elegant


Herself Tinplate Europe Chocolate Wedding Gift Candy Boxes

  • The package of the wedding gifts is beared with the bowknot and the flower

Herself Tinplate Europe Chocolate Wedding Gift Candy Boxes

  • Candy Box can be your best choice thanks to its good capacity

How to Decorate Wedding Card Boxes

Herself Tinplate Europe Chocolate Wedding Gift Candy Boxes

  • Using a utility knife; cut a slot, measuring approximately 2 inches wide by 6 inches long, in the cover of the 8-inch box. Then cut the bottoms out of the 8-inch and 10-inch boxes, making sure to leave a half-inch lip around the bottom of each box
  • Using a compass or a circular template, trace a 9.5-inch circle in the middle of the lid of the 12-inch box. Repeat this process, tracing a 7.5-inch circle in the center of the lid of the 10-inch box. Cut out the circles using a utility knife
  • To cover boxes with wallpaper or fabric, measure and cut a single strip of material to wrap around each "layer." Working one box at a time, spray with spray adhesive, then carefully press fabric or wallpaper to the outside, taking care to smooth out air bubbles as you work your way around the box. Trim the edges if need be
  • To cover the lids, cut a circle of material to fit the top of each lid and secure with spray adhesive. Use ribbon; trim the edge of each lid. Remember to cut out the slot in the lid of the 8-inch box after covering it
  • If you prefer to paint your box, start by spray-painting each of the boxes and lids white. Let them dry completely between each coat of paint and before adding additional decoration. Once dry, use a paintbrush and tempera paint to add designs, embellishments or your monogram to the outside of the boxes
  • Finish by decorating with self-adhesive jewels, crystals or sequins for a little sparkle. Add a large bow or ribbon embellishment to the top of the smallest box as a final touch, taking care not to cover the card slot
  • Once all decorations are applied to the sides and lids of the boxes, and are adhered the lids to the 10- and 12-inch boxes using double-sided tape. Leave the smallest lid loose, this way you will not have to cut into your "cake" to retrieve the cards
  • To stack the boxes, apply double-sided tape around the bottom lips of the two smaller boxes. Center the 10-inch box over lid of the 12-inch box and press down. Repeat this process, centering the 8-inch box over the 10-inch box. Use double-sided tape to adhere 1-inch-wide ribbon around the base of each box to conceal seams


  • Color is random in delivery

Package Included:

  • 10 x Wedding Boxes