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GRF Car DVR Car Black Box 2.0 Inch Display


A car DVR is a necessity for every driver. Do you ever worry that your car may be scratched by another car? If you don't have any evidence, you may waste a lot of money afterwards. If you have such problems, you have come to this place. It comes with...
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LCD Screen Size



Extra wide-angle lens with 132 degrees A+ level high resolution

Option Language




Video Format


SD Memory Card Slot

Micro SD



Light Source Frequency


TV Output


USB Interface


Power Interface

5V 500MA


Built-in Li Battery


12M (4032*3024)/8M (3264*2448)/5M(2560*1920)/3M(2048*1536)

Image Quality

High definition, Clear, Normal

White Balance

Automatic, Sunny, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent

Digital Special Effects

Normal, Black & White, Soft

Autodyne Time Interval

Off/10 sec/20 sec



Date Label


Exposure Value

-2.0 ~ +2.0


  • Every detail of the car DVR is exquisite and delicate, which you can tell from every inch of it
  • The great properties are the highlights of the car black box, which you can shoot in the dark
  • This car DVR is your first choice for your loving car
  • You can easily make this car DVR like a terrific transformer on your car
  • The size of the car DVR is neither too big nor small, which is easy to place and install
  • With an optical zoom with auto-focus you're sure to capture the finest quality and detail in every moment


GRF Car DVR Car Black Box 2.0 Inch Display

  • Outstanding video resolution, superb low-light performance, and a wide dynamic range

GRF Car DVR Car Black Box 2.0 Inch Display


  • The size of the car DVR is portable enough for your daily use

GRF Car DVR Car Black Box 2.0 Inch Display


  • You can install it on your beloved car to make your driving safer

GRF Car DVR Car Black Box 2.0 Inch Display


  • With a good quality of image, you're sure to capture the finest quality and detail in every moment

GRF Car DVR Car Black Box 2.0 Inch Display


  • This car DVR is your first choice for your loving car

GRF Car DVR Car Black Box 2.0 Inch Display

  • This car camera has clear and sharp screen providing full high-definition images

Press the MODE key to switch to the main menu system settings
Enter the "Main Menu Settings" option. The background of the "Main Menu Settings" field is yellow now.
Key-press Tone: Turn on and off the key-press tone;
Light Source Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz available (the current frequency);
Format: OK/Cancel
Default Settings: Restore to the factory default settings (OK/Cancel);
Language: Set the required menus language;
Time/Date: Set the time and date;
TV Output: Pal/Ntsc
Version: The version number of the software.

GRF Car DVR Car Black Box 2.0 Inch Display

How to Build a Car Camera Mount:

GRF Car DVR Car Black Box 2.0 Inch Display

Shooting stable video from inside a moving car is very difficult without some sort of camera mount. Professional car mounts sold by grip equipment houses and professional camera stores can easily cost more than $1,000, and are out of the price range of many independent filmmakers and amateur photographers. Using some basic hardware and a little ingenuity, however, you can make your own car camera mount that should be able to hold most small and medium-sized cameras. With this mount, you can station a camera in the rear of the cab, pointing it out to the front windshield and driver

  • Drill a 3/8-inch between the edge and the center hole of a metal electrical plate. This will be used to mount the ball head to the plate
  • Pass the 3/8-inch bolt (with 16 threads per inch) through the hole you just drilled and hold it into place using a nut
  • Place the two wide washers on either side of the metal plate over the center hole, sandwiching the smaller washer from underneath the plate
  • Remove the bolt that will hold a child safety seat from the back seat of the car. Remove the plastic housing surrounding the bolt, and bolt the metal plate in its place
  • Screw the ball head into the 3/8-inch 16 bolt and then level and attach a camera

How to Mount a Camera on a car for Filming:

GRF Car DVR Car Black Box 2.0 Inch Display

Mounting a camera in a car to film time at the track, street races or motion pictures is a tricky project. Mounts are available in many forms and designed to work in different environments. Knowing where and how to mount a camera on the car requires careful consideration and the right tools

  • Find the right mount for the job and the camera you use. Handheld camera mounts are available in suction cup and hard mount designs while large motion cameras require heavy-duty mounts that install inside or outside of the car
  • Determine the best position for the mount based on the application. For track footage, dash or between the front seats mounting is preferred. Over the shoulder mounting allows the camera to capture the cars gauges for performance evaluation
  • Set up suction cup mounts on the windshield or dash. Ensure the surface is clean before applying the suction cup and test stability between shoots
  • Drill holes for a hard mount per the manufacturers instructions by locating a stiff surface that won't bend or flex under the weight of the camera. Dashboards and consoles make good mounting locations. Secure the mount with the provided hardware and adjust the camera as desired
  • Install motion picture cameras on metal supported areas of the car. Remove any molding or covers from the inside of the car before drilling to uncover any hidden obstacles. Drill the holes through the roof, doors or other mounting location and assemble the supports
  • Tighten the bolts on the camera-mounting frame and test to verify there is no flex in the metal. Connect any extensions and finally place the camera into the mount
  • Test the camera position and any motorized controls before shooting. Adjust shooting angles and verify the camera is secure

Package Included: 

  • 1 x Car DVR
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x Travel charger
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x AV Cable
  • 1 x Holder
  • 1 x Bag