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Outdoor Recreation CS Military Army Emblem Paintball Canvas Belt


This Canvas quilted belt stretches around your waist so you can rock the military trend and still breathe. For those more relaxed days may we recommend this casual canvas belt. Featuring a shiny chrome military style buckle with matching metal tip. T...
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  • Canvas construction bends easily for a perfect fit
  • This Canvas Belt showcases your unique sense of style
  • This canvas web belt can be put in the wash when dirty
  • The perfect rugged casual belt that's reversible belt from on one side to canvas on the other
  • It's a belt that truly adds to your everyday wardrobe
  • Material: Metal & Canvas
  • Size: 115cm/45.3in(L)


Outdoor Recreation CS Military Army Emblem Paintball Canvas Belt

  • CS Military Army Emblem Paintball Canvas Belt

How to Re-Size a Canvas Belt

  • First try the Canvas Belt on. If there is a lot of extra belt material hanging after you have fit in to your body, you're going to need to cut it
  • Figure out where you will need to cut the extra belt material. Mark where you want to cut it with a piece of tape, and take the belt off
  • Click to EnlargeUsing a sharp Scissors cut the extra belt material off where you marked it. Try to cut this as straight as you can
  • Click to EnlargeOkay...I guess my Scissors weren't as sharp as I thought they were. I cut a frayed edge, which is actually fine. Your going to fix that in the next step
  • Click to EnlargeUsing a Lighter or Matches, slowly run the flame over the cut edge of the Belt. This will seal the edge from unraveling and also get rid of the frayed edge
  • You will notice the frayed edge sealing itself. Keep going til the cut edge is completely sealed. This edge will be hot, don't touch it until it's cooled down in a few minutes
  • Click to EnlargeAs you can see the material held the flame for a second,
  • obviously just blow this out. (although it seems to go out itself) To prevent this, keep the flame at a slight distance
  • Click to EnlargeLet it cool off.... and that's, it try your Belt on. It should fit perfectly

Package Included:

  • 1 x Outdoor Recreation CS Military Army Emblem Paintball Canvas Belt