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Kingdomer Luxury Infrared Stand Coollipo Light Hairdressing System


These infrared lamps are light weight and easy to move. Infrared heat lamp provides focused deep heating in therapeutic treatments to relieve sore muscle and muscle pain. It also increases the blood circulation and metabolism. Great for travel and ho...
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  • Unique infrared heat lamp design to this stand infrared lamp therapy machine can make you more beautiful
  • Accelerate blood circulation and metabolism with these stand infrared lamps beauty machine
  • Offer extra to your liposuction patients with skin tightening at the same time
  • Reduce harmful bacteria and eliminate pimple
  • Firm the skin texture, anti-wrinkle and fat reducing
  • Infrared lamps to penetrate the skin
  • Spectrum therapy helps accelerate blood circulation
  • Professional health care infrared lamps 
  • Voltage: 110V & 220V
  • Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
  • Power: 275W
  • Color: White


Kingdomer Luxury Infrared Stand Coollipo Light Hairdressing System

  • High power stand infrared lamp beauty machine

Kingdomer Luxury Infrared Stand Coollipo Light Hairdressing System

  • Unique infrared lamp design to this stand infrared lamp beauty machine


  • This product includes 110V and 220V. If you want 110V heat lamp, please tell us. We will send the 220V lamp if you have no requirement


Kingdomer Luxury Infrared Stand Coollipo Light Hairdressing System

Kingdomer Luxury Infrared Stand Coollipo Light Hairdressing System

  • Professional health care infrared lamps 

How to Use an Infrared Heat Lamp Sore on Muscles:

Heat therapy is one of most effective treatments for sore muscles. The advancements in technology have taken heat therapy a step further with infrared heat lamps. Infrared heat radiates heat directly on sore muscles without manipulating the surrounding air. Some infrared heat lamps provide short-wave energy, exposing the area to the full-range infrared energy. The most common lamps for sore muscles are far-infrared lamps, which break up the radiation spectrum, making their intensity adjustable. Most infrared heat lamps vary in length, voltage and size.

  • Purchase a far-infrared heat lamp with a mineral plate. TDP manufactures a far-infrared mineral (F.I.M.) lamp that is coated with a plate that emits 33 essential elements for the human body. It has deeper penetrating waves than most infrared lamps, making it more effective for sore muscles. Chi Activate, Turquois Inc. and Heliohealth offer a selection of TDP far-infrared mineral lamps, from desktops to rollers (see Resources below)
  • Position the infrared heat lamp at least 18 inches away from your skin. Different types of lamps are more powerful than others and may need to be moved even farther away from your body
  • Clear off anything that is touching the lamp. Wipe off any dust with a soft brush. If the lamp is wet, do not use it until it is completely dry. Make sure that there are no obstacles between you and the lamp
  • Use the infrared lamp on the sore muscles for 20 to 30 minutes maximum. Your skin may burn rather quickly because of the intense heat. If you notice your skin turning violet, stop using the lamp
  • Make sure the lamp is enclosed with proper shields, lenses and screens. Infrared lamps produce intense heat that makes the bulbs vulnerable, causing them to shatter. Avoid handling the bulbs directly with your fingers to prevent scratching

Tips & Warnings:

Kingdomer Luxury Infrared Stand Coollipo Light Hairdressing System

  • If you decide to use an infrared heat lamp for a long period of time, make sure you wear proper eye protection to avoid serious damage to your irises
  • Do not use an infrared heat lamp if you have sensitive skin, high blood pressure, poor blood circulation, a pacemaker, a high fever or if you are pregnant
  • Never use an infrared heat lamp during sleep

Benefits of an Infrared Lamp:

Infrared heat therapy is said to derive from an ancient form of Chinese "palm therapy," whereby the heat emitted by the palms of the hands was thought to help with healing. Today, infrared lamps emit heat that can have many benefits once applied to the skin.


