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DeLi Deli 8592 Clip Refill


Do you always scatter your learning files or business documents over your office or study room? Are you still worried about fastening materials together in an easy and effective way? This durable office clips can solve your problems.This kind of offi...
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  • This kind of office clips is an important of economic office supply
  • The office clips offer a distinctive solution for all your filing needs
  • Keep important documents organized and secure by the office supply
  • In the office, they can improve your work's efficiency
  • Metal clips are durable for long time use
  • This office supply is a necessity in your office
  • Material: Metal
  • Quantity: 50pcs
  • Box Size: 47.5 x 38.5 x 36.5cm/18.9 x 15.3 x 15.1in


DeLi Deli 8592 Clip Refill

  • With this office supply, your office will become neat and tidy

DeLi Deli 8592 Clip Refill

  • The clip refill offers a distinctive solution for all your filing needs

DeLi Deli 8592 Clip Refill

  • Made of high quality metal, the office clips can be used for a long time

DeLi Deli 8592 Clip Refill

  • With special design, the clips can file document tightly

DeLi Deli 8592 Clip Refill

  • With beautiful package, it is easy to store the rest clip refills

DeLi Deli 8592 Clip Refill

  • One bag includes 50 of the same size clip refills

How to Use Binder Clips:

DeLi Deli 8592 Clip Refill

The common binder clip holds a firm position in the world of office supplies. With its sturdy construction and uncomplicated design, binder clips make organizing papers a breeze. Select a suitable binder-clip size and put these practical gadgets to good use binding papers of any shape or size. A binder clip will hold papers securely until you release their grasp. Use binder clips in a variety of ways to bring order to your home or office

  • Gather the papers together that you wish to secure and arrange them into a neat pile or stack
  • Select a binder clip in a size that will fit the papers you wish to secure. Look at the piled papers you gathered and note how thick the stack of papers is. The binder clip you use to secure the papers must be wider at the plastic or metal back of the clip than the stack of papers is high
  • Fold back both wire ends of the binder clip to enable you to pinch them together. This pinching action will open the binder clip
  • Pinch the wire ends together to open the plastic or metal portion of the binder clip
  • Place the open binder clip over the stacked papers at an edge. Common placement for a binder clip on a stack of papers is one in the upper left corner or several along the left edge of the papers
  • Release the wire ends to allow the plastic or metal portion of the binder clip to secure tightly around the papers
  • Fold the wire ends of the binder clip down so they lie flat on the top side of the papers and the bottom side of the papers
  • Add a second and even a third binder clip to the stack of papers to secure the papers together further, if you desire

How to Build With Binder Clips:

DeLi Deli 8592 Clip Refill

Binder clips feature a rectangular, metal trough with two keyhole-shaped handles at the top edges of the trough. When closed, the edges pinch tightly together. When opened, the clips hold large bundles of papers very tightly together. However, binder clips have more uses than just holding report pages. Whether you're bored at work or your children need a quick distraction, building with surplus binder clips will do the trick

  • Examine your binder clips and decide what you want to build. You can make a simple cell phone stand or create something as complicated as a polyhedron. Fold the handles up and down and slide them inside each other to see how they fit together
  • Make a simple polyhedron by folding the right handle of each of your binder clips down. Slide the upright handle of one binder clip through the handle of a second clip. Slide the handle of the second clip through a third and so on until you have up to 10 binder clips in a circle
  • Create up to 10 more polyhedral (the number of shapes should match the number of sides in your shape) and connect them with the down-ward folded handles to create a sphere
  • Use up your leftover binder clips to make a cell phone stand. Squeeze a binder clip and slide the back of a second clip into the first. Flip the top handle of the second clip up and the other clip down. Flip both handles of the first binder clip down. The construction should look a little like a lawn chair

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pack of Clip Refill (50pcs/Pack)