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Winne Mushroom Loose Powder Wool Brushes


Do you like to makeup every day? If you do, let us show you these mushroom loose powder wool brushes. These beauty powder brushes are good tool for the pretty girls who love beauty and like to make up.These makeup brushes create perfectly polished ma...
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  • Brusher Head Material: Wool
  • Brush Height: Approx.6.6cm/2.6in
  • Brush Hair Size: Approx.3.8 x 4.8cm/1.5 x 1.9in(L x W)
  • Brush Case Size: Approx.8.3 x 4.5 x 4.6cm/3.3 x 1.8 x 1.8in(L x H x W)
  • Brush Mesh Cover Size: Approx.10.0 x 1.2cm/3.9 x 0.5in(L x W)
  • Handle Color: Black


  • Our makeup powder brushes look like mushroom, which is cute and easy to use
  • Cosmetic brushes equipped with small mesh brush set, which can disentangle the hair
  • Our makeup brushes are made of wool, which is quite comfortable to make up
  • The high quality and soft beauty makeup brushes won't damage to your skin
  • You can use our cosmetic brushes with the rouge, loose powder and so on
  • The size of the makeup brushes is suitable for our hands to use and easy to carry 
  • These makeup brushes are good gifts for your friends or someone special


Winne Mushroom Loose Powder Wool Brushes

  • These multipurpose makeup beauty brushes are your must-have in daily life

Winne Mushroom Loose Powder Wool Brushes

  • Cosmetic makeup brushes equipped with small mesh cover, which can disentangle the hair

Winne Mushroom Loose Powder Wool Brushes

  • Made of wool, the powder brushes are quite comfortable to use and no damage to your skin

Winne Mushroom Loose Powder Wool Brushes

Winne Mushroom Loose Powder Wool Brushes

  • The size of the makeup brushes is suitable for our hands to use and easy to carry

Winne Mushroom Loose Powder Wool Brushes

  • Durable case included to keep your makeup brushes protected

Winne Mushroom Loose Powder Wool Brushes

  • With these makeup brushes you will be more beautiful and cuter

How to Use Makeup Brushes:

Winne Mushroom Loose Powder Wool Brushes

Step into any makeup boutique or drug store beauty aisle and you will be overwhelmed with a barrage of makeup brushes. Which brush goes with which product? How do you use them? Here is a usage guide to a standard set of brushes

  • Foundation Brush: With cream or powder foundation, a foundation brush is key. It gives better and more natural blending than a sponge, and also allows for better control. Look for one with a relatively flat, dense head about an inch wide. Rub the brush in the foundation and dot over your T-zone, then blend outwards for even coverage. "Blending" means brushing in wide circles while "pulling" the makeup out
  • Blush Brush: A light touch and an excellent brush is absolutely necessary with blush. The blush pictured here, called a "dome brush," is the ideal shape. The larger the dome, the better the brush, because it makes a more natural sweep on your cheek. Dotting your brush into your blush, smile and sweep the apples of your cheeks for a natural glow
  • Brow Brush: This stiff, spiral and wiry brush is used to catch the hard-to-move hairs of your eyebrows. Brush upward, pluck any stray hairs below, fill in with eyebrow pencil and brush along the line of the arch
  • Crease Brush: The slightly flared shape of this brush makes it ideal for filling in the crease of your eye with shadow. Not used for a fine line but rather for shading, use an eyeshadow a few shades darker than the one on your lid to give your eyes excellent contrast and deeper, more powerful color
  • Lid Brush: These come in either flat-head or rounded-head styles. The brush should be about 1/2 an inch wide and very flat. The flat-head brush is excellent for a very fine eyeliner brush, while the round-head can give a more blended line. Both give excellent shadow coverage for the lid
  • Kohl Blender: With a good eyeliner Kohl pencil, you also need a stiff, conical foam blending brush. Run it over the line and the color will blend out--and as a bonus, any stray marks will fade in
  • Concealer Brush: If you have a blemish or dark circles that you would prefer be covered up, apply your concealer after your foundation. It helps it set and blend better. Use a double-ended brush like the one pictured; one flat end can apply a greater amount of product, and the other, fluffier end can blend it into your makeup perfectly

How to Clean a Makeup Brush:

Winne Mushroom Loose Powder Wool Brushes
Clean your makeup brushes clean routinely will improve the application of your makeup. Clean brushes will ensure your skin is exposed to the least amount of oil, dirt or bacteria which can cause blemishes or acne. Washing your makeup brushes will also strip off the built-up gunk and make the bristles feel softer on your face. The frequency you wash your brush set depends on how often you use them. It is better to wash them at least once a month then not at all, but here is a guide lien to follow:

  • Foundation Makeup Brush - once a week
  • Powder Brush - once a week
  • Blush Brush - Once a week
  • Eye Shadow Brush - every 2-3 days
  • Eye liner Brush - after every use
  • Hold your brushes under tepid, running water with the hairs pointing downward. You want to avoid having water get into the metal part (ferrule) of the brush. Water in the ferrule can cause the glue to loosen around the hair of the brush. Do not soak your brushes for this same reason
  • Lather your makeup brush with makeup brush cleaner. I prefer a mild shampoo or liquid soap. Squirt a small amount of soap on your fingers and apply to the hairs from the ferrule to the tips. Add a little water as necessary to work the soap throughout the brush. Work as close to the ferrule as possible, but avoid getting soap or moisture into the metal part
  • Continue to rinse and repeat until the water runs clear. Remember to keep the brush hairs pointing downward
  • Squeeze out the moisture and mold the brush to it original shape. Lay the makeup brushes flat on a towel and let them air-dry. Make sure they have time to dry before the next uses such as overnight

How to Store Makeup Brushes:

Makeup brushes made of natural hair are moderately expensive, but many women feel they're worth it. Nothing gives you the fresh, finished look you get when you use quality brushes. If you want your brushes to last, however, you've got to keep them away from dust and bacteria. Store your brushes in a clean environment, and they'll last for years

  • Buy a set of brushes and use the roll-up storage bag that comes with them. You can also buy these storage bags at most beauty supply stores, drugstores and cosmetics counters. Look for a roll-up bag with separate compartments for each brush
  • Save money by using one of those bags you get free with makeup purchases. Make sure to keep the area completely clean or you run the risk of harboring bacteria. Be sure to keep brushes used for liquid makeup away from powder brushes
  • Hit one of those container or storage stores and pick up a clear plastic or glass jar. Look for a holder with at least three separate sections so you can sort your brushes by size and function
  • Store makeup brushes out of direct sunlight. Don't set them on the ledge in the bathroom if it's next to a window. Natural and synthetic fibers wear down over time when exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid heat as well. If your brushes have any leftover product on them, heat may cause them to cake up
  • Store extra brushes in a clean, clear plastic bag. When you buy cosmetics that come with brushes, hang onto them. You can pack them up and use them when you travel or carry them in your purse
  • Cover portable makeup brushes and store them in a clean, empty pocket in your purse. Unprotected brushes are germ and dirt magnets, especially if they're used to apply liquid makeup or lipstick
  • Remove brushes from storage every 3 weeks and give them a thorough cleaning. Use a gentle baby shampoo or your facial cleanser. Pat them dry and leave them out on a clean, dry washcloth overnight
  • Pick up stackable containers, bins or baskets and organize the rest of your makeup. Keep lipsticks, eyeliners and eye shadows away from other makeup brushes so they don't stain them

Package Included:

  • 1 x Brush
  • 1 x Brush Mesh Cover
  • 1 x Brush Case