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24V AC 18 Outputs CCTV Camera Power Supply CP2418-10A


Brand new AC 24V CCTV power supply, 10A output current, 18 total outputs, input voltage can be selected between 110V and 220V. When high voltage occurs, the surge protection will be hit through to protect the connected device. When over current occur...
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  • Input Voltage:  AC 110V or 220V 
  • Input Voltage Frequency:  60 Hz or 50 Hz 
  • Output Voltage:  AC 24V 
  • Total Output Current:  10A
  • Total Outputs: 18 
  • Fuse Type:  PTC (Resetable) 
  • Fuse Rating:  1.1A  
  • Circuit Short Protection: When short condition occurs, independent PTC fuse will open the circuit,when condition removed, PTC fuse will automatically back to close
  • High Voltage Protection: Each output has independent PTC fuse and LED indicator,when high voltage occurs, the surge protection will be hit through to protect the connected device
  • Application:  CCTV Camera, PTZ, IR Illuminator, Video Processor Access Control , etc


24V AC 18 Outputs CCTV Camera Power Supply CP2418-10A

How to Install a Power Supply Box for Security Cameras:

  • Mount the power supply box on the wall using your drill and the supplied mounting screws. It should be close to an outlet and your security camera cables. If you can, mount the box over a stud and drive the screws into the stud. The mounting screws that came with your box may not be long enough to penetrate the drywall and the stud adequately. If this is the case, use two-inch drywall screws, which can be purchased at any local hardware store or large department store
  • Remove the punch-out from the power supply box that will provide the best place to insert the power wires from your cameras
  • Split the power wires from the Siamese cable (if applicable) and strip the power wires about 1/2 inch and twist the copper strands together
  • Insert the camera power wires through the punch-out and connect them to the power terminals. The power terminals will be marked positive (+) and negative (-) or common. Make sure you connect the red wire or the wire marked positive to the positive side of the power terminal. The positive wire is usually red, marked with a stripe, or marked with a plus sign
  • Close the box, securing it with the provided screws or lock. Insert the power cord in the box (this cord works just like a computer power cord) and plug the power cord in. Your power supply box may have come with the power cord built into the box. If so, simply plug the power cord into a wall outlet

Tips & Warnings:

  • Read the installation manual that came with your power supply box to familiarize yourself with the installation process. Watch the videos (see Reference 1 and 2) to see examples of others installing a power supply box. To insure your box is mounted straight on the wall, use a small level. Most cameras require 12 volts DC, but older cameras may require 24 volts AC. Consult your camera documentation to insure you purchase the correct power supply box
  • It is critical you do not reverse the polarity of the power wires as indicated in Step 4. Doing so could damage your camera or power distribution box. If you are unsure which is positive and which is negative, you should consult the documentation that came with your cameras

 Package Included:

  • 1 x 24V AC 18 Outputs CCTV Camera Power Supply