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Pemrunup Smoking Pipe 11#


Don't fancy a stylish coloured cigarette case lighter? No problem - instead why not go for this, this cigar case lighter will make you perfectly smoke. No matter which angle you choose, the lighter could be the best! Adding the exquisite craft, ...
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  • This cigarette case lighter  is great for hobby, lab or jewelry work
  • This cigarette case lighter  is made of high quality material for a sturdier feel
  • Good Cigar Case Lighter for smoker as gift or decoration


Pemrunup Smoking Pipe  11#

  • Adding the exquisite craft, this Cigar Lighter is very popular in the market

Pemrunup Smoking Pipe  11#

  • The Cigarette Case Lighter is made of solid material, with excellent high quality and refillable

Pemrunup Smoking Pipe  11#

Pemrunup Smoking Pipe  11# 

Pemrunup Smoking Pipe  11# 

  • Great novelty Cigar Lighter for smoking people! It could be your ideal choice

Pemrunup Smoking Pipe  11#

  • No matter which angle you choose, this cigarette case lighter could be the best

Pemrunup Smoking Pipe  11#

  • This cigarette case lighter is great for hobby, lab or jewelry work

Pemrunup Smoking Pipe  11#

  • This lighter packs enough heat to burn even stubborn to light items and will ignite in the wind and rain

How to Buy Cigar Lighters:

Finding the right cigar lighter is almost as important as selecting the right cigar for your taste. Lighters can be found online or in any cigar shop, but first several items must be considered, such as lifestyle, frequency of use, and of course how much you're willing to spend.

  • Instructions
  • Get rid of your cigarette lighter and leave the matches in the drawer-these can ruin a cigar. Because cigars are made with moist tobacco, opposed to the dry tobacco used in cigarettes, it is best to use a lighter made specifically for cigars. They have a broader flame and use clean-burning fuel. The combination of these two factors makes for a better tasting cigar.
  • Prioritize your needs. If you are an outdoorsy person and plan on enjoying cigars in the great outdoors, then a windproof cigar lighter is crucial. Adventure lighters are torch lighters that can come equipped with a compass, waterproof case, lanyard and floating devices.
  • Choose butane or torch. Butane lighters use a clean burning fuel that won't alter the cigar's taste. They are also wind- and waterproof and provide a precise flame that allows for a more evenly lit cigar. Torch lighters produce a bright blue or green flame with an intensity that can be more easily controlled.
  • Decide how much you're willing to spend. A good, wind-resistant lighter with refillable butane costs in the $50-$100 range, while a designer lighter can run you up to $200.
  • Show off your personality. If you're looking for a cigar lighter that also makes for a good conversation piece-perhaps for a gift-go with one of the hundreds of usable collector's lighters on the market. Beer bottles, fire extinguishers, microphones, dynamite and cigarettes are some examples of the unique lighters available.

How to Compare Cigar Lighters:

Cigars are an enjoyable relief from a stressful day. Care is often taken in selecting, purchasing and storing cigars, but this discernment should continue to their lighting. A lighter should toast the tobacco without imparting a residue that changes the flavor of the smoke. This should be done carefully to prevent the wrapper from lighting on fire. Careful selection of a lighter allows the smoker to fully enjoy the flavor of the selected cigar.

  • Instructions
  • The most important thing you want to look for is a wick. If the lighter has a wick, you do not want to use it for a cigar. A wick guarantees that the impurities of the lighter fluid will be imparted to the cigar. Try a butane lighter instead, which will alter the cigar's aroma less.
  • Look for the word "torch" when selecting the cigar lighter. You can test to see if the lighter is considered a torch by igniting the lighter. If the flame flickers, it is not a torch. If the the flame stands upright, it is probably a torch. This ensures greater precision in applying the flame to your cigar which will yield an even toasting of the end. It also makes the lighter wind-proof, which is an additional bonus.
  • Look for a lighter with multiple flames. You can check for this by lighting the torch and seeing how many jets of flame arise from the lighter. If there is more than one jet the lighter is a multi-flame torch. Many such lighters have three flames. This ensures greater precision during the lighting process.
  • Many lighters will incorporate other features into the lighter base. One common addition is a cutter. Some lighters have the cutter swing out of the base while others actually have a hole in the base into which you place the cigar. This addition can be very handy if you do not have a separate cutter, or if you keep losing cutters.
  • Try lighting a cigar with your lighter. Lightly toast the edge evenly while moving the flame back and forth around the end of the cigar. The lighter should feel good in your hand, be precise, have a steady flame, and give an even toast to your cigar.
  • Take a few even draws on your cigar. Make sure that the lighter is not imparting any additional flavors or aromas.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Cigar Cigarette Case Lighter