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TZJ Kids DIY 3D Puzzle Toy Crystal Apple Building Block Brick Set


Do you want to purchase a building block for your kids? It can promote intelligence. Our kids building block can help you.This crystal apple building block set is suitable for you kids. Expand and practice your kid's patience, potential, assembly abi...
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  • Children will develop a sense of space and how an object fit and move into that space
  • Kids building block and architectural block allow for systematic construction
  • Durable, colorful multi-functional table set
  • Expand and practice your kid's patience, potential, assembly ability, broaden their horizon to develop intelligence with these multi-colored bricks
  • The building block set keeps children playing for hours and they will have great interest in it 
  • Material: Plastic


TZJ Kids DIY 3D Puzzle Toy Crystal Apple Building Block Brick Set

  • Entertaining, challenging and a tremendous value to children's growth. Your kids will love it

TZJ Kids DIY 3D Puzzle Toy Crystal Apple Building Block Brick Set

TZJ Kids DIY 3D Puzzle Toy Crystal Apple Building Block Brick Set

  • Teaches shape, color, and size recognitions. Crystal apple kids building block ensures durability

TZJ Kids DIY 3D Puzzle Toy Crystal Apple Building Block Brick Set

TZJ Kids DIY 3D Puzzle Toy Crystal Apple Building Block Brick Set

  • Building blocks and architectural blocks allow for systematic construction. Best choice for you


  • Suitable for more than 3 years old child

How to Build Concrete Block Walls:

Even if you'd rather build that concrete block wall yourself, you're going to need some help. Before tackling such a task, you'll need a clean slab for a base, or footing, so the blocks will have something to attach to. In this section, these instructions provide steps for building the wall.

  • Measure the area the wall will span
  • Sketch a design. The design-as-you-go method is not efficient, nor is it cost effective if you don't like the results
  • Travel to Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace or a similar place, and select the bricks and supplies that you'll need. Show the measurements to a sales assistant so they can help with the number of bricks and the amount of mortar you'll need in building the block wall
  • Pound stakes into where the corners will be. String a line from one corner to the next, and use a plumb bob a couple of inches from where the string crosses at the corners to make sure your corners will be level
  • Lay the corners first. The corners will act as a guide to make sure you have straight walls. When laying the corner bricks on the footing, smear the mortar, with a trowel, beyond the length and width of the brick footing before placing the brick atop of it. Use the trowel to scrape excess mortar. It's better to have too much mortar than not enough. Take the needed time to straighten the corner block; all other blocks line up with the corners. Use a level to make sure
  • Follow the previous steps for the other corners. Build corners up first. Keep corners higher than the rest of the wall. This also helps guide your work. You'd feel horrible if at the end of this project the corners were shorter than the rest of the wall
  • Tap the bricks down over the wet mortar. Again, use the level to check the alignment. Follow the same procedure as you did with the corners in laying the bricks for the rest of the wall until it reaches the desired height

Tips & Warnings:

TZJ Kids DIY 3D Puzzle Toy Crystal Apple Building Block Brick Set

  • Make sure the string you ran in the beginning stays taut
  • On hot days, cover mortar with plastic
  • Only mix an hour's worth of mortar at a time

How to Use Building Blocks in Teaching Children:

Children of any age learn best when a variety of methods are used to communicate and reinforce the various lessons we wish to convey to them. This is especially true with children of the preschool age, whose attention spans are still relatively short. An approach that works well in teaching children of this age is the "learn through play approach." Based on this approach, it is possible top teach your child a variety of lessons while utilizing her favorite toys as you teach. Particularly useful in this sort of teaching are building blocks. When you use building blocks in teaching children, you can teach lessons from many disciplines while using a favorite set of toys.

  • Teach math skills with your child's building blocks. Preschoolers love counting things. Help your preschooler to increase the highest number to which she is able to count by lining up blocks, asking your child to count them, and then increasing the number each time
  • Use colored building blocks to help your child practice colors. Point to each block and let her tell you the name of the color. Teach older preschoolers about mixing colors by placing a red block, a blue block and a purple block in a line while explaining how to mix one color with another color to get a whole new color. Repeat the process with the other colors
  • Introduce a basic science lesson by using the building blocks to set up a basic science experiment. Let your preschooler predict how many blocks she will be able to stack before the tower of blocks falls down. What will happen when too many blocks are added to the tower? Test the hypothesis
  • Encourage your preschooler's social skills by reinforcing the process of sharing. Divide the blocks and build separate structures. As you build, you might each discover that the other has a block better suited for what you are each are building. Ask your preschooler if you might trade a round block for a square one to complete your structure. Reinforce the proper social etiquette as you conduct your trade
  • Encourage your preschooler's art skills by using the blocks to make pictures. This also works wonders for the imagination. A square block becomes a picnic table at the park. A round block might be a tree. Help your child's picture making to progress beyond crayons and paper by using the building blocks as a new way to create art

Package Included:

  • 1 x Crystal Apple Building Block Brick Set