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Fashion Practical Cone Woofer 8'' Subwoofer Driver


If you are looking for a good speaker, you can watch this Subwoofer. It is very boring to listen to music alone with earphone or headphone but it will be interesting when you share the music with the Home Subwoofer around you.This Best Subwoofer is m...
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  • Rated Impedance:
  • Max Power: 150W
  • Resonant Frequency: 42Hz
  • Frequency Response: 42~5000Hz
  • Frequency Response: 91±2dB


  • The tone of this top best Subwoofer is balance, nature, sweet, exquisite
  • This Subwoofer is designed with high performance ferrite antimagnetic circuit structure and high strength to strengthen iron pot frame
  • No eddy current losses Kapton voice coil skeleton, and high temperature resistant SV line voice coil, bear the power
  • Long stroke linear displacement design, dynamic range is broad, low frequency distortion degree of this Best Subwoofer
  • This portable speaker is easy to use and install
  • Finite element precision computer simulation design integration narrow side high density iron pot frame completely eradicate parasitic structure resonance
  • Designed with the fashionable and high technology top appearance and high quality
  • This Subwoofer will give you different, beautiful and charming voice for you
  • This classical good quality Home Subwoofer is really your best choice for you


Fashion Practical Cone Woofer 8'' Subwoofer Driver

  • The body of the Subwoofer is iron design, for general speaker, have a big advantage sound quality and it is easy to install

Fashion Practical Cone Woofer 8'' Subwoofer Driver

  • The Subwoofer is made of high technology ang material, it will give you shock beautiful sounds

Fashion Practical Cone Woofer 8'' Subwoofer Driver

  • You can use this best Subwoofer at home to other needed places

Fashion Practical Cone Woofer 8'' Subwoofer Driver

Fashion Practical Cone Woofer 8'' Subwoofer Driver

  • This picture is the bottom case of this Subwoofer, it is durable and can use a long time

Fashion Practical Cone Woofer 8'' Subwoofer Driver

  • This Subwoofer have simple but special design make the operation more convenient

How to Install Subwoofers in a Car:

Fashion Practical Cone Woofer 8'' Subwoofer Driver

Most car manufacturers do not include subwoofers with the factory stereo system. The process of installing them can be complicated, so avoid hassle by purchasing a prefabricated enclosure box equipped with subwoofers. Make sure you gain proper knowledge as well as tools, so your installation is a success, as an improper installation can cause damage to your vehicle

  • Reconfigure the speaker hookups on your four-channel amplifier so that the front and rear speakers already in the system are using the 2 front channels of the amplifier. The front channels of the amplifier should have a high-pass crossover to work these speakers
  • Bridge the rear channels of the amplifier into mono so that the amplifier will supply twice the power. The instructions that came with the amplifier will show you how to do this
  • Wire the two subwoofers into the amplifier using 12-gauge speaker wire (unless otherwise specified by the instrutions). The rear channel of the amplifier should have a low-pass crossover
  • Test to see what the best crossover point is for the subwoofers
  • It is recommended to use metal L-brackets to brace the enclosure. Secure the box to the floor, a wall or the rear deck. Be sure to place silicone around the bracket so that air will not leak from the box. Note: If your spare tire is located in your trunk (which is common on most vehicles), you may want to skip this step

Package Included:

  • 1 x Subwoofer