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FangTong Retractable Folding Trash Car Bucket


If you are looking the car bucket, I strongly recommend you this excellent folding bucket. With this car bucket, you can make your car clean easily. Made of high quality material, this car bucket is durable enough for longtime use. Our car bucke...
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  • Folding bucket is simplicity, convenient fixed in the car, incorporating car home garbage, convenient and practical
  • Car bucket is made ​​of imported high-strength products with independent research and development of modified plastics additives from mixing
  • Car cleaning bucket design using folding, folding cylinder when not in use, a small storage space
  • When used according to the actual volume needed, pull the cylinder; height of 22 centimeters (CM), volume of 4 liters (L)
  • You can use this car cleaning bucket in the daily life
  • Open the folded repeatedly, life of up to million times. Day with five, five years on the available
  • Stretch Before Size: 18 x 6.5cm/7.1 x 2.6in(Dia. x H)
  • Stretch After Size: 18 x 22cm/7.1 x 8.7in(Dia. x H)
  • Material: Polypropylene Plastic
  • Colour: Black


FangTong Retractable Folding Trash Car Bucket

  • The car bucket is designed simplicity, convenienience, and it is also practical

FangTong Retractable Folding Trash Car Bucket

  • This folding bucket will become a small one when folded, so it will not take too much space

FangTong Retractable Folding Trash Car Bucket

  • Folding design makes this car bucket is convenient to take

FangTong Retractable Folding Trash Car Bucket

  • This car cleaning bucket can be used as the storage bucket

FangTong Retractable Folding Trash Car Bucket

  • This is the bottom of this car bucket, also durable

How to Clean Buckets:

FangTong Retractable Folding Trash Car Bucket

Buckets have so many uses, from hauling dry materials or water, to mixing cleaning chemicals. Keeping buckets clean is important not only for aesthetic appeal but for safety, especially if you use them for mixing cleaners (even for common jobs such as mopping). In this case for example, if you've used products containing ammonia, you must clean out the bucket thoroughly before using it for products that might contain bleach--otherwise a dangerous gas may form (see ref. 1). Buckets are typically made of galvanized steel or plastic. Cleaning methods are similar for both

  • Put on rubber gloves and safety glasses. The chance of splashes are high when cleaning buckets--wearing safety glasses will offer some protection for your eyes
  • Remove solid or liquid material that may be present in the bucket. If this material contains pesticides, solvents, automotive oil or other household products that may be considered hazardous household waste, epa.gov suggests you check first with a local household waste agency to see if you need to dispose of this at a special facility and to find out any other steps you need to take (see ref. 2). Avoid simply dumping potentially hazardous products down the drain
  • Place the bucket in your bathtub or utility sink. Place a drain trap in the drain to filter debris
  • Pour a mild cleaner, such as shampoo or hand soap, into the bucket. For a 5 gallon bucket, just a tbsp. should suffice. You can add more cleaner if you feel it is necessary
  • Fill the bucket with hot water. Let it soak for up to thirty minutes so debris stuck on the interior will loosen. Dump half of the water out (so you don't slop it all over yourself) and scrub the interior of the bucket with a sponge
  • Dump out the rest of the soapy water and rinse out the bucket with clean water. Wash the exterior using the wet, soapy sponge and then rinse the exterior well
  • Dry the bucket with a towel, beginning with the interior and then moving to the exterior

How to Recycle Buckets:

Buckets come in several sizes and a variety of materials, all useful in a number of household projects. Buckets may have some uses around your house you haven't thought of yet. Use the following suggestions for great ideas for recycling buckets

  • Coil a 50 ft. or 100 ft. extension cord in a 5-gallon bucket. Cut a hole near the bottom of the bucket large enough to accommodate the plug end of the cord. Pull the cord out to the length needed and coil it back up when finished
  • Fill a 5-gallon bucket halfway with gravel and sand and insert the base of the Christmas trees. Continue filling the bucket and then add water to keep the tree fresh
  • Create a mini-garden in a 5-gallon plastic bucket. Grow flowers or vegetables in the perfect-sized garden for an apartment or condo balcony
  • Make a shallow pan for cleaning saw blades in turpentine or acetone. Cut the bottom 2 inches off a straight-sided 5-gallon bucket. Use the bucket's lid to cover the pan. Wear rubber gloves and use a stick to lift the blades after soaking
  • Use a large metal bucket as a lobster pot in a pinch. Use tongs and pot holders, and let the bucket cool before handling it
  • Avoid drops and spills while painting on a ladder or scaffolding. Place the can of paint and the brush in a larger bucket. Use paint-can hooks to hang the larger bucket and the brush

Package Included:

  • 1 x Car Bucket