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Keedone Warm Pocket Long Sleeve Zipper Hooded Boy Outerwear


Do you want your boy to be unique in the cold weather? If so, this kids outerwear is definitely your first choice. Made of good material and exquisite design, your boy will be outstanding out of the crowd. The kids outerwear is made of cotton, w...
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  • There is the fleece inside of the kid clothes which keep your kid warm in the winter
  • The hood makes this kids outerwear look more handsome and cute
  • The half zipper design of this kids outerwear is very unique and beautiful for your little boy
  • Breathable material features with moisture absorption and sweat release that your baby will feel comfortable
  • Your boy will be outstanding in the crowd with this great kids outerwear
  • It is very comfortable and soft for your little boy for the high quality material cotton
  • This children clothing can be the best gift for your baby boy or your nephew
  • This kind of outerwear for boys is very popular among the kids
  • Material: Cotton


Keedone Warm Pocket Long Sleeve Zipper Hooded Boy Outerwear

  • This zipper long sleeve outerwear allows your boy to experience the comfort of pure natural

Keedone Warm Pocket Long Sleeve Zipper Hooded Boy Outerwear

  • Made of high quality material cotton, this outerwear is very comfortable for your kids

Keedone Warm Pocket Long Sleeve Zipper Hooded Boy Outerwear

  • Your kids will become the most handsome and cute boy among their friends

Keedone Warm Pocket Long Sleeve Zipper Hooded Boy Outerwear

  • The special pockets can make your kids' hands warm in the cold weather

Keedone Warm Pocket Long Sleeve Zipper Hooded Boy Outerwear

  • The cool letters on the back of this outerwear look very fashionable  

How to Measure:

Keedone Warm Pocket Long Sleeve Zipper Hooded Boy Outerwear

Size in Detail:


1/2 Chest













































  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Size Boys' Clothes:

Keedone Warm Pocket Long Sleeve Zipper Hooded Boy Outerwear

Boys' clothing sizes are determined by the child's measurements. Finding the appropriately sized clothing for growing boys requires measuring the boy and finding out his real size. There are other considerations, such as slim or husky sizes, that can make it seem complicated, but sizing the boy makes it easier to buy clothes that fit

  • Measure the boy around the waist to determine his waist size. Boys' pant sizes are determined by the waist and hip measurements. Wrap the measuring tape around his waist, measuring in inches, and follow that by the hip. Hips are generally about 1 or 2 inches larger
  • Get the height measurement to find out how tall the boy is. This will determine shirt and pant sizes when combined with other measurements. Measure height from the feet up to the top of the boy's head
  • Measure the chest size in inches. Chest size is the area under the arms, without the measurement of the arms and shoulders. Wrap the measuring tape under the arms and around the body
  • Look at the sizing chart. The sizing chart tells sizes for boys' clothing based on the measurement in inches. For example, a boy that should wear 5S would measure 42 inches tall, 22.5 inches at the chest, 23 inches at the hip and 19.5 inches at the waist

How to Design Childrens Clothes:

Keedone Warm Pocket Long Sleeve Zipper Hooded Boy Outerwear

When it comes to fashion design, children's clothing is a special area. Since children are constantly growing and replacing their clothes, the market for this area of apparel will always be a lucrative one, but it is also an area of design that presents its own challenges. Clothing for children must not only be attractive, it must be practical in ways that suit the particular needs and wants of both children and the adults who buy the clothes

  • Consider your age group. The age of the child you are designing for will affect what is required for a quality design. For example, when designing for children under the age of 2, it's less important to create a garment that will stand up to athletic movement or to worry about whether the design appeals to the child. It is more important with this age group to design a garment that is warm, soft and easy to put on and take off for diaper changes
  • Aim for comfort. Children in general have a lower tolerance than adults for constrictive garments, and the younger the child, the lower the tolerance. Elastic waistbands, colorful designs in knit fabrics and generally loose-fitting styles will make children happier to be wearing your clothes
  • Design clothes that are durable using fabrics that are stain and fade resistant. Children, especially younger children, will put their clothing through greater punishment than adults. They are also more likely to get their clothes dirty. Ensuring ease of repair by designing clothes made of fabrics that are more durable than the sewing threads they're put together with (making sure that seams rip instead of cloth) will also benefit their owners
  • Study what's traditional and current. Children, especially school-age children, are particularly sensitive to peer criticism and will generally want to wear clothes that are similar to what they see their friends wearing or what they see children on TV wearing
  • Create age-appropriate styles. This can mean making sure that kids' clothes are not too tight or revealing, but it also means making sure to avoid designs and images that are too childish for the target age group
  • Try to achieve a balance between what will appeal to adults and what will appeal to children. For instance, many young children would love to wear Halloween-style costumes every day or to wear clothes that are covered in sparkles, but most parents won't agree to these sorts of ideas. Good design compromises can include a moderate amount of sparkle or, rather than costumes, images of characters and animals on the clothing

Package Included:

  • 1 x Outerwear