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Camesovy 10 PCS F Female to RCA Male INS-FRFM


The RCA type adapters are a revolutionary breakthrough, eliminating labor-intensive hook-ups that often lead to installation errors. No special tools are needed; no stripping and soldering are required. A high-tech strain relief provides a secure lin...
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  • Useful in converting Female F equipment jacks to an RCA Female connection
  • Return loss performance ideal for video and audio frequencies
  • High retention center conductor seizing mechanism
  • Precision machined threads provide smooth connector thread mating
  • Low insertion loss provides excellent performance


Camesovy 10 PCS F Female to RCA Male INS-FRFM

  • RCA Male

Camesovy 10 PCS F Female to RCA Male INS-FRFM

  • Convert Female F equipment jacks to an RCA Female connection

Camesovy 10 PCS F Female to RCA Male INS-FRFM

  • F Female

How to Convert RCA Jacks to Coaxial:

In the world of audio connections there are many types of connectors, and it's perhaps inevitable that circumstances will arise in which you'll need to connect varying types of cables to different connections, plugs and jacks. By identifying the type of jack or plug your have, you're halfway to figuring out what you need to do to. There are a wide variety of adapters on the market which can help you do what you need.


  • Examine the outputs of the gear you plan to hook up to be sure you have an RCA plug. An RCA jack is a female connector with a round-center hole, surrounded by an insulating dielectric layer which has a metal sheathing surrounding the plug. An RCA plug will send a positive and negative mono signal through an RCA patch cable when connected with a male RCA plug
  • Connect an RCA male to F-type female adapter to your gear's RCA jack (see Resources for an example of one). You'll have no difficulty knowing which end to plug into the RCA jack --it'll be the side with the tip. Line the tip of the adapter up with the hole in the RCA jack and then push the adapter into the RCA jack until it is completely in
  • Connect your coaxial cable to the other end of the adapter. To make the connection, your coaxial cable must terminate in an F-type connector, which is the standard for coaxial cable A/V connections. To connect the cable, line up the thin inner wire with the opening on the threaded end of the adapter. Push the cable onto the adapter as far as you can, then turn the adapter's knurled end to the right to screw the cable onto the adapter

Package Included:

  • 10 x F Female to RCA Male Connector