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EM Replacement Efficient Lithium Digital Video Battery for Canon NB5L


The efficient lithium Digital Camera Battery is in high efficient for taking photos. The Canon Video Camera Battery can ensure optimum performance saving your time and money beside you. Are you still annoying for your camera batteries running out of ...
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  • The Canon Video Camera Battery can not run out of battery power when you enjoy things
  • This Canon Video Camera Battery saves money and protect the environment by using the battery
  • High capacity Canon Video Camera Battery that lasts times longer than the standard batteries
  • You are no need to worry about your suitable appliances out of battery frequently with this Camera Battery
  • Higher energy density and lower weight than other types rechargeable batteries
  • This is a NON-OEM product
  • Type: Lithium Ion 3.7V Rechargeable Battery
  • Capacity: 1120mAh
  • Compatible With: Canon IXY 830 IS, Canon PowerShot SX Series:Canon PowerShot SX200 IS, Canon PowerShot SX210 IS, Canon Digital IXUS Series Digital IXUS 800 IS, Digital IXUS 850 IS, Digital IXUS 860 IS, Digital IXUS 870 IS, Digital IXUS 900 Ti, Digital IXUS 90 IS, Digital IXUS 950 IS, Digital IXUS 960 IS, Digital IXUS 970 IS, Digital IXUS 980 IS, Digital IXUS 990 IS, Canon IXY Digital Series IXY Digital 1000, IXY Digital 2000 IS, IXY Digital 3000 IS, IXY Digital 800 IS, IXY Digital 810 IS, IXY Digital 820 IS, IXY Digital 900 IS, IXY Digital 910 IS, IXY Digital 920 IS, IXY Digital 95 IS, Canon PowerShot SD Series PowerShot SD700 IS, PowerShot SD790 IS, PowerShot SD800 IS,PowerShot SD850 IS, PowerShot SD870 IS, PowerShot SD880 IS,PowerShot SD890 IS, PowerShot SD900, PowerShot SD950 IS, PowerShot SD970 IS, PowerShot SD990 IS


EM Replacement Efficient Lithium Digital Video Battery for Canon NB5L

  • You don't worry about your suitable appliances out of battery frequently with this Digital Camera Battery

EM Replacement Efficient Lithium Digital Video Battery for Canon NB5L

  • The Camera Battery can ensure you enjoy yourself for a long time wherever you go

EM Replacement Efficient Lithium Digital Video Battery for Canon NB5L

  • The Digital Camera Battery is very high quality and durable

 Tips to Extend Your Lithium Battery Life:

  • Battery Memory - When I first got my new cellphone, my friend recommended to fully drain the battery before recharging it. His reasoning was connected to the idea of battery memory. Allowing the battery to fully discharge then recharging to max, supposedly gives you the complete battery capacity. Otherwise, if you simply charged from the half way point to max battery capacity, the battery would treat the half way point as the empty point, thus cutting your battery capacity in half
  • Battery Calibration - There are some benefits to fully discharging your lithium battery periodically, for laptops this can be especially important. If you start to notice your battery meter becoming more and more inaccurate, it may be time for some battery calibration. Allow your lithium battery completely drain, then charge until the battery is full again. This will calibrate your battery  giving you more accurate readings
  • Consequences of Heat - Another enemy of lithium battery life is heat. If you were to leave your laptop plugged in and running for a year, you should expect the lithium battery capacity to be anywhere between 60% to 80% of it's original max capacity. This is why people that use their laptops as desktop replacements will notice greatly reduced battery life performance after one year of use. This issue can be resolved by removing the battery while using a corded power source
  • Battery Storage - If you don't plan on using your lithium battery for prolonged periods of time, then you'll want to reduce the charge level to 40% and place the battery in the fridge (not freezer). Storing the battery at 100% charge level applies unnecessary stress and can cause internal corrosion. On the other hand, if the charge is too low, the battery can become permanently unusable, due to battery self discharge

How to Replace a Digital Camera Battery Charger:

  • Not all chargers are universal; so have your camera's model number and make handy
  • Check to see if your original battery charger is covered under warranty
  • Know what type of batteries your digital camera uses: nickel metal hydride (NiMH), nickel cadmium (NiCD), lithium ion or lead-acid. Verify your new charger will work with that specific type
  • Research third-party merchants for replacement parts at reduced prices. Most of these vendors carry battery chargers for an assortment of camera manufacturers
  • Advertise your interest in replacing your digital camera battery charger on the Internet or in the classifieds of your local newspaper. Sites like craigslist.org or eBay.com are recommended sources because of their wide consumer appeal
  • Visit online electronics stores for the suitable battery chargers

How to Fix Camera Battery Charging Error:

  • Insert the battery that came with the camera into the battery charger unit. Use the battery charger unit that came with the camera and verify that the polarity is correct. The plus and minus icons on the battery should match that on the charger. Plug the charger into a power outlet and allow 180 minutes for the battery to charge
  • Look at the charge light on the charger. If the light is illuminated red, the battery is being charged. If it's off, the battery is charged. If the light is flashing red, there is a battery charging error
  • Remove the battery from the charger if the light flashes red. Then remove the power cable and clean the contacts on both the battery and the charger. Wipe them with a soft cloth and try to charge the battery again
  • Place the charger and battery in your pocket for 10 minutes if the ambient temperature is cold and the red light continues to flash. The charger may be too cold. Try to charge the battery again
  • Move the charger and battery out of the sun and into the shade or into an air conditioned environment if the ambient temperature is warm. The charger may be overheating. Allow the charger to cool down and try to charge the battery again

Package Included:

  • 1 x Digital Video Battery