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DeLi Deli 9505 Colour Transparent Clips


Are you looking for these Deli 9505 Colour Transparent Clips? These invented paper clips will help you keep some files and notes organized. These paper clip holders are completely the good helper and necessity in your office to keep your files in pla...
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  • The colour transparent clips offers a distinctive solution for all your filing needs
  • Keep important documents organized and secure with the colour transparent clips  
  • In the office, they are a smart improve your work efficiency
  • Number in Tub: 24
  • Size: 29mm / 0.2in


DeLi Deli 9505 Colour Transparent Clips

  • These invented paper clips will help you keep some files and notes organized
  • These paper clip holders are completely the good helper and necessity in your office to keep your files in place

DeLi Deli 9505 Colour Transparent Clips

  • With appropriate size and light weight, these shaped paper clips are handy to use and portable to carry

DeLi Deli 9505 Colour Transparent Clips

  • And these paper clip holders can create an eye-catching visual effect because of the assorted colors

DeLi Deli 9505 Colour Transparent Clips

  • Characterized by the high quality material, these paper clip holders are durable for a long time using

How to Make Shaped Paper Clips

DeLi Deli 9505 Colour Transparent Clips

  • Easily and quickly form paper clips into heart shapes.

You don't have to have special metal-bending equipment or extreme creativity to create a unique and cute shaped paper clip. Shape standard metal paper clips into hearts for Valentines Day or any day that you want to show a family member, partner or friend that you care for them. Or, use this technique just to brighten up your own day and to give yourself something to smile at.


  • Locate the mid-point of a paper clip where the inside loop touches the outside straight edge of the clip.
  • Grasp the outside straight edge between your thumb and index finger and bend the right half of the paper clip up and to the left so that two looped ends now appear to form a backwards "L" shape with one loop still pointing straight out to the right.
  • Slide the clip onto a packet of paper with the open, loose end and single loop facing down behind the paper and the "V" shape pointing down on the front of the page so that a heart shape appears to be holding your papers together.

How to Recycle Paper Clips

Obviously a paper clip can be recycled or reused for its intended purpose of holding papers together, but there are so many more uses as well. No matter what type of paper clips you have there are dozens of things you can do with them.


  • Use paper clips as hangers for many different things. They are great for replacing curtain hooks, hanging calendars and pictures. A recycled paper clip makes a wonderful Christmas ornament hook. Bend them into shape and use them to hang clothes in a doll house.
  • Make emergency repairs to clothing and accessories. Paper clips work wonderful as hem holders and can fix a broken bra strap in no time flat. They also make excellent zipper tabs or belt holders. Recycled paper clips can be used for eyeglass repair or as a hair barrette.
  • Clean things with recycled paper clips. They work well for cleaning finger and toe nails, unclogging spray and glue bottles, and opening the holes in salt and other shakers. Use them in the office to clean the roller balls on your mouse or the spaces between the keys on your keyboard.
  • Recycle your paper clips for use in arts and crafts. They can be wonderful tools for stirring paints and other materials or punching holes in paper. Or glue them onto projects for a shiny effect.
  • Mark the page in the book that you are a reading with a paper clip. You won't have to worry about your bookmark falling out of your book.
  • Pick a lock. If you get locked out of a jewelery box, a screen door or even some basic center key bathroom doors, straightening a paper clip and jiggling it inside the lock will often get it open.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Tub of Binder Clips