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Draweasure Girl Women Lace-up Canvas Sneaker Boots


Do you want to buy a pair of shoes which is comfortable and fashion for you? This will not let you down.These Women Sneaker Boots are canvas fabric uppers with beautiful girls painted, cushioned insoles with lace-up upper close. The upper of this Can...
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  • Color: White
  • Upper Material: Canvas 
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Sole Thickness: 2cm/0.79in
  • Width: 9cm/3.54in
  • Calf Circumference: 20cm/7.89in
  • Shaft Height: 16cm/6.3in


  • This Women Sneaker Boots are cutting-edge, beyond-the-ordinary line of footwear
  • Fashion girl pattern lace up Women Sneaker Boots are customized for ladies
  • Made of canvas and rubber material, this pair of Women Sneaker Boots is durable for your daily wearing
  • With unique girl head painted design, you will stand out from the crow with them
  • A fashion accessory for women, express yourself has never been so easy
  • The design is very reasonable and feels comfortable when wearing
  • They are certainly a great gift for your special one or yourself
  • Product measurements were taken using China size 36. Please note that measurements may vary by size


Draweasure Girl Women Lace-up Canvas Sneaker Boots

Draweasure Girl Women Lace-up Canvas Sneaker Boots

  • These Women Sneaker Boots are canvas fabric uppers with beautiful girls painted, cushioned insoles with lace-up upper close

Draweasure Girl Women Lace-up Canvas Sneaker Boots

  • The upper of this Canvas Women Shoes is flexible enough to move with you while also offering protection

Draweasure Girl Women Lace-up Canvas Sneaker Boots

  • And its contoured foot bed, padded collar and tongue, and mesh lining provide support, cushion, and breathability

Draweasure Girl Women Lace-up Canvas Sneaker Boots

  • Ready to rock the pavement in style with the walking Lace-up Women Shoes Every step will be a cozy one in the stylish mens dress shoes

Draweasure Girl Women Lace-up Canvas Sneaker Boots

  • This pair of Lace-up Women Shoes are known for durability, style and the ultimate protection

How to Measure Foot:

Draweasure Girl Women Lace-up Canvas Sneaker Boots

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  • There may be certain error of these dimensions; specific dimension varies from person to person

How to buy comfortable shoes?

Whether shoes are comfortable is determined by how well they fit. You can also prevent some foot and knee problems by buying shoes that fit properly

Draweasure Girl Women Lace-up Canvas Sneaker Boots

  • Check the size of your feet regularly. Our feet change as we age
  • Take separate measurements for each foot. Each foot size is different
  • Try on shoes at the end of the day, when feet are typically largest
  • Always try on shoes and avoid relying on the size indicated. Companies manufacture sizes differently
  • Be sure to stand and walk when trying on shoes, and allow for approximately 1/2 inch of space for the longest toe of each foot
  • Be sure your heels fit comfortably and slip only slightly
  • Select shoes that conform to your feet

How to make shoes fit better?

Ever had a pair of your favorite shoes to get too big? Don't get rid of them, fix them

  • If your shoes are too wide;
  • Pull up the insole of the shoes
  • Place an insole you purchased in the shoe and cover it with the original. this will feel the entire shoe
  • If your shoes are too big in the heel part, or your foot slides forward;
  • Pull up the insole and place a half insole in the front of the shoe,{under the ball of the foot} then cover with the original insole. This will keep your foot pushed to the back of the shoe
  • If your heel is very narrow and shoes tend to slip in the heel;
  • Place a heel gripper in the back of the shoe. This will keep it from slipping up and down. There is also grippers for strappy shoes

How to wash shoes?

Washing shoes is a necessity for all types of shoes, but how you wash your shoes depends on the type of shoe. You wouldn't wash a sneaker the same way you'd wash a loafer. To wash your shoes without ruining them, you have to treat each pair separately and according to its type and constitution

Draweasure Girl Women Lace-up Canvas Sneaker Boots

  • Separate the shoes you want to wash into categories: sneakers, outdoors shoes, work shoes, boots, formal shoes, loafers. Then further separate them into their fabric type: leather, canvas, synthetic
  • Remove all laces and any insoles. Brush off any mud or dirt or other stuff caked on the shoes
  • For sneakers and canvas shoes, you can simply throw them in the washing machine in a garment bag after you've removed a lot of the excess gunk
  • For leather and nubuck shoes, first gently wipe them down with a damp, soft cloth to remove any mud. Then buff them with the appropriate tools. For leather, a clean chamois cloth does wonders. For nubuck and suede, there is actually a type of "brush" you can get at a shoe store, as well as a specific cleaning solution. Both the chamois and the brush serve to remove any dust and particles that have accumulated in the grain of the fabric, and in the case of nubuck and suede, to "refresh" the look of the shoe

Draweasure Girl Women Lace-up Canvas Sneaker Boots

  • For leather shoes, break out the polish and go to work. Or head to the nearest shoe shine and let them work their magic for you. Leather shoes need to be treated to hold up longer, and with certain brands of shoes, you can have the pair refurbished every few years for a fee. It is worth it if the shoe is crafted well. Remember to wipe the excess polish off so it doesn't get on your clothes or furniture
  • Wash laces separately, and by hand. Otherwise they can get tangled in the washing machine and break. If, even with cleaning, your laces are still dingy, throw them out and buy a new pair. There is only so much you can do for old, white laces
  • Dry the shoes. For sneakers and canvas shoes, after washing, place them in the sun to dry. You don't want to put them in the dryer, lest they shrink, which does happen. For other types of shoes, place them on a piece of paper or a towel, so they don't come into contact with any surfaces and any polish you missed potentially rub off on anything
  • Re-lace, replace the insoles, and go

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Canvas Sneaker Boots