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Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase


Women or girls can't leave fashion beautiful leather briefcase, because the very choice of bags means a woman's taste. This Women cheap briefcase is one of the designer briefcase for you. Nice bag is one of the necessary...
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  • Coating Material: Cow Leather
  • Lining Material: Cotton Cloth
  • Upper Width: 28cm/11.0in
  • Bottom Width: 36cm/14.2in
  • Size: 31 x 10cm/12.2 x 3.9in(H x T)
  • Handle Strap Height: 12cm/4.8in
  • Messenger Strap Length: 108cm/42.5in


  • Unique solid color design to the Cow Leather Briefcase, shining and noble
  • Fashion Cow Leather Briefcase is so stylish and cute
  • Stylish Cow Leather Briefcase gives you a special taste
  • This Women Briefcase can protect your things from dust, water and so on
  • Made of high quality Cow Leather material, durable for long time using
  • This elegant Designer Briefcase is perfect for wedding, evening party and other important occasion
  • Unique design creates an eye-catching visual effect
  • It will be a perfect choice for those beautiful and fashion ladies
  • Cheap briefcase for women, it will absolutely brings you more confidence  


Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase

Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase

Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase

  • This leather briefcase comes with stylish solid color design, beautiful and fashion for your daily wearing
  • The zipper closed Women's Bag offers you convenient access to your keys, mobile phone and so on
  • Different colors of these bags can bring you different emotion in different day
  • Show your charm with the fashion women briefcase

Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase

Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase

Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase

Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase

  • Fashion zipper closure design to the briefcase to make your more charming 
  • Eye-catching color design to the briefcase to show your style

Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase

  • Different angles to understand about the bag; it is practical for you to use a long time

Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase

Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase

Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase

  • The sense viewing can bring you directly perceived through the senses

Women's Purses & Handbags From the 1790s:

Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase

Before the 1790s, women carried things in their pockets. Thus the term "pocketbook" signified the place women kept a book, as well as other things they might need during the day. In 1799, after the French Revolution, women wore fewer undergarments and clothes became simpler and less voluminous. Full skirts gave way to more fitted bodices and dresses that had less room for built-in pockets. Still needing to carry necessary items, women adjusted to the change in fashion by starting to carry their purses outside of their clothing. Before long, handbags became an important fashion accessory

Indispensables: Handbags Become Necessary

  • According to "Fashion Is in the Bag: A Random History of Handbags," women started carrying reticules, or small handbags, in the 1790s. The word "reticule" came from the Latin "reticulum," which was the net bag Roman women had carried. The French, however, associated "reticule" with the French word for "ridiculous," thus making fun of women who could not get along without their handbags. The English, on the other hand, called these bags "indispensables," a term which suggested how dependent women had become on the handbags they carried with them

Society Accepts Women's Handbags

  • In the 1790s, when ladies began to flaunt the carrying of handbags, many people were shocked. The reason had much to do with privacy. When women had carried what they needed in their pockets, this had been an intimate act and no one was aware of what was hidden there. When they carried handbags in public, though, what had once been surreptitiously concealed was now toted around for the world to see. With time, the fashion world came to accept women carrying handbags and people were no longer shocked to see them

Fashion Evolves

  • Before the eighteenth century, men carried drawstring net purses dangling from their belts or they used large pockets under their clothes. When men's fashions changed to tight breeches and cutaway jackets, the bulky pockets disappeared and men started carrying wallets. As for women, "The Clothing and Fashion Encyclopedia: Handbags and Purses," describes how in the eighteenth century, "women carried small purses on the wrist, toted large silk and cotton workbags for knitting and personal effects on the arm and had the additional storage space of large pear-shaped pockets worn laced around the hips beneath their petticoats"

More About Reticules

  • In the late 1790s, as the carrying of reticule handbags became established, women began to accessorize by having a different handbag for every outfit and for every occasion. Even the way handbags were carried, whether across the body, over the shoulder or in the hand, was dictated by the mores of fashion and was discussed in fashion magazines. Women filled their reticules with such necessities as their visiting cards, reading glasses, face powder, rouge, a small bottle of perfume, smelling salts for emergency purposes and a fan

What Reticule Handbags Looked Like

  • Reticules looked like small evening bags. Many could be made at home and fashion magazines of the time shared instructions on how to embroider them at home. As time went on, designs became more elaborate. Author Pauline Weston Thomas writes in "1800 Accessories: Fashion Histories," that some reticules "had steel hoops which gave a concertina like framed effect. Still others might be steel mesh trimmed with Pailettes and steel fringe beading." Over time, handbags became more elaborate and they were accessorized with ribbon drawstrings and even trimmed with feathers

Types of Women's Bags:

Chancebanda High Capacity Handle Cow Leather Women Briefcase

Women's handbags serve a dual purpose: function and fashion. A woman's purse needs to carry all her daily supplies such as a wallet, organizer, cell phone, keys and lipstick. But she also wants this essential fashion accessory to accentuate her outfit and style. Different types of purses combine these two purposes to fit a woman's lifestyle


  • Women generally carry a clutch when going out for the evening or to a special occasion such as a formal party, wedding or a date. Strapless, these purses must be carried under the woman's arm or in her hand. Since these bags are small, they only hold the absolute essentials such as a small wallet, keys and cell phone. Minaudiere clutches consist of a hard case, often adorned with beads or crystals. An envelope clutch resembles an envelope with a pointed flap that opens and closes the purse


  • Named after an old fashioned school satchel, satchel handbags have a rectangular shape and a flat bottom so they don't easily tip over and spill. A snap or zipper usually functions as a closure on the top of the purse. Women can purchase small satchel bags or large satchel bags to suit their lifestyles. Women carry a satchel bag using double top handles. Convertible satchels can be carried by the handles or over her shoulder using a longer strap

Cross Body Bags

  • Cross body bags allow a woman's hands to remain free to talk on her cell phone or finger through a rack of clothes. Cross body bags generally run on the small side. A long strap allows a woman to wear this bag diagonally across her body so she doesn't have to worry about holding her purse or the purse slipping off her shoulder as she goes about her day


  • Tote bags work great for days at the beach, picnics or any other occasion when a woman has to carry a lot of items. These large bags usually features double handles and an open top that does not snap or zip shut providing easy access

Package Included:

  • 1 x Women Briefcase