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Aluminum Bracket for Narrow & Tin Door ABK-500


This Aluminum Brackets are all high quality, precision fitted pieces. They are easily assembled and mounted. You get the advantage of both durable steel construction and a choice of finishes. This is a Bracket for Narrow & Tin Door, special aluminum,...
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  • Standard Structure: High Strength Aluminum, Sandblast Finished
  • Suitable for Door: Narrow & Tin Door
  • Opening Mode: 90 or 180 Digress Door
  • Use with: YB-100/300/400/500(other model need to order specially)
  • Finished for Shell: Anodized aluminum


  • Special Aluminum, Firm and Durable
  • Special Design, Suitable with all kinds of the Door
  • The Best Choice of Access Control
  • Easy to use


Aluminum Bracket for Narrow & Tin Door ABK-500

  • Special design, suitable with all kinds of the door

How to Install a Door Bracket for an Electric Garage Door:

  • Mark where the bracket for an electric door will go in the garage door. Center the bracket on the top middle of the door
  • Place the bracket on the center mark and draw marks for the bolt holes. Make sure that the bracket is facing the right way. Usually the brackets are labeled so you know which way is up
  • Use an existing hole if you are replacing an existing bracket for an electric garage door. You still might have to make marks for three of the bolt holes
  • Drill a hole for the bottom of the bracket. If you are using an existing bolt hole, just skip to the next step
  • Hold the bracket in its place on the door and insert the first bolt from the outside of the door to the inside. You will have to reach your hand to the outside of the door to do this effectively
  • Tighten the nut by hand after slipping on the washer, and then snug it a little more with the socket wrench. In this way, the bracket will stay in place and you don't have to hold it up while you drill the other holes. Since a common problem with brackets is coming loose due to the vibration of the mechanism and the door, you might want to use a carriage bolt that goes completely through the door in combination with a locking nut and washer
  • Align the bracket for an electric garage door properly. Drill a hole for the top bolt.
  • Insert a carriage bolt, and snug the nut with the socket wrench
  • Repeat the process for the remaining two bolts and nuts, drilling and inserting the bolt one at a time to ensure the bracket remains perfectly straight

Package Included:

  • 1 x Bracket for Narrow & Tin Door