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Camesovy Durable RCA to Stereo Connector INS-RSTRE05 5Pcs


This adapter will convert a 3.5mm headphone-style input into the left/right 2 RCA connection. Connect your device to your home stereo system for better sound quality than the iPod headphone jack with this Durable RCA to Stereo Connector. RCA stereo t...
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  • The connector sends line level audio out from your iPod, and provides better sound quality than when using the headphone jack
  • The connector also controls the volume of your iPod through your stereo rather than having to adjust the volume on the iPod
  • Valued accessories package for your device
  • Smart design enables you to plug the devices without removing the case while device stays protected
  • Economical for protecting your device
  • High quality ensure safe
  • Easy and fun to use 


Camesovy Durable RCA to Stereo Connector INS-RSTRE05 5Pcs

  • High quality ensure safe

How to Wire a RCA Stereo Plug?

RCA plugs are used to connect audio and video components. Also called "phono" plugs, according to the FreeDictionary, they were first developed by the Radio Corporation of America as a way to attach a phonograph to an amplifier. You can purchase RCA cables pre-made, but you may have occasions when you need to replace a broken plug or want to make your own cable of a custom length or size. The wiring and assembly is not a difficult task for do-it-yourselfers


  • Unscrew the jacket from the RCA plug by twisting the jacket to the left until it comes off completely
  • Push the end of your 2-conductor wire through the rear opening of the RCA plug's jacket
  • Strip 1/2 inch of insulation from each of the two leads of the wire, using your wire strippers
  • Solder the positive lead of your wire (the red lead, or the one marked "+") to the center post of the back of the RCA plug. Hold the wire against the post, apply the heated tip of the soldering iron to the junction, and then apply solder until it flows into the joint
  • Solder the negative lead of your wire (the black lead, or the one marked "-") to the outer tab on the back of the RCA plug. Use the method described above
  • Slide the jacket over the plug and twist it to the right to screw it back on to the plug

Package Included:

  • 5 x Durable RCA to Stereo Connectors