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Cute Custom Perform Kids Bow Ties


The bow tie is an article of clothing from a different era, but trends reappear again throughout history and the bow tie is no exception. Also, those who bring it back with style are admired for their keen fashion sense and poise, so it is important ...
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  • The materials of these bow ties are polyester and silk
  • You can see pleated on these cute kids bow ties
  • Three types of these children bow ties for you to choose
  • Great looking of the kids bow ties will make your boys stand out in crowd
  • Suitable for the children to wear in different kinds of occasions
  • These cheap bow ties can be matched with your clothes perfectly
  • Material: Polyester & Silk


Cute Custom Perform Kids Bow Ties

  • This type of lovely kids bow ties are in solid color which is beautiful

Cute Custom Perform Kids Bow Ties

  • It is very easy to wear this kind of kids bow ties

Cute Custom Perform Kids Bow Ties

  • Lovely dots on these cute kids bow ties will let your children cuter

Cute Custom Perform Kids Bow Ties

Cute Custom Perform Kids Bow Ties

Cute Custom Perform Kids Bow Ties

  • This type of kids bow ties come with some stripes on them

Cute Custom Perform Kids Bow Ties

  • You can feel the fine workmanship of these kids bow ties from the details

How to Wear Bow Ties:

Cute Custom Perform Kids Bow Ties

  • Decide whether a bow tie is right for the shape of your face. If you have a rounder face, it's better to opt for a regular tie instead, or at least a slimmer bow tie. Next, figure out if you want a ready-made bow tie, so you can eliminate the hassle of tying it yourself, or if you want to embark on the tying adventure
  • Purchase a quality material bow tie. Silk usually looks the best, but use your best judgment. If a bow tie fabric is too coarse, it might rub your neck, so take that into consideration, too. Choose a muted-color tie, not one that grabs attention. You can get creative with different patterns and colors, as long as it doesn't look garish. After all, the attention should be on your face, not what's below it
  • Tie the bow tie by hanging the tie fabric over your neck and on opposite shoulders, front side up. The left end should be about an inch and a half above the right end. Take the shorter left end and cross it over to the right side, slipping it under the longer right end. At this point you're about to make your first knot, so consider how tight you want the bow tie to be and adjust accordingly
  • Pull the right end and angle it to the left so that the two ends are now facing opposite sides. Take the right, longer end and pull it toward the chest, under the shorter end, and through the neck loop from the bottom up. Fold the shorter end, which is on the right, over the knot, so the bow is now in place. Take the long end and wrap it over the middle of the bow, cinching it. You have now created on opening between the bow and the knot
  • Pull the long end to the right, parallel to the bow, and make a sharp fold where it touches the bow. Slide the fold from right to left through the opening between the bow and the knot, and pull it through to the other side. Adjust from the right and the left, smoothing out any creases, and leaving two symmetrical sides. Flatten as needed
  • Figure out when your bow tie is appropriate to wear and what clothes it goes well with. Bow ties can usually be worn to adorn a formal outfit, or just to add panache to a casual one. Be careful not to look too black-tie when it isn't a black-tie affair, though. It's a trap people fall into when attempting to wear bow ties

About Bow Ties:

Bow ties are often worn by men during formal occasions, such as black-tie dinners and weddings. Many men choose a bow tie that matches other accessories, as well as their lady's dress. Bow ties come in two main styles, the butterfly and the batwing. Butterfly-style bow ties have ends that are rather hourglass shaped, giving the tie is distinctive bow look, while batwing bow ties have narrow, rectangular ends.


  • Bow ties come in three major types. Freestyle, or self-tie, bow ties are bands of fabric that the wearer must tie himself. Many fashion experts consider this to be the true bow tie. Pre-tied bow ties come with the bow already tied and have a narrow band of fabric that wraps around the collar and hooks in place. Clip-on bow ties come already tied as well but do not wrap around the neck. They instead have a metal clip that attaches to both sides of the collar


  • Most bow ties are made from silk or polyester and come in various widths, depending on the style. Very slimline bow ties or batwings have loops that are about even with the center knot, and only about 1 1/2 inches tall. Standard, or slimline, bow ties are the most common width, with loops that stick up slightly above and below the center knot. Standard bow ties are about 2 1/2 inches tall. Butterfly, or jumbo, bow ties measure about 3 1/2 inches tall, with loops that are significantly taller than the center knot


  • Freestyle and pre-tied bow ties generally come in standard sizes that fit neck widths of 15 1/2 to 17 1/2 inches. Many formalwear shops also offer custom bow tie sizes for smaller or larger measurements. Clip-on bow ties are generally one size fits all, since they clip to the collar rather than wrapping around the neck. Smaller bow ties are available in children's sizes for ringbearer attire and similar formalwear


  • Various types of neck ties and scarves have been worn throughout history for decoration, or the practical purpose of keeping the shirt collar closed. Bow ties derived from one method of tying such collar scarves and were popularized in the early 19th century by Beau Brummel, a noted fashion setter, and with the invention of the tuxedo in 1886. Bow ties often came in a variety of colors, with more subtle shades, such as black and white, being reserved for formal occasions


  • Although bow ties are most commonly associated with formalwear, such as tuxedos and dinner jackets, more casual, colorful bow ties are popularly associated with certain professions, such as attorneys, physicians and professors, as well as "preppy" style clothing. Some military dress uniforms also incorporate a bow tie. Oversized and brightly striped or polka-dotted bow ties may also be worn by clowns or other comedians

Package Included:

  • 1 x Bow Tie