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Rimom 7in Cutlery Knife Sets ABS Handle Ceramic Knife


Ceramic Knife is a perfect complement to your steel knives, This type of Ceramic Knife is made of perfect high quality ceramic & ABS materials, which allows you long time using. The saw with hardened stainless steel blade for durability. Sha...
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  • The blades unique styling allows you to easily cut
  • Ideal for using at home or campSpecial design for full hand force with minimal effort
  • Made of durable material
  • Can be long time using and will not get rust
  • Material: Ceramic & ABS 
  • Length: 17.8cm/7in


Rimom 7in Cutlery Knife Sets ABS Handle Ceramic Knife

  • Small and elegant for easy to carry, Ceramic Knife is made of perfect high quality ceramic & ABS materials, which allows you long time using

Rimom 7in Cutlery Knife Sets ABS Handle Ceramic Knife

  • The Kitchen Knife has sharp blade allow easily cut and the saw with hardened stainless steel blade for durability

Rimom 7in Cutlery Knife Sets ABS Handle Ceramic Knife

  • Plastic ABS handle allow the knife handle comfortably, the edge will maintain its razor sharpness and will be resistant to wearing

Rimom 7in Cutlery Knife Sets ABS Handle Ceramic Knife

  • The extremely smooth, non-porous surface resists staining, odors and acidic materials, and is considered to be more sanitary than regular Kitchen Knife

Rimom 7in Cutlery Knife Sets ABS Handle Ceramic Knife

  • ABS Handle Knife is perfect for slicing fruits and vegetables and other precision cutting tasks

How to Care for a Ceramic Knife?

Rimom 7in Cutlery Knife Sets ABS Handle Ceramic Knife

The sharpness and durability of ceramic knives have made them the rage in the cooking world. They maintain their sharp edge, resist rust and odor, and slice with precision. Ceramic knife blades are made from a material second only in hardness to diamonds. They don't shatter when dropped and keep their sharp edge much longer than any grade of stainless steel knife. Though ceramic knives are durable, they do require proper care for optimal function. Through proper use, cleaning, sharpening and storage, your ceramic knives should stay razor-sharp for a lifetime.

  • Proper Use
  • Though ceramic knives are extremely durable, they are not all-purpose. Their hardness makes them much more rigid than their steel knife counterparts. These knives are designed for slicing and dicing softer foods such as fruits and vegetables and boneless meat. Chopping or using them to cut hard substances such as bone or frozen food can cause chips in the blade, affecting sharpness. If you do chop with your ceramic knife, it's best to keep your knife point on the cutting surface to prevent breakage. You should also avoid using your knife as a tool for prying. When slicing with a ceramic knife, use a wood or plastic cutting board. Harder surfaces such as glass, marble or stone will increase the chance of damage and may effect blade sharpness.
  • Cleaning
  • Ceramic knives are extremely sanitary and very easy to clean. Due to their non-porous nature, germs, and bacteria cannot permeate the blade. Hand washing is recommended for ceramic knives since they are not dishwasher safe. Blade chippage could occur if knocked or hit by other dishes. Dishwashers can also deteriorate the wooden handles of some knife models. And because of the sharpness of ceramic knife blades, injuries could easily occur when placing or removing dishes from the dishwasher. Kyocera, a major manufacturer of ceramic knives, recommends simply hand washing your knife with liquid dish soap.
  • Sharpening
  • Because of the hardness of the blades, ceramic knives rarely need sharpening. Unlike stainless steel knives, which need sharpening approximately one a year, ceramic knives can go five to seven years between sharpenings. Because the ceramic knife is so hard, it requires a diamond sharpening stone. To protect the quality of your knife, it is best to leave this task to professional knife sharpeners. Some ceramic knife manufactures will actually sharpen your knives for you, so be sure to keep all your knife's warranty information after purchase.
  • Storage
  • You can safely store your ceramic knife in a knife storage block, or protected inside a sheath in a drawer. Organize your knives to protect the blades from chipping and yourself from accidental injury. For extra protection during storage, folding ceramic knives are available.

How to Sharpen a Ceramic Knife?

Rimom 7in Cutlery Knife Sets ABS Handle Ceramic Knife

Ceramic knives have been the rage--in commercial kitchens used by professional chefs--for years. Now, they are available at upscale gourmet supply stores and department stores for home use. The benefit of ceramic knives is that they are not susceptible to acidic stains or odors. Ceramic knives also do not need sharpening for years, while steel blades may need sharpening every couple of years. This article will give you tips on sharpening your ceramic knives.

  • Purchase a diamond sharpening stone to sharpen your ceramic knife. Angle the knife about 15 to 20 degrees to the stone. Swipe the knife along the blade with a sweeping motion.
  • Pass the knife over the diamond stone several times on each side. Wipe the blade before cutting into food.
  • Purchase a silicon carbide wheel or stone to sharpen your ceramic knives--if you don't want to use a diamond stone. Silcon carbide stones are made of a softer aluminum oxide and may not be as abrasive. If your diamond blade leaves any scratches, the silicon carbide wheel will remove any fine scratches left by the diamond blade.
  • Follow the same steps for the diamond sharpening stone in order to obtain a sharp edge on your knife.
  • Use a paper wheel for buffing. The paper wheel is less likely to snag or catch a knife while you are sharpening the knife.
  • Plan to resharpen your ceramic knife by sending it back to the manufacturer or by bringing it to a qualified knife service store which has a powered diamond sharpening wheel if you are not interested in sharpening your knife on your own.

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  • 1 x Knife