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OuSang Cartoon Cute Girl Plastic Cellphone Cover for iPhone 4/4S


You may own several iPhone 4/4S back case cover. But you should not miss this iPhone 4 4S cover. This is a back case cover for iPhone 4/4S. The red little girl plastic material of the phone back case can give you a durable use. The back case for iPh...
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  • This beautiful cartoon little girl picture phone back case cover keeps your phone safe from dings, scratches, smudges and accidental drops
  • This multicolour back cover for iPhone 4 decorates your phone and makes your phone more beautiful
  • This plastic back case for iPhone 4 can be simply snapped on over the phone's existing body
  • Vital features of the phone are still accessible with the iPhone 4/4S  case on
  • This phone back case is designed to ensure that you have full functionality of your iPhone 4/4S , while fully protecting its external
  •  This is a NON-OEM product
  • Compatible with: iPhone 4/4S
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Multicolour


OuSang Cartoon Cute Girl Plastic Cellphone Cover for iPhone 4/4S

  • The beautiful cartoon little girl phone back case can give your phone a special appearance as for the cartoon design

OuSang Cartoon Cute Girl Plastic Cellphone Cover for iPhone 4/4S

  • The cell phone cover with pure color  inner is classical in the appearance and practical in use  

OuSang Cartoon Cute Girl Plastic Cellphone Cover for iPhone 4/4S

  • The phone case will make your phone be the most shining one

How to Replace an iPhone Back Cover

OuSang Cartoon Cute Girl Plastic Cellphone Cover for iPhone 4/4S

  • Apple's iPhone is one of the most popular cell phone devices available. One of its most popular features is its sleek design. The front features a wide front screen, which is perfect for taking pictures, displaying pictures, and showing video. And the back is a sleek, silver cover which helps the device look ultra modern. The only problem is the back cover often becomes dull and scratched up, which can devalue the phone. In order to maintain your iPhone's value and appearance, you may need to change the back cover 


  • Power off your iPhone and disconnect it from any power source
  • Straighten the paperclip out. Push the paper clip into the SIM card hole, which is also the smallest hole, on the top of the iPhone. The SIM card will pop out. Remove the SIM card
  • Flip the iPhone over to work on the back of it. On the back run a Flathead screwdriver, or other thin flat tool, in the crease between the bottom, black TPU cover and the silver back casing. Then slide off the black TPU cover
  • Remove the three screws that are connecting the iPhone's silver backing with the mini Philips-head screwdriver. Set the screws to the side
  • Run the flat head screwdriver along both sides of the back of the case again to loosen the back of the case from the front. Be careful not to bend the back case when doing this
  • Lift up the back case. You will notice a ribbon connecting the back case to the motherboard. Pop the ribbon up, carefully, with your flat head screwdriver
  • Plug in the ribbon to your new back cover
  • Place the back cover down, and screw in the three screws that held the old one in place
  • Slide the black, plastic cover back on. Your iPhone is now restored

Package Included:

  • 1 x Cellphone Cover
  • 1 x Packing Box