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Aoejob Retro Zipper Cow Leather Business Men Briefcases


A black colored men briefcase, which shows great fashion and casual style is brought to you. If you are a man who has to travel a lot for the business reason, then a stylish and useful briefcase is the thing you should keep, for it will not only keep...
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  • The business briefcase has a neat classification in the interior area, such as phone pocket, wallet pocket, secret pocket and so on, which you can put your things in correct organization
  • Exquisitely and finely threaded, durability is given to you for your long time using
  • Double duty laptop briefcase which can be used as a shoulder bag or a handbag
  • The leather briefcase was finished with durable zipper closures for easy on and off
  • Versatile style will be given to you for you can not only shoulder the leather briefcase but also can tote it
  • It can accompany you both at formal occasions and at your leisure time
  • Material: Cow Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 37.0 x 25.0 x 10.0cm/14.57 x 9.85 x 3.94in(W x H x T) 


Aoejob Retro Zipper Cow Leather Business Men Briefcases

  • Black colored, the men briefcase is of cool and fashion style

Aoejob Retro Zipper Cow Leather Business Men Briefcases

  • The many inner pockets of the men briefcase can hold your things orderly

Aoejob Retro Zipper Cow Leather Business Men Briefcases

  • As you can see from the picture, the men briefcase is of clear fine texture

Aoejob Retro Zipper Cow Leather Business Men Briefcases

  • The wallet pocket and phone pocket is made of leather and elastic nylon material, which enlarges the space of the pockets

Aoejob Retro Zipper Cow Leather Business Men Briefcases

  • It will definitely be one of the necessities for those business men

How to Measure:

Aoejob Retro Zipper Cow Leather Business Men Briefcases

Care for a Leather Briefcase:

Aoejob Retro Zipper Cow Leather Business Men Briefcases

A leather briefcase is a necessary tool for several professions. The briefcase accompanies you on a daily basis and you rely on it to hold all of the important papers you need for your job. It gets tossed in the backseat, the meeting floor and any other handy place. And it gets dirty. If you take good care of your leather briefcase, it will continue to look good no matter where you toss it

Daily Care

  • Be careful where you set the leather briefcase down. You may be in a hurry and not notice the spilled coffee or icing from someone's doughnut. If you set the briefcase down on something, take the time to wipe it off. Even if you only have a wet paper towel, that is better than letting the liquid or sticky substance dry into the leather
  • If you are caught in the rain and your briefcase gets wet, dry it off immediately with a soft cloth. Use a paper towel from a restroom if you have to--just do not leave it wet. Just as you don't want the leather to dry out and crack, neither do you want it to stay wet. This may cause unsightly spotting on the leather and will cause the stitching to rot away or the hardware to rust

Routine Care

  • Your leather briefcase will occasionally need some routine care and cleaning. How often your briefcase needs cleaning depends on the use it gets. If you are hard on it, tossing it here and there, it will need cleaning and conditioning more often. Even gently used briefcases should be cleaned well once or twice a year to keep them looking good and lasting longer
  • Clean the case with quality leather cleaner. Make sure it does not leave a greasy residue behind. If you do not have a leather cleaning solution, wipe the leather down with a soft damp cloth and then dry it thoroughly. Look for stained areas as you wipe it down
  • If the case has any mildew from getting wet, you can remove this with a solution of 1 cup water and 1 cup rubbing alcohol. Apply the solution sparingly with a cloth. You can also use mild soapy water, but be sure to rinse and dry well
  • Rub the clean leather briefcase down with a commercially purchased leather conditioner. This helps to keep the leather soft and supple. Apply the conditioner by following the directions on the container. Be sure to rub it in well, using a very soft lint-free cloth
  • You should follow up this thorough cleaning by water treating the leather briefcase. You can purchase a moisture barrier solution at any leather store. Apply it as the last step in cleaning and preserving your case. Allow it to dry well before using your leather briefcase again

Inside the Briefcase

  • Briefcases have many different types of linings on the inside of them. Soft-sided cases usually have cloth linings and separations. Hard-sided cases may have felt linings. While you are cleaning the outside, don't forget to give the interior some attention. Empty the case out and dump it upside down to remove any small debris that might have collected
  • Wipe the inside down with a damp cloth. Do not saturate the inside, as it may mildew when you close it back up. Just give everything a good wipe down, discard papers you don't need and organize things you do need

How to Repair a Leather Briefcase:

Aoejob Retro Zipper Cow Leather Business Men Briefcases

Briefcases are a staple for professional men and women in all types of businesses. Often made from the hide of animals, leather is a common material used in the production of briefcases. Leather provides a stylish and classic look that will last for years with the proper care. Daily use of the leather briefcase will leave it damaged or scratched after awhile. Instead of replacing an expensive briefcase, use a leather repair kit to refurbish the case without hiring an expensive leather restorer


  • Fill a clean sink with warm water and add two drops of gentle dish soap. Swish the water with your hand for several seconds until it's mixed
  • Clean the leather briefcase with a lint-free cloth dampened in the soapy water. Dampen another lint-free cloth with cool water and rinse the soapy mixture off the briefcase
  • Wipe the excess moisture off the leather briefcase with a lint-free towel and let it dry completely before continuing
  • Cover the damaged leather with a leather-repair kit compound and spread it about a half-inch from the trouble spot
  • Leave the repair compound to dry on the leather for one to two hours. Saturate a lint-free cloth with cool water and wring out the excess liquid
  • Rub the dried repair compound for several seconds until it is even and smooth. Leave the compound to dry once again
  • Cover the dried repair compound with the clear coat included in the kit. Several clear coat applications may be required to achieve the desired result. Let each coat dry before putting on another application
  • Clean the leather briefcase with a leather cleaner and conditioner

Package Included:

  • 1 x Briefcase