  • Infrared lamps apply heat without causing the surrounding area to get too hot. This is also known as "radiant heat," and means that deep heat can be applied to specific parts of the body, be absorbed and promote healing. The lamps consist of a round plate coated in a mineral clay. Once plugged in to the current, the lamp begins to warm up and radiate heat


  • Infrared lamps can calm muscle pain, improve circulation, soothe inflammation, help the body to get rid of toxins, provide warmth -- particularly for the elderly -- and help to destress and increase relaxation. A study carried out at Rothbart Pain Management Clinic in North York found that infrared heat therapy could significantly reduce lower back pain in sufferers


  • This type of heat should not be used on people who are suffering from fever or high blood pressure, are pregnant, have a tendency to bleed easily or have a pacemaker

What Would You Use an Infrared Lamp For:

Kingdomer Luxury Infrared Stand Coollipo Light Hairdressing System

You've seen them at fast food restaurants, but other industries use infrared lamps as well. These sources of heat, which mimic the sun's rays, are a valuable tool for farmers and physical therapists alike.


  • Infrared lamps keep young animals warm and comfortable. Farmers use the 250-watt lamps to keep newborn pigs alive during winter months


  • Fast food and other types of restaurants use infrared lamps to keep food warm until it's ready to be served


  • A 2006 study, "Infrared Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized, Controlled Trial," by the Rothbart Pain Management Clinic and the University of Toronto found infrared heat helped ease the chronic lower back pain of subjects

Outdoor Heating:

  • For chilly nights on the patio, some homeowners use an outdoor heating lamp with infrared 1500-watt bulbs


  • Infrared lamps can quickly dry paint and varnish on cars and other surfaces

How to Use Infrared Heat on a Wound:

We experience infrared light as heat. This form of light isn't visible to the human eye and its wavelengths vary from 0.76 to 1,000 microns, according to licensed acupuncturist Andrew Rader. Near infrared light consists of wavelengths below 1.5 microns and far-infrared light is above 5.6 microns. These wavelengths penetrate deeply into the body, warming tissue and improving circulation. This improved circulation speeds up wound healing and boosts the immune system.

  • Start with clean, dry skin. Set up the heat lamp, strap on the pads or booties or get in the infrared heat bed
  • Put on goggles if you're using the infrared light on your face. Otherwise, avoid looking at the light for too long
  • Turn on your infrared heat tool. If you're using a lamp: direct it toward the wound area
  • Use the infrared heat therapy from nine to 45 minutes, depending upon your doctor's advice
  • Emerson Worldwide, manufacturers of a deep-penetrating light system, recommend 17 minutes for pain relief daily or nine minutes twice a day for skin care. Emerson reports that you can use the infrared light for up to 10 weeks twice a day and then maintain your skin with one treatment 2 to 4 times a week
  • The makers of Healthlight boots and pads recommend using their product for a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes to treat wounds three times a week. Their products are formulated to treat the chronic wounds associated with diabetic neuropathy. Healthlight producers report that their infrared heat product can be used on a daily basis and more than once a day
  • The makers of Ceragem infrared beds advise using their product from 15 to 60 minutes daily, according to naturopath Dr. Lea Melead of "Healthy New Age."

Tips & Warnings:

Kingdomer Luxury Infrared Stand Coollipo Light Hairdressing System

  • Near infrared saunas use less electricity, generate less electromagnetic radiation and penetrate more deeply into the body, writes Dr. Wilson. Far infrared saunas are less intense and don't require rotating the body
  • Water-filtered infrared-A (wIRA) is a form of heat therapy using a special radiator and water. These 30-minute treatments, two to five times a week, have proven very effective at accelerating wound healing, according to researchers that published a study in "German Medical Science" in 2008
  • Make sure someone is around whenever you use a sauna, advises Dr. Wilson. Stop use if you feel faint or weak, if you stop sweating or if your heart begins to pound or race. Dr. Wilson believes that infrared therapy should only be used near the head no more than five minutes at a time
  • Infrared heat should not be used by people with severe heart, liver or kidney problems or those who have reduced skin sensitivity. Dr. Melead writes that pregnant women shouldn't use infrared heat or people undergoing cancer treatment
  • Always check with your doctor before using infrared heat therapy 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Luxury Infrared Stand Coollipo Light Hairdressing System