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JimBag Cool Round Grenade Shape Change Purse


Most people have a purse, but not everyone has a change purse. Actually, change purse is very important too. The change purse can help you to hold the change, lest you do not know where to put it or where to find it. Here a stylish change purse will ...
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  • This change purse is designed with stylish cylinder grenade shape
  • The embossed design makes this coin case more cute and charming
  • Key fob and key positions are designed with the key bag
  • This change purse is made of wear resistant material, which is durable to use
  • It is suitable for both men and women
  • This change purse can be used as key bag too, which can hold the keys for you
  • This change purse can keep your small belongings tidy
  • Total Width: 8.0cm/3.1in
  • Purse Length: 11.0cm/4.3in
  • Chain Length: 3.0cm/1.2in
  • Opened Length: 15.5cm/6.1in


JimBag Cool Round Grenade Shape Change Purse

  • This change purse is of stylish cylinder grenade shape, suitable for both men and women

JimBag Cool Round Grenade Shape Change Purse

JimBag Cool Round Grenade Shape Change Purse

  • There are key fob and key positions designed with the key bag, so you can put your keys as well as your coins in it

JimBag Cool Round Grenade Shape Change Purse

  • The embossed design makes this coin purse more cute and charming

JimBag Cool Round Grenade Shape Change Purse

  • A metal ring is designed with the change purse for you to connect it to your key or bag

JimBag Cool Round Grenade Shape Change Purse

  • This change purse has clasp and you can hang it to your bag and other places you want

How to Put Keys on Key Case Chain?

JimBag Cool Round Grenade Shape Change Purse

  • Bundles of keys, key chains, key rings and other trinkets create jangling messes when left to bump around freely in bags. Keys in pockets can also poke thighs and create worn spots in trousers. Keep keys organized and contained with the help of a key chain case. Typically made of leather, key chain cases envelope keys much like a billfold contains money and cards


  • Pry apart the coiled rings of the current key ring and unthread each key. Eliminate any keys that are no longer used
  • Make same-looking keys easier to spot by affixing different colored key caps onto the keys. Rubber key caps slip over and grip the key heads. Line up the holes in the caps with the ring holes in the key heads
  • Unsnap or unzip the cover flap and open the case to reveal the small, rack-like chain of dangling key clasps
  • Squeeze the key clasps to open them. Thread the keys onto the exposed clasp ends. In cases where there are more keys than rings, double rarely used keys, such as spare keys to someone else's house and storage shed keys, on single rings
  • Inspect the keys and look for any keys that are too small and will not stick out of the case enough for convenient use. Extend those keys by installing a short key chain between them and their clasps
  • Pull out a key while it is in use, such as a key in the ignition of a car, so it protrudes from the top of the case. Close the case so only that key is out and all others remain contained

How to Put Keychains on a Bag?

JimBag Cool Round Grenade Shape Change Purse

  • In certain respects, key chains can seem like the perfect gift. They're decorative and functional, and every single person on Earth can find a use for them. If you're traveling and want to pick up a gift for someone to show you were thinking of them, key chains easily fill the bill without requiring that you lug around heavy or unwieldy presents. However, many travelers sometimes have this same idea. That's why so many people have drawers full of key chains that they simply don't have enough use for. To show your gratitude, you can still put the key chains to use by putting them on your bag

Keychains on Zipper Pulls

  • Pry the key chain loop slightly apart. You might need to use your thumb or fingernail to aid you in this tricky process
  • With your other hand, grab the zipper pull that came attached to your bag. Still holding the key chain loop pried apart, slide the zipper pull onto one of the curved metal ends of your key chain loop
  • Turn your key chain loop around and around so that you securely thread your zipper pull onto the key chain loop

Keychains on Straps

  • Unbuckle, unbutton, unzip or otherwise loosen the strap or straps of your bag. This will leave the strap open for you to attach things to
  • Slide the main loop of the key chain onto the strap
  • Reattach the strap to the bag securely. The key chain will now dangle from the strap. You can adjust its position by sliding it up and down and to either side of the strap, depending on your preferences

Package Included:

  • 1 x Change Purse