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Petgogogo Round Lace Up Cotton Pet Cat Beds


Do you want to give your lovely pet a better sleeping and relaxing condition? Here this Round Lace Up Cotton Pet Cat Beds will be your best choice!The round pet bed is made of super soft Cotton material, offer you pet a comfortable rest place, also d...
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  • Soft and cozy cat bed for your cats or dogs comfort
  • The pet cat bed offers a secure and warm environment
  • Round and flower design cat bed is cute
  • The pet cat bed is finished with detailed edge stitching
  • Creative lace up style
  • Two surfaces are available
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Cotton
  • Unfolded Size: 60cm/23.6in
  • Closing Size: 40cm/15.7in


Petgogogo Round Lace Up Cotton Pet Cat Beds

Petgogogo Round Lace Up Cotton Pet Cat Beds

  • keep your little pet off the cold, and show your love to your lovely pet cat with this soft cotton pet bed

Petgogogo Round Lace Up Cotton Pet Cat Beds

Petgogogo Round Lace Up Cotton Pet Cat Beds

  • Round Lace Up design makes the pet cat bed cute and stylish, finished with detailed edge stitching

Petgogogo Round Lace Up Cotton Pet Cat Beds

  • Made of high quality cotton, the round pet bed is durable and reliable for long time use


  • Color is random in delivery

How to Clean a Pet's Bed:

Petgogogo Round Lace Up Cotton Pet Cat Beds

Pets offer devoted and loving companionship and bring joy to the home. However, they also bring messes and dirt. A pet's bedding and beloved toys tend to receive the worst damage. Keeping them clean does not have to be a monumental chore. For a happy pet and a tidy home, follow these simple steps once a month to clean your pet's bed.

  • Spray the bed surface with Static Guard to help loosen pet hairs. Try a small section of the pet bed first to test for a negative reaction to the spray
  • Vacuum the pet bed thoroughly to remove excess pet hairs, dirt, litter or other debris. Roll a lint roller over the bed to pull away hairs that the vacuum did not remove
  • Remove the outer fabric layer from the foam bedding insert
  • Put the fabric wrapping (or the entire bed if it consists entirely of fleece or another machine washable substance) into the washing machine. Use a large load setting, warm water and plenty of laundry detergent to aid in dislodging as many pet hairs as possible. Repeat the wash cycle for especially dirty beds
  • Dry the washed bedding in the clothes dryer with at least one dryer sheet. The dryer sheet will reduce static electricity and remove more pet hairs. Use a low temperature setting to avoid shrinking the pet bed

Tips & Warnings:

Petgogogo Round Lace Up Cotton Pet Cat Beds

  • If the pet bed has a label with care instructions, follow the instructions to avoid damaging the bed.Bathe your pet while her bed is getting washed. A dirty pet will ruin the hard work you put into cleaning the bed

How to Measure a Dog for a Dog Bed:

Whether you are buying a bed for your dog, or making a homemade one from scratch, it is important that the bed is big enough. Before heading off to the store or making the bed, follow these steps to measure your dog for a dog bed.

  • Have your dog lie down so that you can measure the distance your dog uses lengthwise while sleeping. If she doesn't want to lie still, wait until she has laid down somewhere to sleep. Measure your dog between the ends of your dog that are farthest from each other. For some dogs, this might be from the nose to the rump, while for others it may be the front feet to the rump
  • Observe the position your dog likes to lie in while sleeping. Some dogs usually curl up in a ball, while other like to lie out on their side with all four legs sticking out. Measure the distance your dog uses widthwise when she is sleeping
  • Remember that your dog's bed can be any shape you want it to be. Oval, circle, square or rectangle shapes can all work fine. However, you may want to choose the shape based on the way your dog sleeps and how much room he uses
  • Know that measurements need to be more exact when purchasing or making a dog bed that has a slight wall around the edges. You will usually see this type of dog bed in pet stores. This type of bed needs to be big enough for your dog so that he fits in it 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Cat Bed