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1:64 Children Toy Cartoon Alloy Machineshop Truck Series Model Set


Each with authentic colors, realistic graphics and various moving parts. This Diecast Model Car is ideal for both collectors and kids. This 1:64 Children Toy Cartoon Alloy Machineshop Truck Series Model with highly detailed pieces with realistic surf...
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  • This 1:64 Toy Model Cars are almost the same shape as the real cars
  • The Scale Model Cars can bring fun for your children
  • The truck series includes crane car, loader, excavator & shovel truck
  • This Diecast Model Car is a perfect replica of truck series car
  • This Diecast Model Car has a high appreciation and collection value
  • You can take this Diecast Model Car as a unique decoration or a special gift for any car enthusiast
  • Material: Alloy & Rubber
  • Size: Approx.7cm / 2.8in(H)
  • Scale: 1: 64


1:64 Children Toy Cartoon Alloy Machineshop Truck Series Model Set

  • The Diecast Model Car is made of diecast with some alloy parts & every detail is well put together

1:64 Children Toy Cartoon Alloy Machineshop Truck Series Model Set

1:64 Children Toy Cartoon Alloy Machineshop Truck Series Model Set

  • The detailed interior, exterior and engine compartment, these Scale Model Cars are best showcase models for any truck enthusiasts

1:64 Children Toy Cartoon Alloy Machineshop Truck Series Model Set

  • With opening doors, opening hood, opening trunk, detailed interior, rubber tires, steerable wheels, perfectly modeled engine, accurate gauges and dash inside, this Diecast Model Car has never been opened and is ready to be added to your collection, or given as a gift

1:64 Children Toy Cartoon Alloy Machineshop Truck Series Model Set

  • Detailed excellent interior, exterior, engine compartment
  • Each with authentic colors, realistic graphics and various moving parts

How to Buy Diecast Cars:

  • Cars are to men, what diamonds are to women! Those who are truly passionate about them don't just stop at ogling at or buying (if they can) the latest mean machines, they collect their miniature versions too! If you are new collector or wish to buy one for a friend who is passionate about diecast cars, here are few tips which will help you buy the best models-
  • Instructions:
  • God lies in details", this statement holds absolutely true for diecast cars! From the interiors of the car, to the engine, wheel and lights, the more real they look, the better the model is considered to be
  • Diecast cars come in several scales. The choice of the scale should depend on the kind of car model you intend to buy. For instance, cars of the scale 1:12 and 1:18 are fairly large in size, have minute detailing and are ideal for adult collectors. Vintage cars and model tractors, however, are generally smaller in size (scale 1:32)
  • If you are a collector you would of course have your own criteria of selecting cars. However, if you have to buy a diecast car model as a gift for someone, here are a few suggestions which will help you choose the right car
  • Everyone likes vintage cars, so you can never go wrong with them
  • If the person you intend to buy the diecast car for is a movie buff, you can consider buying a car model from one of his favorite movies. For instance you could buy a miniature version of one of Vin Diesel's cars from the Fast and furious
  • Men who like war movies and playing "bombers" in video games tend to like military vehicles. A scale of 1:60 or 1:72 is ideal for these "toys"
  • Buying miniature versions of a collector's favorite cars is also a good idea
  • If you still can't figure out which car to gift, take the simplest way out! Call the person you want to buy a diecast car for and ask them which model they would love to buy

How to Clean a Diecast Car:

1:64 Children Toy Cartoon Alloy Machineshop Truck Series Model Set

  • There are probably lots of men out there who collect die cast cars. These little replicas of their favorite classic cars and dream cars are fun to look at and own. They are usually kept in a nice display cabinet, but even the best cabinet in the world will let in dust. This is why keeping your die cast car clearn is so important. (If damaged during the cleaning process, the car will be worthless. So, the key is to be careful while handling them.)
  • Instructions
  • Take the die cast car out of it's cabinet. To remove, grasp it across the roof. Your thumb should hold one side and your forefinger should hold the other. Be careful not to bump the rear view mirrors or antenna
  • Prepare a small pan or sink full of warm water and add a couple drops of dish liquid. Gently dunk the die cast car up and down a few times. Do not swish it side to side because the force of the water may break the mirrors or antenna from the car
  • Wipe the die cast car with a very soft cloth, if grime or dust is still present. Run warm water from your faucet at a very gentle force. Hold the die cast car under the water to rinse away detergent residue. Turn the car side ways so the flow of the water runs through the interior of the die cast car
  • Blot the car gently with a very soft towel. Always be careful not to snag any of the small parts. With the car sitting on a towel to catch drips, use a blow dryer, set on low, to finish drying the car. Be sure to get inside the interior to dry up all of the moisture
  • Wax the car once it is completely dry. Use your favorite car polish and apply it according to instructions. Apply the polish to the die cast cars body panels just like you would an actual car. Wipe the polish off with a very soft cloth. The polish will help preserve the paint and repel dust

How to Start a Toy Vehicle Collection:

  • Toy vehicle have appeal for young and old alike. There is something magical about those miniature automobiles, identical in every detail to the real thing, that most of us find compelling. It is no wonder then that collecting toy cars is a hobby with mass appeal. If you are looking to start a toy vehicle collection, there are just a few things you need to know to make sure your collection is the best it can be


  • Decide the focus of your collection. There are lots of different kinds of toy vehicles to collect. Before you start building your fleet, decide whether you will concentrate on just one particular type of toy vehicle (like Hotwheels or Matchbox Cars) or if you will welcome all kinds into your collection
  • Go shopping. Your local stores are the best place to start looking for toy vehicles. Toy stores and department stores will generally have plenty in stock. This is a quick and simple way to begin building your collection right away
  • Use eBay. When it comes to finding great deals on toy vehicles or locating that one special vehicle you've just got to have, it's hard to beat eBay (see Resources below). With millions of people from all over the world listing items for sale every minute, chances are excellent that you will find just what you need here
  • Go to garage sales. When people move or their children grow up, lots of surplus items find their way onto the tables at these weekend bargain-fests. Since toy vehicles are cheap and plentiful staples of childhood for many, you are likely to find some great vehicles for your collection at garage sales. Find sales near you in your local newspaper's classified ads or on Craigslist (see Resources below)
  • Hit the books. The Toys and Collectibles section of your local bookstore will have a number of books devoted to the monetary value of different kinds of toy vehicles. If you are concerned about the future value of your vehicles or just want to be sure you're being charged a fair price, you will want to invest in one of these books

Package Included:

  • 1 x Set of Cartoon Alloy Truck Series Car Model