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Product Description
Are you looking for a stylish and portable charger adaptor? This portable 500ma usb mp3 ic protection full automatic power charger adaptor is very suitable for you. Mini style makes this usb power charger very portable. You can take it with you without any worries. It can charge your phone, psp, ipad and MP3/MP4. The usb power charger is designed for people who has busy calls, who need longer talking time, and who go without an access to an external charging alternative. Enjoy extended use of your mobile phone using this mp3 charger.
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  • Input Voltage: AC110-250V 50/60Hz 150mA    
  • Charge Voltage: DC5V .500mA 
  • Compatible with: PDA,MP3, MP4, Cellphone


  • The portable usb power charger is a proven technique which can make you charging your equipments without plug in, pull out again and again. Its true meaning is charge your equipments whenever it's not work
  • Just put your digital products on it, and take away it when you leave, your MP3 or psp are charged during that time
  • This usb power charger is very convenient to use
  • Portable usb power charger extends the time that you can use your device -ideal for long flights, outdoor activities, business trips
  • High quality, high capacity, light weight rechargeable battery
  • Have the function of overcharge protection, with built-in battery life microchip
  • The portable mp3 charger is convenient for travelers and business users


Package Included:

  • 1 x Charger Adaptor
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