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Hieshed Portable Automatic Ignition Camping Stoves


Do you want to carry your kitchen with you when camping?  This portable butane camping stove will satify all your needs. We highly recommend this stove to you.The camping stove is a simple backpacking stove that does everything well. This f...
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  • It is easy for users to install this outdoor tool for convenience
  • Light weight design makes this camping stove easy to be taken with you for the picnic
  • With automatic ignition design, it is safe for you to use
  • Folding arms design makes it convenient to carry this portable stove
  • The compact size of this camping stove wouldn't occupy too much space, which can providing extra room for other barbecue accessories
  • If you are a picnic lover, you must be in need of this folding stove
  • Material: Alufer & Copper & Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Suitable Pot Diameter: 18.0cm/7.1in
  • Stove Size: 9.0 x 9.0cm/3.5 x 3.5in(L x W)


Hieshed Portable Automatic Ignition Camping Stoves

  • With this camping stove, your outdoor time can be enjoyable and happy

Hieshed Portable Automatic Ignition Camping Stoves

  • Compact size of this camping stove can best facilitate the user

Hieshed Portable Automatic Ignition Camping Stoves

  • Arms of this camping stove are detachable for you to carry with

Hieshed Portable Automatic Ignition Camping Stoves

  • Features wear-resisting, oil resistant, high temperature resistant, this flding stove is your best choice

Hieshed Portable Automatic Ignition Camping Stoves

  • The camping gas stove can be folded and put in the box, easy and convenient to take with you

How to Cook on a Camping Stove:

Hieshed Portable Automatic Ignition Camping Stoves

No set of camping equipment is complete without a camping stove. They are relatively cheap and once you've cooked on one, you'll wonder what you ever did without it. If you know how to use your regular stove at home, you'll be able to whip up a meal with a camping stove. Here are some tips for using one


  • Set up your camping stove on a flat surface. Place your stove on a picnic table or other type of table that's stable. You don't want the stove tipping over and spilling your food or catching something on fire. Although camping stoves are relatively safe to use, you're still dealing with propane bottles and fire
  • Screw your propane bottle onto the stove. Most stoves use one or two bottles of propane to heat them and have two burners. Some stoves need a separate bottle to operate each burner. Other stoves have both burners working off one bottle of propane. You'll see a thick, black hose with a fitting on the end, coming from the stove. Screw the bottle of propane onto the end of this fitting
  • Light your stove. Slightly turn the knob that controls the amount of gas and hold a match or lighter to the center of the burner. A flame should erupt from the center. When this happens, the stove is ready to use. Don't turn the volume of gas up too high when lighting the stove. If you do, the flame will be bigger and possibly burn you when the stove lights
  • Cook with your camping stove as you would any other stove. Some people feel the camping stove is better because you can control the heat. You can use the same pots and utensils you'd use at home. The camping stove has the ability to do everything from boil to simmer. Anything you can cook on your stove at home, you can cook on your camping stove
  • Clean any food particles that drop into the base of your stove. You can clean the base of your camping stove by wiping it down with a cloth soaked in warm, soapy water. This keeps your stove clean and in tiptop condition. When you unpack it to use it again, last camp's food won't still be lingering in the bottom of the stove. Keep your stove clean and properly stored, and it will last for years

How to Light a Camp Stove:

Hieshed Portable Automatic Ignition Camping Stoves

Your best bet for a camp stove, unless you are backpacking, is a propane stove with wind-protection panels. Assemble the stove according to the manufacturer's instructions. Before lighting the stove, make sure you are set up in a safe location. Never light a camp stove inside a tent. The camp stove should be set up outside, a safe distance from tents and in an area clear of dry brush, pine needles or leaves, which could catch fire if they blow onto the stove

Lighting a Camp Stove:

  • Light match and hold next to burner
  • Turn burner on by adjusting the burner knob
  • When burner ignites, blow out match and dispose of safely
  • Adjust burner knob to make flame larger or smaller. Flame should be blue
  • When finished, turn knob to "off" position and flame will go out

Tips & Warnings:

  • Always use potholders when handling cookware around a camp stove
  • If the camp stove is new, practice lighting it at home--outside--before you go on your trip to ensure that the stove works properly
  • Consider weather conditions when cooking. Rain and wind can make it difficult to operate your stove 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Camping Stove