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Amylinda Elegant Attractive Empire Floor-Length Strapless Gauze Bridesmaid Dress


Are you still worrying about your dressing on the coming ball, parties or important ceremony? Are you still confused to choose which one would be better? This floor length dress is your perfect choice. With this strapless bridesmaid dress, you a...
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  • Silhouette: Empire
  • Embellishment: Flower belt
  • Neckline: Strapless
  • Hemline: Floor-Length
  • Shown Color: Light Green 
  • Material: Gauze 


  • This floor length modest bridesmaid dress with elegant empire design shows your figure perfectly
  • Flower belt is the highlight of this strapless bridesmaid dress and it decorates the dress very well  
  • This soft and comfortable gauze designer bridesmaid dress is perfect for wedding and other important parties
  • With this floor-length modest bridesmaid dress gown, you will be the most charming
  • You will look like a princess for parties and special occasions with this gauze modest bridesmaid dress gown
  • The gauze bridesmaid dress has an easy fit and good ventilation effect
  • You can customize the gown according to your size and preference


Amylinda Elegant Attractive Empire Floor-Length Strapless Gauze Bridesmaid Dress

  • This beautiful gauze bridesmaid dress is perfect for that upcoming special event, cocktail party, party, military ball, homecoming, formal dance, bridesmaid or wedding

Amylinda Elegant Attractive Empire Floor-Length Strapless Gauze Bridesmaid Dress

  • Flower belt is the highlight of this bridesmaid dress gown and it decorates the dress very well  

Amylinda Elegant Attractive Empire Floor-Length Strapless Gauze Bridesmaid Dress

  • This soft and comfortable bridesmaid dress is perfect for wedding and other important parties

Amylinda Elegant Attractive Empire Floor-Length Strapless Gauze Bridesmaid Dress

  • See from the back, this bridesmaid dress is characterized by the easy fit and good ventilation effect

Amylinda Elegant Attractive Empire Floor-Length Strapless Gauze Bridesmaid Dress

  • You can wear a remarkable visual effect with this modest bridesmaid dress 


  • Please provide detailed measurement information for customization base on "Buying GuideHow to Measure"
  • Reference size chart base on "Buying Guide/Size Chart"
  • Because the display and optical reasons, the fabric colors shown in the picture may be biased with the actual color of goods
  • You can customize the dress's size and back of zipper or lace-up closure according to your size and preference

How to Sew Bridesmaids Dresses:

Bridesmaids' dresses come in a wide variety of styles and colors. The bride may choose to have all the bridesmaids wear exactly the same type of dress, or wear slightly different styles all in the same color, or even different shades, so that each bridesmaid can choose a style that she likes and that most flatters her figure. (And if a bridesmaid gets a dress she likes, she may be more likely to wear it again.) The bride may want to have the bridesmaids dresses sewn if she wants a particular color, or style, that she can't easily find in stores, or if she wants to do costume-style bridesmaids' dresses, such as for a Renaissance themed wedding. Make sure to start the bridesmaids' dresses well before the wedding, so that you'll have time to complete them in plenty of time for a final fitting.


  • Meet with the bride (and the bridesmaids, if possible) to determine how many bridesmaids' dresses there will be. Choose a style (or styles) and color for the dresses, and find out if the bride or bridesmaids plan to help pick out patterns and materials. Set a budget for the dresses and a deadline for the final fitting
  • Take the measurements for each bridesmaid (or have them take their own and send them to you), measuring around the fullest part of the bust, waist and hips. You'll need this information for choosing a pattern and making the dresses, since pattern companies often use different sizes from the dress sizes found in stores
  • Choose a dress pattern or patterns that matches the bride's expectations and the style of the wedding. If the bridesmaids want different styles, you may be able to save money by buying one pattern that has several options for necklines and sleeves. Some dress patterns are easier to sew than others, so make sure to choose a pattern that matches your skill level
  • Select fabric for the dresses. If you want to make all the dresses in the same fabric, make sure the store has enough of that fabric available, or can order it for you in time. Follow the guidelines on the pattern envelope for recommended types of fabric and to find out how much material you need for each dress
  • Pick out good quality thread that matches the fabric, zippers and any other notions or accessories you need, such as fusible interfacing. Buy any trim or decorations at the same time as the fabric, if possible, to make sure they match
  • Cut out the pattern pieces. If you're using the same pattern to make dresses in several sizes, cut out the patterns using the lines for the largest size first, then cut the patterns in the smaller sizes after you've finished cutting the fabric for the larger size. Smooth out any wrinkles in the pattern pieces, using a low-temperature iron if needed
  • Follow the pattern directions to cut out the dress pieces and sew them together. Have the bridesmaids try on the dresses, if possible, before hemming the skirt and the sleeves. If the bridesmaids are not available, make sure to have them give you their height and sleeve measurements
  • Give the dresses to the bridesmaids as soon as possible, so that you still have time to make minor alterations if needed

How to Alter a Bridesmaid Dress:

There are several reasons why you may need to alter a bridesmaid dress. Perhaps the dress is too long or too short. Often, bridesmaid dresses are purchased well before the date of the wedding. During the time between the purchase and the wedding, the bridesmaid could have either gained or lost weight, meaning that her dress will no longer fit her. Instead of purchasing a new dress, you can simply alter the one you already have

  • Have the bridesmaid model her dress for you. Use the tape measure to measure how much fabric should be altered, and mark the dress according to the measurements using a fabric marker. Pin up any pieces of fabric to mark alterations as well 

  • Help your bridesmaid to carefully remove her dress so that she is not poked with any pins you used to mark alterations. Lay the dress out on an even surface and use the seam ripper to remove the seams where the alterations are to be made. Seam rippers will allow you to cut the thread of the seams without damaging the fabric of the dress 
  • Use your markings to determine where to re-sew the seam. Begin by ironing the crease of the seam flat 
  • Alter the length of fabric needed for the new seam according to your measurements by pinning the dress where the new seam will be. Use the tape measure to perform any appropriate measurements and to ensure that the pinned seam is straight and even 
  • Sew the new seam using a needle and thread or a sewing machine. Remove the pins and iron the seam when you are finished. Finish the seam by stitching along the length of the seam on the inside of the dress. Trim the edges with pinking sheers, which create a zigzag pattern that reduces fraying and prevents raveling. You may use a serger machine to add a professional finish if you wish

Package Included:

  • 1 x Bridesmaid Dress