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Leshin House Decoration Hamburger Shaped Mini Corded Telephones


Do you want to buy something good with a little money? Do you want to show your personalized style and fashion taste? The original corded telephone is made of high quality material and adorned with delicate design. That ensures this telephone se...
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  • This house decoration corded telephone set has hands free function, easy for you to use
  • The special hamburger shaped makes this house decoration corded telephone set very attractive
  • This mini corded telephone set works very well and is in excellent condition, also a good decor for the room
  • There will be the call records on this house wire telephone
  • Using this house decoration corded wire telephone is a special way to brighten up your whole room with great appearance
  • It can make your life more convenient, helping you connect with your friends easier
  • Size: 43 x 28cm/16.9 x 11.0in(W x H)
  • Color: Yellow


Leshin House Decoration Hamburger Shaped Mini Corded Telephones

  • The house decoration corded telephone set is excellent for desk, coffee table, kitchen counter etc

Leshin House Decoration Hamburger Shaped Mini Corded Telephones

  • Features with big push-buttons, easy to operate, and with caller identification function 

Leshin House Decoration Hamburger Shaped Mini Corded Telephones

  • It is made of high quality material, so it can be used for a long time 

Leshin House Decoration Hamburger Shaped Mini Corded Telephones

  • This house decoration corded telephone works very well and is in excellent condition, also a good decor for the room

Leshin House Decoration Hamburger Shaped Mini Corded Telephones

  • Its special color and individual hamburger shaped design make it popular with people 

How to Install Telephone Wires:

Leshin House Decoration Hamburger Shaped Mini Corded Telephones

Multi-line jacks and multi-colored wires make telephone wiring look complex, but the basic principle is very simple. Each telephone line needs two wires--a positive, traditionally called the tip, and a negative, called the ring. These two wires connect the telephone service module from the phone company to the phone jack in the house. Most telephone cables contain more than one pair of color-coded wires, and remembering which color wires to connect to your jack is the main difficulty to overcome. Fortunately, there is a standard color code to follow to help avoid confusion.Locate the telephone company service box on the side of your house. This is called the network interface device (NID) and you can find it by following the overhead wires to the point where they connect to your roof, then down to the NID. Open the customer side of the box with a screwdriver. You won't be able to open the phone company side because it requires a special screwdriverOpen the covers of the modules inside that are live. These will be identified with a phone number. If there is more than one line, mark them Line 1, Line 2, and so on in order of importance


  • Feed telephone cable through the bottom of the NID and pull out enough slack so you can make connections on all the live modules. Remove 8 to 10 inches of sheathing from the end of the cable and separate the wires inside. Note that these are color coded in pairs. In a 6-wire Cat5 cable, which is the current standard, there will be a blue wire with white stripes (blue/white) and a white wire with blue stripes (white/blue). There will also be wires colored orange and white (orange/white, white/orange) and green and white (green/white, white/green). In an 8-wire cable, the extra pair is brown and white (brown/white, white/brown)
  • Connect the blue-white pair to the terminals on Line 1. Strip off an inch of insulation from the ends of the wires and connect blue/white to the green positive terminal, or tip, then tighten the terminal nut with a screwdriver. In the same way, connect the white/blue wire to the red negative terminal, or ring
  • Connect the other lines in the same way, using the orange/white pair for Line 2, the green/white pair for Line 3 and the brown/white pair for Line 4. When you are finished, twist all unused wires together, push them into the NID and screw on the cover

How to Use a House Phone in Bad Weather:

Leshin House Decoration Hamburger Shaped Mini Corded Telephones

Obtain or retrieve a wired or corded telephone. Such a phone will have a wire or cord connecting the handset to the base and a wire from the base to a wall jack. Cordless phones will not work during power outages

Prepare for Bad Weather:

  • Subscribe to a service that delivers severe weather advisories to your telephone. WeatherCall provides telephone alerts based upon matching a subscriber's physical address with the location of an area under a warning issued by the National Weather Service. Go to WeatherCall's website or contact your local television station to learn if it participates with WeatherCall. Contact your local government to determine if it offers free weather alerts
  • Write or print a list of contact numbers for your local utility companies, law enforcement or emergency management agencies, family, friends, employers and hospital and others you might want to contact. Place the list next to your house phone

Using the Phone During Bad Weather:

  • Install one or more house phones, especially in the bedroom and living rooms, when a severe weather watch is issued for your area. Insert the male ends of the telephone jack into the wall outlet and base of the phone
  • Take immediate action based upon the type of warning issued. Go to a basement or interior area of your home for tornado warnings. Evacuate your home if your local authorities so advise
  • Limit your use of the house phone. Call 911 if you or someone in your family needs immediate medical attention. Report outages to your power company. leaks or the smell of gas immediately to your natural gas company and severe weather or damage reports to law enforcement. Inform your family, friends and employers or business associates of your condition and location. Otherwise, avoid non-emergency or social calls since family, friends or employers may attempt to call you

Tips & Warnings:

  • Purchase a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration "all-hazards" weather radio as an additional or alternate method to obtain severe weather advisories, particularly during overnight periods
  • Keep your wireless or cellular phone fully charged. Turn on your cell phone if you lose land-line telephone service
  • Do not use your land-line or house phone during a thunderstorm or electrical storm

Package Included:

  • 1 x Corded Telephone