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Fusionsea WIFI LAN 300KP MJPEG IP Audio and 8-LED Night Vision Camera


In the modern time, the society has become more and more complexity that we can't trust other people easily any more. So we need the surveillance camera to guard our home. Here the surveillance camera can keep your home safe.This security camera has ...
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  • Color: Silver
  • Image Sensor: CMOS
  • Lens: f=3.6mm, F=2.0, Fixed Iris
  • Infrared LED: 8 Infrared LEDs, automatically activated in low light
  • Resolution: VGA (640x480)/QVGA(320x240)/QQVGA(160x120)
  • Compress Format: M-JPEG
  • Frame Rate: 30fps under good bandwidth condition
  • Pan/Tilt: Vertically 120 Degrees, Horizontally 350 Degrees
  • Alarm: One Input and One Output
  • User Setting: Three Levels
  • Network Connections: Ethernet 10/100Base-T, RJ-45 connector
  • Software: BSView.exe
  • Software Upgrade: Support remote upgrade.
  • DDNS: A free DDNS provided by manufacturer, have been written in device


  • The surveillance camera is produced by modern industrial craftsmanship, so they are durable for you to make videos
  • The package of security camera includes a power adapter, which ensures the safety of long time use
  • The size of the surveillance camera is neither too big nor small for use, which does not take many spaces
  • With the high quality material and technology, this surveillance camera can make very clear videos
  • With the bracket help, the wired camera can be put steadily that you can use it safely
  • Although there are many functions, you can use it easily with the help of the instructions
  • For your or your parents' home safe, you should buy this high quality IP network camera at right
  • With the cool looks and fine workmanship, you can show your good taste to your friends


Fusionsea WIFI LAN 300KP MJPEG IP Audio and 8-LED Night Vision Camera

  • This camera has fashionable looks that can be likes by many people who want their home safe

Fusionsea WIFI LAN 300KP MJPEG IP Audio and 8-LED Night Vision Camera

  • This LED camera can be used for a long time because of its high quality material and fine workmanship

Fusionsea WIFI LAN 300KP MJPEG IP Audio and 8-LED Night Vision Camera

  • This set includes one camera, one cable, one CD, one bracket, one power adapter and several screws

Fusionsea WIFI LAN 300KP MJPEG IP Audio and 8-LED Night Vision Camera

  • With the concrete construction, you can use thsi camera easily and conveniently

Fusionsea WIFI LAN 300KP MJPEG IP Audio and 8-LED Night Vision Camera

  • This great package can protect the camera from some unnecessary damage

How to Install a Network Camera:

Fusionsea WIFI LAN 300KP MJPEG IP Audio and 8-LED Night Vision Camera

Webcams have become a useful tool for families, especially with young children, pets or elderly members who need watching over. A network camera will allow you to check in on your family members quickly and efficiently. Even homeowners who just want a sense of security can quickly and easily install a network of cameras in their home to watch over their family and their belongings. All it takes is some software and a little time, and you'll have your camera networked and ready to go


  • Plot out where you would like to install the webcams. It will need to either be near a power source, or you will have to install a power source for the webcams to operate with. For wired cameras, you will also need to install cable for them to transmit to your computer. The best place will be unobtrusive and unlikely to be moved. Try placing cameras behind knickknacks, up in a shadowy corner of the ceiling, or just place it on the mantel
  • Set up your computer in an out-of-the-way place in your house with power and Internet access, such as your basement or an unused closet. Plug all of your cameras into your router, and then connect the router to the computer. This will allow the computer to access the cameras and your computer to access the Internet. Install the software that came with the webcams and set it up for online access through the manufacturer's website
  • Test your webcams by looking at them one at a time. It is unlikely you will need full motion video, which takes up a lot of bandwidth. Configure your webcams to refresh only if what they "see" changes. This will resemble a series of slides instead of video, but it will tell you what you need to know for monitoring, and ensure that your network is not under strain. Go to another computer, log into the website and test each camera as well to make sure the remote link is working

System Requirements for Internet Camera:

Fusionsea WIFI LAN 300KP MJPEG IP Audio and 8-LED Night Vision Camera

Internet cameras are similar to Web cameras in a number of ways. Both are small cameras that interface with the Internet. However, while Web cameras are simple devices that plug into a USB port, Internet cameras are more complicated, often wireless, systems used for monitoring and surveillance. The complex nature of Internet cameras requires a more powerful system of operation

D-Link Systems

The D-Link Systems DCS-3420 Wireless Day/Night Internet Camera - 802.11g comes with a list of system requirements almost as long as the camera's name. Viewing requirements stipulate an operating system of Windows XP/2000 or later, a protocol of standard TCP/IP Internet Suite ActiveX, and Internet 6.x browser or later. Hardware requirements include a 1.7-gigahertz processor, and 256 megabytes of memory. Minimum system requirements of a multiple camera set-up include a 2.8-gigahertz processor, 512 megabytes of RAM, and a 32-megabyte video card


The Linksys WVC200 Wireless PTZ Internet Camera with Audio has requirements for both networking and hardware capability. Minimum networking requirements for the Internet camera are an 802.11b or 802.11g network, a network adapter with Ethernet capabilities, a switch or router to support multiple connection points, and Internet Explorer 5.x or later with ActiveX support. TCP/IP protocol must be installed on each computer connected to the cameras. Hardware requirements include a 2.4 gigahertz Intel 4 central processing unit; 512 megabytes of available RAM; an Intel 945, 965, or later motherboard chip; and an 80-gigabyte hard disk


The TrendNet TV-IP301 Internet camera has less extensive minimum system requirements than other devices of a similar nature. Hardware required to run the TrendNet TV-IP30 are an Intel Pentium CPU with one or more gigahertz, 256 megabytes of available RAM, and a screen resolution of at least 800 by 600 pixels. Minimum software requirements of the Internet camera are Internet Explorer 5.0, the IP View Pro program, and one of the following Windows operating systems: 98 SE, ME, 2000, or XP

How to View a Security Camera Over the Internet:

Fusionsea WIFI LAN 300KP MJPEG IP Audio and 8-LED Night Vision Camera

Many companies and individuals publish a live feed to their security cameras on the Internet. These people will make their feed available to the public for a number of reasons, such as having additional witnesses in case something bad happens, giving people a sense of security or just pure entertainment purposes. There are many different security cameras that you can find and view over the Internet, which can give you an interesting perspective of the area you are recording


  • Determine the URL for the security camera. Consider going to the website where the camera is and finding the link for it
  • Download and install the webcam software. Follow the directions given on the installer to set up and run the program
  • Open the webcam software. You should be taken to the main menu of the program
  • Add the URL of the security camera you want to view. Refer to your software's manual for specific directions on how to do this
  • Access the webcam through the software. You should be able to see the latest update from the security camera

Package Included:

  • 1 x IP540W Camera
  • 1 x Bracket for Camera
  • 1 x Network Cable
  • 1 x AC 100~240V Power Adapter(EU plug)
  • 1 x Mounting Hardware
  • 1 x Software CD
  • 1 x Screws Set