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YW Sexy Cutout Lace Womens Pajama


As is known, all women's lives are on the way of pursuing beauty. I am sure there is no exception with you. While no women's wardrobe is complete without the fashionable and sexy ladies pajamas, which could show your figures perfectly. Want a fitting...
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  • Wearing the featured ladies pajamas, you would be sexy enough
  • The ladies pajamas are with very nice quality and they are comfortable to wear
  • The color of this pajamas womens fits women with different shapes and sizes
  • The sexy pajama is a magic key to make you charming and gorgeous
  • The ladies sleepwear could be a good idea as a gift to your beloved
  • The sleep shirts for women are the must-have in any woman's wardrobe
  • One size fits most
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Acrylic


YW Sexy Cutout Lace Womens Pajama

  • The ladies pajamas would be the magic key to make you charming and gorgeous

YW Sexy Cutout Lace Womens Pajama

  • You will be attractive and sexy with the ladies pajamas

YW Sexy Cutout Lace Womens Pajama

  • Flower patterns in the pajamas womens make this pajamas womens more extraordinary

 YW Sexy Cutout Lace Womens Pajama

  • This sexy pajama endows fine workmanship

YW Sexy Cutout Lace Womens Pajama

  • The ladies sleepwear would highlight your nightlife perfectly

Women's Pajamas in the 1600s:

YW Sexy Cutout Lace Womens Pajama


  • The nightshirt, or nightdress, was worn for bedtime. This pajamas was usually made from linen. In the evenings women often wore a night jacket over their nightdress, both for warmth and modesty. The nightshirt is similar to a 21st Century woman wearing a long t-shirt to bed


  • The nightgown, otherwise known as a dressing gown, served as a modern-day bathrobe. It was a long garment designed to be worn over a nightdress. Typically they were made of linen or flannel. Their purpose was to provide covering for a woman while she performed her morning duties, such as washing, cooking, eating breakfast or caring for the children. In cold homes, they helped her to stay warm when she was out of bed and to protect her modesty


  • A chemise, otherwise known as a smock or shift, was the most common undergarment during the 1600s. It was made of linen and sometimes adorned with lace trim or otherwise plain. Some styles had a drawstring at the neck and elbow cuffs while others were worn loose. It could have either a high or low neckline and was usually knee length or slightly shorter. The chemise could be worn as sleepwear but was also common to wear under clothing to help absorb sweat


  • A stay is the 17th Century term for a corset, which was worn over a chemise. It could be attached to the dress as part of the bodice or was a separate entity. They were often stiffened with material such as whalebone to help support it. Often a wood or metal rod was placed vertically down the front of the stay as well. They were designed to help give a woman the fashionable figure of the time period

How to Buy Women's Pajamas:

YW Sexy Cutout Lace Womens Pajama

  • Know something about the person you're buying sleepwear for. If you're buying for yourself, think about what fabrics, colors and styles you like
  • Think about you're sleep habits. If you sleep in a cold room with a fan, you may want long sleepwear bottoms. If you like it warmer in your room, go with shorts and a tank top
  • Look for fabrics that move with you. Stretchable, light weight jersey is a great choice if you toss and turn a lot at night. Flannel and cotton that don't have any stretch can bind you
  • Don't mistake fashion for function. Although many of the more lingerie style sleepwear are beautiful, they really aren't meant for sleeping. Keep pretty lingerie for special occasions or just to wear for a while. Purchase comfy, cozy sleepwearfor everyday
  • Mix and match top and bottom styles. If you like to sleep in a tank-top or an oversized sleep shirt, pair them with shorts, long johns or bottoms that match. Don't give up on comfort just because you want something coordinated
  • Buy several pairs of sleepwear to match your changing internal thermometer. One night you may be freezing, and the next you'll be burning up. Have several different styles that can meet your needs
  • Choose fabrics that don't make you sweat excessively. Breathable fabrics will keep you cool. Look for new fabrics designed to wick away sweat while you're wearing them

Package included:

  • 1 x Set of Pajamas
  • 1 x Thong Panty