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Portable Travel Double Layer Cosmetic Bag


Keep yourself in signature style with our personalized Travel Cosmetic Bag!This exquisite zip closure cosmetic bag style in black is the perfect size for your on the go carrying. The Travel Cosmetic Bag is made of a high quality material, durabl...
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  • Zip closure to keep your items secure
  • Of double-compartment design, the Portable Cosmetic Bag is practical to use
  • Travel Cosmetic Bag is made of high quality material for long time use
  • This Travel Cosmetic Bag is the perfect size for your bathroom shelf or for on the go carrying
  • Travel Cosmetic Bag is a good gift for fashion ladies
  • Size: 22.5 x 9.5 x 5cm / 8.9 x 3.7 x 2.1in(L x W x H)
  • Color: Black


Portable Travel Double Layer Cosmetic Bag

  • Zip closure Make Up Bag makes a great shower gift for the bride to be, high school graduates going off to college, birthdays and so much more

Portable Travel Double Layer Cosmetic Bag

  • This exquisite zip closure Travel Cosmetic Bag style in black is the perfect size for your on the go carrying

Portable Travel Double Layer Cosmetic Bag

  • The Travel Cosmetic Bag is made of a high quality material, durable for long time use

Portable Travel Double Layer Cosmetic Bag

  • Portable Cosmetic Bag features fashionable style and texture ready for you to sink into for a comfy, cozy morning or night

Size in Detail:

Portable Travel Double Layer Cosmetic Bag

How to Use Cosmetic Bags?

With cosmetic bags, you can travel with all of your beauty essentials packed in one, neat place. Whether you choose a simple, classic vinyl bag, a designer logo makeup case or a vintage train case, you can use these stylish cosmetic bags to express your fashion sense.

  • Study the compartments of your cosmetic bag before placing your makeup into it. Simple cosmetic bags might consist of just a zippered pouch, but many cosmetic bags have sections for storing jewelry, slots of eyebrow pencils and brushes and a main compartment for your toiletries. Some bags have individual compartments for each liquid item.
  • Place your smallest items in first, using any compartments designated for their storage. Eyeliners, lipliners and small brushes should be placed into their appropriate slots or placed flat on the bottom of the bag.
  • Be careful when adding in liquid or powder cosmetics to avoid spilling. Make sure each cap is on tightly. Put these items in separate compartments or place them in sealed plastic bags to avoid getting the cosmetics all over the bag should an item break.
  • Add in any delicate items, such as perfume or jewelry. Use jewelry compartments or wrap the pieces in soft, fabric pouches. Place these items at the top of your cosmetic bag, and then pad around them with cotton balls or fabric.
  • Use cosmetic bags for toys, hair accessories, spools of thread, loose buttons, coins and other small items after you've retired them from storing your makeup.

How to pack a makeup bag?

Is your cosmetic bag ruining your look? Makeup can flaunt and highlight your best attributes while concealing your flaws. However, if your makeup is like most women's, it is unorganised and overloaded. Following these steps will show you how to pack the perfect makeup bag for the natural look.

  • Chances are, your bag is showing its age with makeup that is well past its expiry date: both in terms of fashion trends and health. Sometimes it is often better to start from scratch by purchasing a brand new bag, tools and products.
  • Choose a makeup bag which is large enough to hold your basic beauty kit including equipment, but not so large that it allows you to turn into a makeup junkie and fall back into old habits.
  • When selecting tools such as brushes and combs, think before you buy about which tools you will actually use. This will keep your bag clutter-free and leave your conscience free from guilt.
  • For that fresh-faced natural look, you will just need a few well-made beauty products. A heavy concealer disguises dark circles and blemishes. A matt powder foundation keeps your skin tone even and keeps shiny noses at bay. An eye shadow trio, thick lash mascara and pencil eyeliner will gently highlight your eyes. Blush gives a healthy glow and to plump your lips, include a tinted lip gloss.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Cosmetic Bag