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Security CCTV SONY 580TVL 42PCS Leds Outdoor WaterProof IR CCD Camera INS-WPIRCAM09


1/3 inch SONY SUPER HAD CCD Chip IR Water Proof Camera, 580TV Line High Horizontal Resolution, 6mm Lens, 0Lux Minimum Illumination, 50m IR Distance, 42PCS LEDs,This cameras are designed to meet both your indoor and outdoor home and business needs.
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  • Image Sensor: 1/3inch SONY SUPER HAD CCD
  • Horizontal Resolution: 580 TV Line
  • Minimum IIIumination: 0LUX
  • Signal System: PAL/NTSC
  • LED light: 42PCS f=5mm
  • IR distance: 50M
  • Shutter Speed: 1/60 to 1/100,000Sec
  • S/N ratio: >50dB
  • Power Supply: DC 12V +/- 15%
  • Lens: 6mm


  • 580 TV  Line High Resolution
  • 6mm lens
  • 42PCS LEDs
  • 0Lux Minimum Illumination
  • IR distance 50M
  • Housing: Metal


Security CCTV SONY 580TVL 42PCS Leds Outdoor WaterProof IR CCD Camera INS-WPIRCAM09

  • Security CCTV SONY 580TVL 42PCS Leds Outdoor WaterProof IR CCD Camera INS-WPIRCAM09

How to Measure With a CCD Camera

  • The introduction of the Charged Coupled Device (CCD) digital camera revolutionized the film, television and commercial industry. Without the expensive burden of film stock and film cameras, the art of production was expanded to a wider audience of filmmakers. Though the CCD camera is a digital device, it still requires the eye and knowledge of photographer to maintain focus. If you do not trust the viewfinder of your camera, or you plan to perform complicated moving shots, you can measure the focus distance to verify that the lens focus is set correctly


  • Position the CCD camera on the spot in which you want it to sit for the scene you are filming. If the camera is on a tripod, you may want to place sandbags or weights on the tripods legs so the camera does not move. Tighten the tripod head and legs so the equipment does not shift in place. In the hustle and bustle of shooting, even the most professional camera person may accidentally nudge a CCD camera; you do not want a simple accident to put your scene out of focus
  • Ask your actor to stand in the necessary place to perform the scene. This may be a spot where she is standing next to a car or sitting in a chair during a dinner scene. Whatever the scene, you should have the primary position planned. Once the actor is in position, place a piece of tape at the toes of both feet. This tape will ensure that the actor goes back to this exact spot if she needs to leave the set for any reason
  • Measure the distance between the CCD camera and the actor's face. You must start at the point in which the lens touches the camera's body, and extend the tape measure to the eyes of your subject. You do not want to measure the distance starting from the front of the camera lens, because the subject is not focused at this point. The final image is read at the CCD sensor, which sits directly behind the lens. Write the distance down on your paper
  • Dial in the focus length on the barrel of your CCD camera's lens. The lens will display two different numbers: one in standard units, and one in metric measurements. You must dial the lens to the correct unit in which you took the initial measurement
  • Look into the viewfinder and LCD screen of your CCD camera to double-check that the measurement you took has created an image that is in focus. A high-definition monitor connected to the camera can provide an accurate picture of what your focus situation happens to be

Package Included:

  • 1 x Security CCTV Water Proof 580TV Line IR Camera