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BENQ D28 10X Zoom 720P HD DV Digital Cameras


Made through reliable industrial craftsmanship, these 10X zoom digital cameras can be a companion to you for a long time to make videos. With stylish factors, these HD cameras are the very worthwhile choice for you the new generation to make videos. ...
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  • Sensor: 5000000 1/3.2 CMOS
  • Zoom: 10X Optical, 16X Digital
  • Focus: f =5.1mm F=3.2 Fixed Focus
  • Focus Range: 1.5m-infi Microfocus 20.0-21.0cm/7.9-8.3in
  • LCD: 3.0in 230kPixels
  • Image Resolution: 3)
  • Video Resolution: HD 1280 x 720 30fps WVGA 848 x 480 30fps QVGA 320 x 240 30fps
  • Shutter Speed: 1/8sec-1/2000sec
  • Feature: HD 720P 16000000 3.0"
  • Whiteness Balance: Auto/Sunny/Cloudy/Lamp/Fluorescent Light
  • Exposure Complement: ±2.0EV(0.5V/Grade)
  • ISO: Auto
  • Power Source: 1 x 1700mAh Li Battery
  • Storage Type: SD/SDHC(Max 32G)
  • Image Type: JPEG(ExIF2.2) AVI(H.264)
  • Size: 12.0 x 4.8 x 6.2cm/4.7 x 1.9 x 2.4in(L x W x H)
  • Interface: USB2.0/Audio/Video(NTSC/PAL/HDMI)


  • Digital Camcorder is the ideal way to store video clips in a highly-compact format
  • The TFT display combines striking realism and intuitive interface for the best image every time
  • In addition to the internal memory, the SD slot also allows you to expand the memory capacity to record, snapshot
  • Store any type of data on the Digital Video Camcorder and take it with you
  • This Digital Camcorder has diopter adjustment that can accommodate for individual eyesight
  • Best Camcorder is a good gift  for finder-enthusiasts

BENQ D28 10X Zoom 720P HD DV Digital Cameras

  • 2.7" LCD HD 5.0 MP CMOS Max to 12MP Digital Camcorder HD-C4. 5 Mega Pixels CMOS Sensor

BENQ D28 10X Zoom 720P HD DV Digital Cameras  

  • The camcorder can be used as PC camera, voice and picture recorder, music player and video camcorder

BENQ D28 10X Zoom 720P HD DV Digital Cameras


  • This Digital Camcorder is easy to control according to your needs with exquisite function buttons

BENQ D28 10X Zoom 720P HD DV Digital Cameras

  • You'll find that high definition video has hit higher levels of convenience, ease, performance and value

BENQ D28 10X Zoom 720P HD DV Digital Cameras

  • Capture life's most captivating moments

What is Digital Camera?

BENQ D28 10X Zoom 720P HD DV Digital Cameras

  • Digital camera work basic principles: light - electricity - digital signal transfer and change. Through the light sensor signal into a current signal into analog and then digital signal processing by a dedicated chip, and filtering the information obtained to restore it is what we see a dynamic picture

Some Affect the Image Quality Reasons:

  • Camera Image is Not Good. This failure generally can be divided into three cases, one is shown in the viewfinder image and the TV is not ideal, leading to the reasons for this failure is usually in the camera circuit; Second, the viewfinder image normal and the TV show bad image, in which case AC adapter or failure is usually caused by poor line connection; third is the TV image viewfinder image normal and bad reasons for this failure is usually caused by a viewfinder
  • The Image Color is Not Natural. If the tape monitor records the image normal and five color or color negative, in general, failure occurred in the video section: On the contrary, if the tape recording monitor image is not normal and normal, was caused by AC adapter or a bad connection. If both are negative, the fault in the camera circuit
  • Image Blur, Focus is Not Good. If the manual focus well and auto-focus poor, often malfunction in the automatic focusing circuit. If the manual and automatic focus are bad, the fault component, mainly in the lens focus
  • No Audio Playback Images. In such cases, can be taken with a tape recorder into the common normal replay, monitor sound effects. If the sound normal, the fault in the AC adapter; the other hand, failure in the audio and microphone recording microphone circuit or circuits
  • The Machine Does Not Work. After booting the keys had no role in the viewfinder no light, the box body does not work. Such power failures are usually caused by abnormal or power circuits. Should first check the battery voltage or AC AC adapter output voltage is normal, if normal then the fault in the power circuit.
  • Tape Handling Failure. Viewfinder and monitor can be displayed the image when shooting, but the tape is not loaded into or take it out. Such failure generally occurs in the movement and its drive circuit


  • Avoid highlight, high or cold temperature, water, shock, collision, corrosion, smoke, dust, magnetic, X-ray etc.
  • Only when it is in great need, a little bit of dust will not affect the image quality. When you need cleaning, it shall use a soft brush, such as the sable brush or hair dryer to remove dust. If you want to wipe the lens, you should use the pump to blow away the dust, wipe it with lens paper
  • You can use a transparent display protection sticker to protect the screen

Package Included:

  • 1 x Camera
  • 1 x Li Battery
  • 1 x USB AV Cable
  • 1 x Bag