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Timliss Lovely PP Cotton Stuffed Animals Cell Phone Holder


Do you wanted a beautiful and stylish Cell Phone Holder? Now we will recommend this one---the PP Cotton Stuffed Animal Rabbit Cell Phone Holder for you. The Desktop cell phone holder is a stylish and convenient fashionable decoration. This cell phone...
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  • Decorated with Stuffed Animals, this Cell Phone Holder is the perfect cell phone company
  • This soft and durable Desktop Cell Phone Holder is baby safe and comes with environmental material
  • With this Stuffed Toy, your phone is protected from wear and tear
  • This Cell Phone Holder can be also used in household or decorated your office
  • Exquisite work Stuffed Toy Desktop Cell Phone Holder is durable for long time using and not fade away
  • Animal Stuffed Toy Cell Phone Holder is the absolutely necessary partner of your house decoration  
  • This Rabbit Toy Best Cell Phone Holder is also a perfect gift for your lover on a special day  
  • Coating Material: Lint
  • Stuffing Material: PP Cotton
  • Height: 15cm/6.0in


 Timliss Lovely PP Cotton Stuffed Animals Cell Phone Holder

  • The cell phone holder is rather cute and fashionable because of its unique design

 Timliss Lovely PP Cotton Stuffed Animals Cell Phone Holder

  • You will feel convenient and soft with this cell phone holder and it will add fashion to your house

 Timliss Lovely PP Cotton Stuffed Animals Cell Phone Holder

  • With good material and excellent workmanship, you will like the cell phone holder very much

 Timliss Lovely PP Cotton Stuffed Animals Cell Phone Holder

  • This cute Stuffed Toy Desktop Cell Phone Holder which can hold your phone is perfect for just decorating your lovely bedroom

 Timliss Lovely PP Cotton Stuffed Animals Cell Phone Holder

Timliss Lovely PP Cotton Stuffed Animals Cell Phone Holder

  • This cute Stuffed Toy Best Cell Phone Holder will be the best gift for your phone

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Timliss Lovely PP Cotton Stuffed Animals Cell Phone Holder

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Package Included:

  • 1 x Cell Phone Holder