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Klihaps Interesting Children Wood Castle Building Block Brick Set


This building blocks set takes the blah out of blocks, especially for kids who create best with lots of pieces, lots of color, and lots of space. The building blocks also help develop large motor skills and teamwork.The wooden blocks are toys that fo...
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  • Stack and build fun with big building blocks 
  • The building blocks set is strong, lightweight, promotes imaginative and interactive play
  • Build, then knock them down and start again
  • Strong enough to support those same builders standing or sitting on them
  • Stimulates creativity and hones basic motor skills
  • Features natural look; pieces are easy for little fingers to grasp  
  • Material: High Grade  Wood + Environmental Safety Paint
  • Building Block Number: 60
  • Size: 18.5  x 18.5 x 20.5cm/7.28 x 7.28 x 8.07in(L x W x H)( Max)
  • Size: 2.5 x 2.5cm/0.98 x 0.98in(Ball)


Klihaps Interesting Children Wood Castle Building Block Brick Set

  • These blocks are lightweight enough for small architects to lift and connect

Klihaps Interesting Children Wood Castle Building Block Brick Set

  • Excellent tool for teaching math concepts, organizational skills, sequential skills, and spatial relations

Klihaps Interesting Children Wood Castle Building Block Brick Set

  • Stack and build fun with big building blocks

How to Use Building Blocks in Teaching Children:

  • Teach math skills with your child's building blocks. Preschoolers love counting things. Help your preschooler to increase the highest number to which she is able to count by lining up blocks, asking your child to count them, and then increasing the number each time.
  • Use colored building blocks to help your child practice colors. Point to each block and let her tell you the name of the color. Teach older preschoolers about mixing colors by placing a red block, a blue block and a purple block in a line while explaining how to mix one color with another color to get a whole new color. Repeat the process with the other colors.
  • Introduce a basic science lesson by using the building blocks to set up a basic science experiment. Let your preschooler predict how many blocks she will be able to stack before the tower of blocks falls down. What will happen when too many blocks are added to the tower? Test the hypothesis.
  • Encourage your preschooler's social skills by reinforcing the process of sharing. Divide the blocks and build separate structures. As you build, you might each discover that the other has a block better suited for what you are each are building. Ask your preschooler if you might trade a round block for a square one to complete your structure. Reinforce the proper social etiquette as you conduct your trade.
  • Encourage your preschooler's art skills by using the blocks to make pictures. This also works wonders for the imagination. A square block becomes a picnic table at the park. A round block might be a tree. Help your child's picture making to progress beyond crayons and paper by using the building blocks as a new way to create art.


  • Suitable for children above 36 months old

Package Included:

  •  1 x Set of Building Block Brick