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ABBY Interactive Beam Laser Light Cat Toy


Are you on looking for some fascinating toys for you lovely cat? This Interactive Beam Laser Light Cat Toy helps you easy to interactive with your cat.Safe interactive toy keeps your cat entertained for hours on end, so you can do other thi...
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  • Great light weight and durable of interactive toy make of high quality material and perfect craftsmanship
  • Push the switch button one time and it is a cat laser
  • Push the switch button twice then it become an amazing cat laser
  • Turning the rotating wheel then you can have five different pictures
  • Electricity is insufficient, please promptly replace batteries battery for 3 star market common button batteries
  • The fascinating interactive toy pictures offer unlimited interesting to your cat
  • When playing with your cat, you should pay attention not to let the beam point to your cat's eye
  • Toy Length: 8cm/3.14in
  • Power Source: 3 x Button Cells


ABBY Interactive Beam Laser Light Cat Toy

  • The shadow and cat laser are very interesting and useful when playing with cat. The shadow is very cute

ABBY Interactive Beam Laser Light Cat Toy

  • The accessories show: the hook is convenient for carrying, and mini battery is very convenient for using

ABBY Interactive Beam Laser Light Cat Toy

  • You can take it along everywhere you want thanks to the hook. It is so convenient for taking along, get it home immediately

ABBY Interactive Beam Laser Light Cat Toy

  • Cat toy comes in different colors that you can choose one you like. What are you waiting for? So cute laser toy

ABBY Interactive Beam Laser Light Cat Toy

ABBY Interactive Beam Laser Light Cat Toy

  • The sweet shadow with lovely color that the pet cat will like. It can help to build up your cat with interesting and easy way

ABBY Interactive Beam Laser Light Cat Toy

  • The real effect when cat is playing with the lovely and moveable shadow. Th cat will like the laser toy very much.

How to Play Three Simple Games with your Cats:

ABBY Interactive Beam Laser Light Cat Toy

  • Cats love to chase a laser light beam. You can use a laser pen or buy a laser light toy (usually shaped like a mouse) in the pet department. Just run the light up and down the floor and the walls. They will chase it. I let them "catch it" every so often. It should not be shone in their eyes
  • Another game cats love is to chase small bubbles. The little wands and bubble containers that are given to guests at weddings work great, because the bubbles are smaller than usual. Just keep blowing and they will keep chasing. You might want to protect your floor by covering it first, or you could just briefly wipe it down afterwards
  • Kittens love to catch little paper balls. Just rip up some old magazine pages, wad them into balls, and toss them up in the air. Unfortunately, cats will not "fetch" them, so you have to pick them up afterwards

How to Find Cheap Cat Toys Around the House:

Use A Flashlight For Cat Play:

  • You've got a flashlight around the house, don't you? Instead of shelling out money for a cat laser toy, simply flick your regular flashlight beam across the floor for an easy and cheap way to get your indoor cat to do some cardio! Some cats will follow the light in circles, giving their muscles a good stretch, and you a great laugh. A long hallway, or open living room is a great space to use this cheap cat toy

Use A Blanket as a Cat Toy:

  • One of those old torn, lightweight blankets you've been meaning to get rid of would make a great cat toy. Throw it across the floor and move your hand underneath it and your cat will be pouncing in no time. You can also make a tent shape with the blanket and coax your cat to crawl under it. My cat loves to burrow around in the blanket while I make funny sounds, or rub my hand around the outside. If your cat is energetic, he might even play with this cheap toy on his own

Leave Out An Empty Box:

  • Empty boxes or paper bags are cheap cat toys nearly everyone has around the house. My spoiled indoor cat usually has at least one box for a cat toy at any given time, and he loves it. This provides him with another private space, and gives him something to demolish if he gets bored and wants to destroy something. Find a sturdy safe box (free of plastics or staples), and throw other cat toys inside, or cut holes big enough to slip a cat paw through and you will give your cat more incentive to play on his own

Toss A Wire Tie To Your Cat:

  • If you bend it, they will come . . . and jump . . . and roll. You probably have unused wire ties in cabinets, or in a package from the store, so make them useful as cheap cat toys. Twist a clean wire tie and toss it across the room. If your cat is anything like my indoor cat, he will rush after it, bop it around, and sometimes play a short round of cat fetch. Choose a bigger wire tie so kitty doesn't swallow it accidentally, and make sure the inner wire is not exposed. Always watch cat play, and throw the wire tie away when it becomes tattered. A bendable straw or pipe cleaners can get your house cat to exert some energy too

Use A Ball Of Yarn:

  • If you have some unused yarn around your house, a classic ball of yarn is still a good cheap cat toy even among today's less attentive house cats. The trick is to make the yarn ball the right size to entice your cat, yet not roll under your furniture. So, pick a thicker gauge that is not too fuzzy, roll it into a smaller ball, and then let your house cat bat it around, or dangle the loose end for him and watch him jump. Be careful though-cats like to create yarn webs throughout the house, so watch your step

Use Old Socks as Cat Toys:

  • You know those mismatched socks the dryer left you? Well, wad up one sock and stuff it inside another, then add a little catnip and tie the end closed with some tight knots. Dangle it in front of your kitty, or play using the exciting toss and drag method. Most cats like to tackle objects and tug so this cheap cat toy gets them moving easily. If your indoor cat doesn't like catnip try the socks without it, you might be surprised


  • Color is random in delivery

Package Included:

  • 1 x Interactive Beam Laser Light Cat Toy