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Hoomool Professional Wearproof Heat Preservation Cooler Bags


Do you want to get a fashion yet multifunctional durable insulated cooler bag? Don't you want to get a bag which can bring you a big convenience? Do you like this camping insulated cooler bag which you can take it while go hiking or go travellin...
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  • These fashion insulated cooler bags are unique and very beautiful which you can carry them for your picnic
  • Every detail of these insulation bag show the careful pattern arrange and the delicate technique
  • Insulated cooler bag will make your outdoor BBQ life interesting and let you eat healthy
  • Insulated cooler bag will make you eat in a clean and comfortable atmosphere
  • Fashion insulated cooler bag can be used as either table placemats or simply to decorate your home
  • This cooler bag is durable and compact outside and inside, and it is insulated to keep water warm
  • These bags will bring your BBQ life happy and wonderful
  • Size: 24 x 14 x 17cm/9 x 5 x 6in(L x W x H)
  • Material: Oxford Cloth(External) & EPE(Filling) & PVC(Inner)


Hoomool Professional Wearproof Heat Preservation Cooler Bags

  • Insulated cooler bag features insulation with a heat-sealed, leak-proof inner lining, to keep food and beverages tasty and cool in all weather conditions

Hoomool Professional Wearproof Heat Preservation Cooler Bags

  • Insulated cooler bag would be an elegant and valuable piece inside the house or outside

Hoomool Professional Wearproof Heat Preservation Cooler Bags

  • The zippered opening lets you grab your snack in a hurry. And the oxford cloth is easy to clean

Hoomool Professional Wearproof Heat Preservation Cooler Bags

  • With this useful bag you'll have a good outdoor travelling time with your family

Hoomool Professional Wearproof Heat Preservation Cooler Bags

  • If you're planning a feast on the go, then you've got to have this useful insulated cooler bag

How to Create a Camouflage Bag:

Hoomool Professional Wearproof Heat Preservation Cooler Bags

  • When you go hunting, you often need something in which you can carry miscellaneous items such as animal calls, scent attractors, rope and snacks. A bag made of durable camouflage fabric is the perfect solution. Camouflage fabric is available in traditional shades of green, brown and tan, as well as winter camouflage that is white, black and gray. This roomy bag is a simple-to-sew square with loop handles and snap closures at the top


  • Cut two 21-by-21-inch squares of camouflage fabric. With right sides together, pin together and sew three sides. Zigzag edges or stitch over first set of seams for durability. Turn the bag right side out
  • Fold over the top opening 1/2 inch, twice. Pin. Stitch around the top of the bag, 1/4 inch from the folded edge
  • Cut two 30-by-5-inch strips of fabric for the handles. Fold over all edges 1/2 inch. Fold the strips lengthwise to create two 29-by-2-inch strips. Sew along all sides 1/4 inch from the edges
  • Pin one handle to each side of the bag, placing the handles so that the short edges of the strips are 3 inches from each side of the bag and 1 inch below the top edge of the bag. Sew securely in place
  • Sew heavy-duty snaps every 4 inches across the opening of the bag, keeping the snaps 1/2 inch from the top edge

How to Make a Large Insulated Cooler Bag:

Hoomool Professional Wearproof Heat Preservation Cooler Bags

  • When your insulated cooling needs require size, but not bulk, a cooler bag is the answer. A large-sized cooler bag made from aluminized Mylar sheets and quilted fabric can be sewn in about an hour. According to Eljen Technology, aluminized Mylar is, "thin polyester film coated on both sides with aluminum metal." The simple cooler bag utilizes a lunch sack design, making it easy to fill, roll and securely close with hook and loop strips. A cooler bag takes up less space in cars, boats, or other recreational vehicles and can be folded flat and stored when emptied of contents.


  • Fold the aluminized Mylar sheets/blankets in half horizontally and cut two 30-inch wide by 30-inch long squares from each sheet/blanket. You will have four Mylar squares. You can buy aluminized Mylar sheets/blankets online, at camping stores or at many discount stores in the sporting goods department
  • Place an aluminized Mylar square to a flat surface. Place another aluminized Mylar square on top of the first aluminized Mylar square. Place a quilted fabric square on top of the Mylar square. Pin through one edge, joining the squares
  • Sew through one edge of the layered squares using the sewing machine using a 1-inch seam allowance and a straight stitch. Remove the pins. Repeat for the other two Mylar squares and one quilted fabric square
  • Turn the layered squares "right side out" so the quilted fabric is between the two aluminized Mylar sheets. The quilted fabric is retained between the layers of aluminized mylar providing further insulation for the cooling bag. Aluminized mylar on the outside and inside of the cooler bag reflect heat away from, and coldness to the cooler bag's contents. The quilting layer also provides padding and stabilization for the thin sheets of aluminized mylar material. Repeat for the other joined squares
  • Align the sewn edges of the layered squares together. These are the top edges of the cooler bag's opening. Pin the two unsewn sides and bottom together. You have formed a bag. Don't pin the previously sewn edges
  • Start in the left top corner of the bag, and sew, using a straight stitch and 1-inch seam allowance, vertically down the side, horizontally across the bottom and up, vertically along the right side of the bag. Remove pins
  • Turn the cooler bag right side out by reaching inside the bag, grasping the bottom seam and pulling it through the bag's opening. Place bag flat on a table
  • Use the tape measure to measure 8-inches down from the front, top edge of the cooler bag's opening. Place a strip of self-adhesive Velcro, horizontally, across the bag. Press firmly to ensure a good bond between the adhesive and the cooler bag
  • Turn the bag over so the non-velcro side is facing you. Measure 2-inches down, vertically, from the cooler bag's opening top edge. Place a strip of Velcro, horizontally, across the bag. Rub the Velcro to make sure the adhesive bonds with the bag
  • Fill the insulated cooler bag with desired contents, then grasp both bag sides together, roll down, as you would a lunch sack, and secure the Velcro

Package Included: 

  • 1 x Bag
  • 1 x Ice Bag