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FangTong Microfiber Chenille Household Car Cleaning Gloves


The winter is coming. When you wash the clothes, you need to wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands. When you wash your car, what should you wear? Your hands must be very cold without the protection of glove when you clean your car. Therefore, I...
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  • Featuring a glove shape, the microfiber glove is quite easy for your daily use
  • Made of corduroy & microfiber material, soft and comfortable feelings you will own when you use of this microfiber glove
  • Cleaning gloves are ideal for cleaning car, glass, mirror without streaking
  • The household gloves are design with a elastic caliber, suitable for most of people using
  • The microfiber glove can protect your hands well
  • The microfiber glove can safely clean dirt, dust and greasy fingerprints without chemicals
  • Size: 20.0 x 16.0cm/7.9 x 6.3in (L x W)
  • Material: Corduroy & Microfiber


FangTong Microfiber Chenille Household Car Cleaning Gloves

  • This microfiber glove is designed the glove shape, so it is quite easy to use

FangTong Microfiber Chenille Household Car Cleaning Gloves

  • The elastic caliber is convenient to wear and put off

FangTong Microfiber Chenille Household Car Cleaning Gloves 

  • The soft material will never scratch your love car, so you can take it easy

FangTong Microfiber Chenille Household Car Cleaning Gloves

  • These cleaning gloves clean your car without any dirt and dust

FangTong Microfiber Chenille Household Car Cleaning Gloves

  • These household gloves also can help you to clean your door


  • Color is random in delivery

How to Wash a Car:

FangTong Microfiber Chenille Household Car Cleaning Gloves

  • Choose a shady spot, preferably away from trees that are dripping sap or dropping leaves
  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed
  • Put one capful of car soap into a bucket and fill it 3/4 of the way with warm water. Set the bucket aside
  • Hose any excess dirt off the car, beginning at the roof and working down to the tires
  • Lather a sponge or terry cloth rag in the bucket of soapy water and sponge the roof of the car. Spray off excess soap when the entire roof has been cleaned
  • Repeat for all four sides of the car, washing one full side including windows, fenders and tires and rinsing completely before going to the next side
  • Give the car one final rinse with the hose to get rid of any water spots when all four sides have been washed and rinsed
  • Take a chamois leather ("shammy" leather) or towel and dry the car thoroughly by setting the towel flat against the surface of the car and dragging it along the surface to pick up any water spots Start at the roof and work your way down to the tires
  • Wash the windows with a rag soaked in plain water and dry them with a dry rag, or use window cleaner and pieces of balled-up newspaper on both the inside and the outside of the windows
  • Give any metal or chrome an extra rubdown to get rid of water spots
  • Clean the interior if you have time (see "How to Clean a Car's Interior," under Related eHows)

How to Wash Your Car in Winter:

FangTong Microfiber Chenille Household Car Cleaning Gloves

  • Pull your car up to the automatic car wash and make your payment. You might have to pay an attendant or a machine. Both should take cash, credit or debit. Instead of basic, choose premium. Get the most wash for your dollar
  • Put your car in Neutral and allow the automatic car wash to do its job. Follow the instructions that should be in clear sight
  • After you are out of the car wash, dry your car. Bring along some towels made specifically for cars. You can find these at your car parts store
  • Bring a de-icer with you and keep it in your pocket or purse at all times during the winter. You can also get this at your car parts store. Washing your car in the winter can trap water inside the doors, and it can freeze. If you find your door handles or locks are frozen, just spray some of the de-icer onto it and it should melt it away

Package Included:

  • 1 x Cleaning Glove